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The 2010 F1 driver market rumours just get stranger. Now the Daily Mirror claims Kimi Raikkonen could return to McLaren to join Lewis Hamilton. Fact, fiction or total fantasy?

Meanwhile Jaime Alguersuari continued his appearances in the World Series by Renault at the Nurburgring this weekend. But elsewhere in motor racing all eyes are still on the Renault case.

Kimi Raikkonen wanted by McLaren

“Paddock sources say the Finn, 29, has signed an outline agreement to return to the car he won the world title with in 2007.”

Bertrand Baguette Champion! (World Series by Renault)

Jaime Alguersuari is fourth in the World Series by Renault with one double-header round remaining. But the title has already gone to Bertrand Baguette who, disappointingly, is not French but Belgian. Alguseruari is nine points behind second-placed Charles Pic and two behind James Walker. The final round is at the impressive new Motorland Aragon circuit in Spain, and is on the weekend between the Brazilian and Abu Dhabi Grands Prix.

‘Vested interests’ will keep full truth of Renault race-fixing scandal hidden (Daily Telegraph)

"Ari Vatanen, the Finn who is standing for election as Max Mosley's replacement at the head of the sport's ruling body, told The Sunday Telegraph that he would be calling for "a total break" with the current regime, claiming that council members such as Ecclestone and Di Montezemolo should not be empowered to sit in judgement over other teams when they have "vested interests" in the outcome."

James Corrigan: F1 shame will be complete with Renault cop-out (The Independent)

"The Formula One grid is becoming worryingly short of "grandee names" and the officials do not wish to lose another in Renault. This is the deeply ironic fashion in which the governing body will claim to be protecting the sport's future. In many ways it will be the gross conclusion this gross episode deserves. Let them govern – or as it will be, "not govern" – their sordid games. Let the world turn off in disgust. "

Unseemly end for man who put extra fizz in F1 (The Times)

Martin Brundle: "F1 needs characters like Briatore but what unfolded in Singapore was stupid. Desperate men do desperate things. Renault were not winning and were not happy, and it was an ING-sponsored race, and they were also the team’s primary sponsor. Ironically, they would win the next grand prix in Japan fair and square but at the time that seemed a distant hope."

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45 comments on “F1 links: Raikkonen tipped for McLaren”

  1. Prisoner Monkeys
    21st September 2009, 0:35

    I hope that if Alonso goes to Ferrari, he has a poor season. That’s nothing to do with a dislike of the man himself, but of the media and ravenous fans who seem to assume it will guarantee him another world title.

    1. I agree, and I also hope Kimi wins the title, so Ferrari sees the horrible mistake they’ve made by letting a former WDC go.

      1. Ferrari fan so don’t want ferrari to loose.But hoping massa can kick alonsos ass and make him the 2nd driver of the team.That would be the worst job on earth becoming a puppets puppet.

    2. Alonso is the best driver at the moment,and Ferrari is the best team so the next year Alonso and Ferrari will win another tittle.

  2. Paddock sources say the Finn, 29, has signed an outline agreement to return to the car he won the world title with in 2007.

    huh? No one else picked this up?
    He won in 2007 with Ferrari, not McLaren………..

    Some top quality journalism there.

    1. it’s a cryptic way of saying he’ll stay at ferrari and ferrari is going to be dodgy and run with their 07 car…

    2. no,they just seem to admit McLaren copied Ferrari so bassicaly it was the same car :D

    3. Once again the general Brit Press shows it’s spectacular lack of knowledge about F1…

    4. I was just about to say the same thing!

      1. I would say it’s more the British tabloid press and it’s spectacular lack of knowledge about anything

  3. Why put Kimi & Hamilton on the same team?

    1. McLaren want the strongest lineup possible.

      1. As always…

  4. I’d like Kimi to leave Ferrari and kick their a*ses with a different team over and over again :D If he laves then they can continue focusing only on Massa like they did until he had that accident, and i’m sure Felipe will almost win at least another title if he tries long enough ;) Maybe Schumacher will give him some advice – it obviously did miracles for Badoer and even Fisichella was Better in a Force India, without his advice :P

  5. “Paddock sources say the Finn, 29, has signed an outline agreement to return to the car he won the world title with in 2007.”

