Sebastian Vettel’s career in video (Part 2)

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Vettel scored his third victory at Silverstone this year

F1 Fanatic guest writer Journeyer concludes his look at Sebastian Vettel’s career to date with a look at his first two full seasons in F1.

Sebastian Vettel is among the favorites to win the European Grand Prix at Valencia – he had the fastest time in Q2 last year and qualified sixthon the grid. But then, we shouldn’t be surprised – he’s been contending in almost all the races this year, after all. Now we cover his 2008 and 2009 seasons to date.

2008: Vettel may not have had the best of starts to the season points-wise, but he was already on the pace early on. Here he is sticking his Toro Rosso into Q2 at Melbourne.

The pace of the Toro Rosso was getting better – they were now getting into Q3 regularly and scoring points, especially in Vettel’s case.

But this was nothing compared to Sebi’s weekend at Monza. A wet pole on merit and a lights-to-flag win – in a Toro Rosso, no less – underlined his great talent. He became the youngest-ever driver to win a Grand Prix.

Vettel’s other crowning moment that year was Brazil. In the closing stages, he made mincemeat of Lewis Hamilton, and put Felipe Massa in a position to win the title. Only the faltering Timo Glock allowed Hamilton to take the title on the very last lap.

2009: Many criticised Vettel’s move to Red Bull Racing this year. They felt Vettel signed too early for RBR and cost himself a shot at a bigger team. As it turned out, he made the right move at the right time. Adrian Newey’s interpretation of the new-for-2009 regulations was spot on.

This was somewhat obvious as Vettel found himself in second place at Melbourne, and closing in on Brawn’s Jenson Button in the closing stages. But BMW’s Kubica was closing in even quicker. Sadly, it ended in tears as Vettel tangled with Kubica in their battle for second. Both cars were out, and Brawn got a one-two on their debut.

But many only realised just how good a car Red Bull had in China. Once again, the wet conditions played into Vettel’s hands, and he led teammate Webber home in a crushing one-two. It was Red Bull’s first-ever win, and the Milton Keynes franchise’s first win since the 1999 European Grand Prix at the Nurburgring. vettel was now considered to be a title contender.

That title challenge was initially derailed at Monaco. Not only were the Red Bulls slower than the Brawns, but they also had to deal with cars behind them. As Rob Smedley described Vettel and his woes, “His tyres are sh…ot.”

It was Vettel who ended Jenson Button’s winning run and ruined his Silverstone homecoming. Dominant again all weekend, Vettel was untouchable as he finally took his first dry win.

A forced retirement in Budapest last time out meant he fell behind teammate Webber in the championship. Vettel has some work to do if he’s to become the top challenger again to Button’s lead. But even if it doesn’t work out for him this year, he certainly has the pace and hunger needed to become a world champion in the very near future. Red Bull obviously have faith in him – he’s just been signed up until the end of 2011.

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  1. wonderful article Journeyer :) always enjoy your guest articles.

    1. They only time i’ve cursed vettel was, when he passed hamilton at Curva da Junção. Gave me a heart failure.But i feel it was silly of kubica to have ublapped himself in the way he did, but still it was great as we got to see the most exciting finish to a championship decider.

  2. His best drivers were in the Toro Rosso. It was unbeleivable how he managed to be up in 6TH-7TH place during most Grand Prixs at the end of the season

    1. StrFerrari4Ever
      21st August 2009, 12:11

      I know and showing the STR3 was a fast car especially in Q2 during the later parts of the season it was consistently one of the fastest in terms of pure laptime in Q2 and getting into Q3 regularly and those points finishes were excellent. Monza was unbelievable and Brazil was just amazing I was rooting for him when he was closing on Massa posting fastest lap after fastest lap but he pitted then he was battling Hamilton then when he got past i was literraly shaking because I thought his gonna change the course of the championship then of course Hammy passed Glock. 2009 well if he didn’t get stuck behind KERS cars and kept a cool head he would be much closer to Button I think he’ll say from now on i’ll give it my all and go out maximum attack for the remaining races. And 4 teams all interested in him hottest thing in F1 at the moment? :)

      1. The first thought in my mind when Vettel passed Hamilton was:

        “Whatever happens now, this kid’s gonna end up at Ferrari someday.”

        As it stands, I’m even more convinced of it now.

        1. I hope he doesn’t sign for Ferrari, then I won’t be able to support him any more

  3. Good job, Journeyer. I made something like that to Mark Webber but highlighting his awesome overtaking moves this year. While Sebastian complains about the KERS, Mark is the real “KERS Killer” this season:

    Check it out HERE.

    1. Great set of moves indeed.

      Odd how all clips start playing at the same time though?

      1. StrFerrari4Ever
        21st August 2009, 12:33

        Yes it’s odd but great videos shows Webbers sheer determination and Aussie aggression did anyone else think Brundle’s commentary was fantastic in the Malaysian videos the way he was taking command sounded much better than Legard getting excited when Button appears on screen.

        1. Was that where Legard goes hyper when he’s watching a replay?

          Legard: “and he goes off again!” Brundle: “no that’s a replay”

          1. StrFerrari4Ever
            21st August 2009, 23:31

            Yeah i was going to point that out aswell I mean it clearly says replay at the top of the screen and they’d seen Webber going off the track live and Legard says he’s off again gosh that guy is ghastly!

    2. Thank you for that excellent compilation Becken. I enjoyed it very much.

  4. Full faith in Vettel!

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