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Here are the times for the BBC?s F1 coverage of this weekend?s Belgian Grand Prix:

Friday 28 August

First practice live: 09:00-10:30 – BBC Red Button and online
Second practice live: 13:00-14:30 – BBC Red Button and online

Saturday 29 August

Third practice live: 10:00-11:00 – BBC Red Button and online
Qualifying live: 12:10-14:10 – BBC One, Red Button and online

Sunday 30 August

Belgian Grand Prix live: 12:10-15:00 – BBC One, Red Button and online
Belgian Grand Prix highlights: 19:00-19:50 – BBC Three, Red Button and online

Please post details of coverage in your area below.

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7 comments on “Belgian Grand Prix TV times”

  1. funny how this year most (if not all) of the european races so far have started at 1pm for me in the UK. i swear last year it was a bit more inconsistent.

  2. First time since Monaco I won’t be able to see friday practice live! Fuppin back to school on a flippin Friday:(

  3. Terry Fabulous
    24th August 2009, 23:08

    One is showing Qually and the race live again for Aussies with Digital TV.

    What a fantastic service they have done this year. Just over 12months ago I was waiting for ROVE to finish and then watching an hour of SUPERNATURAL before the race started on a 90 minute delay.

    Bravo Channel 10!!!!

    1. Yeah it could be worse, although the ad breaks and the local commentators are annoying as hell.

      I find myself just watching it on the net anyway.

  4. Work from home on Frdiay it is then!

  5. SPAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! :)

  6. “Sorry I’m a bit late this morning, I had a doctor’s appointment.” :)

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