    Wow… Atleast adding that wrong quote could have been avoided. Planet F1 and F1-Live carried a little better news than Mirror.



    Again if this is indeed true. I somehow get this feeling that McLaren needs a Finn always in the team. The Year they did not have one seem to be a disaster. Maybe the Cool Ice Men are their Lucky charm.

    Also I remember some of the words of Kimi during the Spygate about McLaren and their treatment of drivers and how happy he is in Ferrari. Looks like a big change of mind or Ron’s exit means a lot of difference indeed in the team.

    If McLaren is going to antagonize Mercedes by taking in Kimi instead of Nico then they might not be helping themselves. Alternatively if Haug feels Nico will fare better when paired with Button and Natured by the genius strategies of Ross Brawn then it is a different story.

    Anyway Lot might depend on the CrashGate Verdict.

    Intresting movements anyway.

    1. What they mean is “the car they could have won the driver’s title with in 2003 and 2005 if the lump at the back wasn’t an explosive tinderbox…” :D

      The MP4-20 is one of my favorite cars (and the best car Kimi has had, according to him), and I have a 1/18 model on my desk, but that car was really fragile.

      Anyway, I’m surprised that Kimi really is considering a return to Ron’s Army, although with Whitmarsh running things, their culture may have shifted somewhat (witness their messed up pitstop for Hamilton in Valencia)…

      1. the car they could have won the driver’s title with in 2003 and 2005 if the lump at the back wasn’t an explosive tinderbox…

        …And the one behind the wheel, of course.

      2. The MP4-20 is one of my favorite cars (and the best car Kimi has had, according to him), and I have a 1/18 model on my desk, but that car was really fragile.

        Use stronger glue. Araldite is my personal preference.

        1. LOL!!! :D

          I didn’t dare build any Red Bull car models after that, they look even more fragile than the McLaren…

        2. Good one Nitpicker!

          Made me bellow out loud!

      21st September 2009, 10:42

      yes…..bowel movements come to mind after reading this!!!! #:)

  6. looks like a “circular” news story to me. Mirror writes an article and gets the logic wrong. websites tidy it up and re-publish without the mistakes and suddenly its true!

  7. Kimi Raikkonen wanted by McLaren

    Someone should do some maths to understand how much Ferrari will spend with their drivers next year.

    Just an assumption:

    Fern: $ 30/40 millions per year
    Schuey: $ 8/10 millions
    Kimi´s buy out: $ 30/20 millions
    Massa: $ 10 millions $
    Fisico: $ 3/4 millions
    Gené: 2/3 millions

    Saint Luca could spend almost $ 100 millions with drivers next year. If Kimi arrive at Woking he will have another potential problem: His team could lose some money in constructors championship to the best pair of drivers in F1 since Senna and Prost in 88 at the same McLaren.

    He is crazy!

    1. It will make for a fantastic season though. Kimi-Lewis against Alonso-Massa. Without doubt the Ferrari and Mclaren will begin the season in much better shape next year, I hope Brawn and Red Bull can hang in there, but I have a feeling its going to be a 2 way fight next season again.

  8. The piece by James Corrigan is typical of sports editors without much understanding of Formula 1 but feels it falls under their juristiction as “Sports editor”.

    I must say it would be difficult to find another one sided, biased anti-formula 1 piece of writting. He refers to ex-f1 drivers and especially DC as “Has beens”. Actually David is a vital piece of the BBC commentary team whos opinions are still highly valued by a top team in Red Bull whom he still works for. How about I refer to Gary Lineker (BBC Football pundit) as a “has been”, instead of the great footbal servent he was for both clubs and country.
    This is often the case for Formula 1, few sports journos give any column space to F1 when we have awesome championship battles going to the last race of the season, in a sport which has peak viewing of over 1 billion people worldwide. But when we have scandal every sports editor feels qualified to stick their size 9 into where they have little understanding.
    I am not saying that “Crashgate” isn’t a scandal, and that F1 has really shot itself in the foot in this case. But 2 guys have probably walked away from the sport forever and a drivers career is ruined. And although potentially it could have been worse, noboday WAS killed or hurt.
    What happened to a footballer that actually assaulted a member of the public live on TV? (Eric Cantona), a 9 month ban. And again yesterday a player on national TV actually grabbed a fan by the throat, what will happen? very little. So a note to you sports journos, dont throw your biased, sceptic, vendictive hat in the ring until you’ve really thought about the poison your about to inflict upon the average sports fan.

    1. Prisoner Monkeys
      21st September 2009, 10:16

      The piece by James Corrigan is typical of sports editors without much understanding of Formula 1 but feels it falls under their juristiction as “Sports editor”.

      I’ll drink to that. It’s pretty clear the fact that Renault distanced themselves from Briaore and Symonds, are not denying the allegations and have been working closely with the FIA, co-operating every step of the way has been lost on him.

    2. Huzzah! Put this into an open letter to The Independent, if they don’t print it you can claim censorship!

      1. LOL ;) if I thought it would help!!!!

  9. Kimi Raikkonen wanted by McLaren

    This is the worst ever link I’e read in this site

  10. If Kimi moves to Mclaren I just can’t support him anymore…not in a silver car lol. Massa for the title, I know I’m being optimistic. Hopefully this will be like a jumbled 2007 but without any moles :P

  11. Lewis and Kimi should make for a fiery formidable team…

    1. If it happens I really hope they don’t get fussy with each other like Lewis and Alonso did. And I hope they both perform well.

  12. The line-ups: Lewis and Kimi = 2 WDC
    Alonso + Massa =2 WDC
    On simple stats they are matched, and they are the best 4 on the grid, Kubica and Vettel high talents too so if they have good cars next year should be a exhilerating season.

    1. Buttons talks are breaking down, as Brawn are not looking to pay WDC money, maybe Lewis-Button in a McLaren, Kimi and Massa ate Ferrari, Kubica and Alonso at Renault.

      1. It’s unlikely that Button will leave Brawn just because of money. Button’s been spouting all season that the money isn’t important.

        The wider issue is if Barrichello is let go just because he’s getting old and isn’t marketable enough. This is a crime. I hope Brawn doesn’t take this approach and Mercedes doesn’t try to persuade them. If this really is Barri’s final season in a championship-capable car, I’m right behind him all the way.

  13. Can’t see Mclaren opting for Kimi along with the Golden One. Kimi speaks to noboby. Lewis not like this,Lewis get upset and throw things out of pram.

    1. That must be the dumbest post I’ve read in a long time.

  14. Raikkonen tipped for McLaren

    This is part of a longer article and came from Auto Motor & Sport magazine website in Germany published friday 18:th. They are usually well informed. Maybe part of it got lost in translation for Daily Mirror. Finn’s dont take s**t from anyone, no matter if they are Ron D or Stefano D.

  15. i like kimi to stay with ferrari not to go to mclaren
    i guess ferrari will bounce back in 2010

    1. The relation between Kimi & Stefano D has turned sour. Jean Todt didn’t make that mistake with Kimi in 2007.

      1. I keep seeing this pop up. Where does that story/rumor come from?

  16. I hope Kimi stays with Ferrari. Leaving them is what Eddie Jordan wants, and I’ve grown to dislike him this year.

  17. Raikkonen does not seem the type of person to be filled with nostalgia. I think this is one topic everybody can agree on. He spent five seasons with McLaren, and had enough engine blow ups and let downs than most drivers do in a whole racing career. Add to the equation to fact that Lewis Hamilton is in the other car, getting to all the new goodies first! No, this one is a non starter.

  18. Just a thought, Ferrari could buy out Toro Rosso, rename it Maserati and run 2 red and 2 blue cars. Everything else being the same on all 4. Otherwise 2010 is set for the worst nightmare for Don Luca = Kimi in a McLaren. I dont think Kimi is nostalgic, he just want a faster/better car and to work with people who can supply what he need to win. Those who think he’s going to WRC, no way that will happen. I’m half finn, sisu is guts and winner instinct, not stupidity to fight a battle you cant win. I dont care which team he drive for as long as the car is good. I remember Mika Hakkinen once said when asked after qualifying at Monza, I can go faster but not the car. That sums it up. And I also wish they could bring back the V10 engines, they did sound a lot better.

  19. I hope Raikkonen doesn’t go to McLaren; the two drivers will just take points off of each other

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