Hamilton heavier than the Red Bulls (Singapore Grand Prix fuel strategies)

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Sebastian Vettel will pit up to three laps before Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is in a strong position heading into tomorrow’s Singapore Grand Prix as he is fuelled more heavily than the cars behind him.

Nico Rosberg will pit later than Sebastian Vettel, but both of them as well as Mark Webber will make their first pit stops sooner than Hamilton.

Here are the drivers’ fuel weights in full and my thoughts on the start of the race:

Fuel strategies

GridQualifyingNameWeightFuel (kg)First stint (laps)
11Lewis Hamilton660.555.520
22Sebastian Vettel6514617
33Nico Rosberg657.552.519
44Mark Webber654.549.518
56Fernando Alonso6585319
67Timo Glock660.555.520
78Nick Heidfeld6504516
89Robert Kubica6645922
910Heikki Kovalainen664.559.522
105Rubens Barrichello655.550.518
1111Kazuki Nakajima680.775.728
1212Jenson Button6837829
1313Kimi Raikkonen680.575.528
1414Sebastien Buemi6787327
1515Jarno Trulli690.985.932
1616Adrian Sutil6938833
1717Jaime Alguersuari683.578.529
1818Giancarlo Fisichella678.573.528
1919Romain Grosjean6837829
2020Vitantonio Liuzzi6565119

Robert Kubica and Heikki Kovalainen should be able to use their longer first stints to pick up a decent points finish tomorrow.

Button is carrying almost 30kg more fuel than team mate Barrichello, but will be starting only two places behind him.

Estimated fuel use per lap: 2.533kg

The start

Hamilton starts from pole position for the third time in the last four races. Once again, with KERS at his disposal, he looks likely to be unbeatable getting away from the line.

Several drivers have been complaining about how dusty the track is the weekend. As the racing line passes down the odd-numbered side of the grid, it seems likely those drivers in even-numbered grid slots will be at a disadvantage.

That’s bad news for the Red Bull drivers. Rosberg will fancy his chances of getting past Vettel, and Webber will come under threat from Fernando Alonso.

Last year we saw Alonso purposefully use the run-off area at the entrance to turn one to avoid other drivers. But as the kerbs have been changed at the first corner, that may no longer be possible.

Aside from Hamilton, the other KERS runners are starting in the pack and will be hoping to pass some of the cars in front of them. Kovalainen will challenge the BMW duo, and Kimi Raikkonen should be able to pass Button and possibly also Barrichello.

How well the Brawns get away at the start will have a significant bearing on how this races changes the complexion of the championship. Certainly Button cannot afford to get involved in the kind of first-lap incident that ruined his race at Spa.

How do you think the Singapore Grand Prix will unfold? And who’s your tip for the win?

Update: Nick Heidfeld was found to be running underweight in qualifying and was sent to the back of the grid.

Singapore Grand Prix

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116 comments on “Hamilton heavier than the Red Bulls (Singapore Grand Prix fuel strategies)”

  1. Lets just hope Lewis keeps it off the barriers this time…

    1. Amen.

      I’m thinking Hamilton, Rosberg, and Webber on the podium.

  2. Is Renault running KERS this weekend ?

    1. No they are not running KERS

    2. Not according to the on-board graphics

  3. always first with the weights (of the sites I look at anyway) Thanks alot Keith

  4. Glock also did a good job. I think Toyota will get some points after some 4 to 5 races. good for them.

  5. interesting. Lewis must be thanking rubens now!

  6. I think Trulli is 690.9 not 670.9 x

    1. He is – fixed it, thanks.

  7. Paige Michael-Shetley
    26th September 2009, 19:51

    Hamilton seems very confident in his comments. No reason to think that he isn’t the favorite for victory tomorrow.

  8. I think Rosberg and Alonso, could both get on the podium.

    1. Thinking the same thing, barring some safety car mayhem Lewis has the win tho.

  9. I still think Vettel will be strong. gonna be interesting between the Brawns.

    1. Buttons is going to be faster than Raikkonen but he will get taken by him at the start which could cause problems.

      Buttons probably just hoping Barrichello doest get any points this weekend then it won’t matter what he does.

      Red Bull (if they have tidy races) could come right back into the fight. However then with only 3 races left and 14 or more points to catch by 3 drivers on Button it gives one of them a good chance of catching Button if the Red Bulls are back on form.

      1. Yes, but it also gives them a chance of taking points off each other. Given that, bar two weeks ago, he hasn’t been driving particularly well, I think it might be his saving grace.

  10. heavier + kers + good car + lewis must be a winner..if he crashes like in monza ill cry :( im hoping fisi will get up a few positions and maybe into points!

    I wonder if rubens was told to crash just to let lewis infront! ( im kidding…i bet rubens wants to kill lewis)

  11. Good day for Glock. This may be Fernando’s best chance of a podium and I hope he gets it. Kimi would be expected to move up a few places if he gets good start and uses kers well. Thought Rubens would be heavier, seems they expected more from their cars. Don’t understand Liuzzi’s fuel. Happy with Buemi for str, just a shame car isn’t better. I hope Robert Kubica really pushes tomorrow.

    1. I think Liuzzi is hoping to ‘do an Alonso’ and pit just before a safety car. Expect to see Adrian Sutil have an ‘accident’ on lap 18.

  12. If barrichello ruined his gearbox in his crash, does he get a second gearbox penalty?

      1. Well being a button fan, and he needs all the help he can get at the moment, I hope rubens needs a new gearbox.

    1. Barrichello doesn’t need a new gearbox after his crash, so he only loses five places on the grid.

  13. If Vettel got his lap its likely he, or Webber, take pole. Given where the Brawns are that had to sting. Kofailainen disappoints again. At least 4 of the cars ahead should not be there . His defenders always complain that he is given the “inferior” fuel strategy by being heavier. (Ask Hamilton about whether being lighter is always better.) But in those cases, as here, as in Monza, that fuel strategy gives him a strong hand at the end of Q2, which he invariably turns to jokers.

    1. At Monza Heikki should have won… I think he should now focus on enjoying his last 4 races!

    2. You do realise that Q3 was cut short by a crash? All drivers were still holding out for their last run.

      1. they were holding out for the last 26 seconds? i dont think so.

        1. Obviously not, they wouldve been on or about to start their last flying lap.

        2. There were drivers on their flying laps when the crash occured. Thats one improvement that could be made to the timing data – not just listing where the drivers are in the order, but something to signify they are on-track, like in cricket they use the asterix * to show who is on strike

  14. This seals it for hammi I think. Poor pity that kovi didn’t get to complete his lap.

  15. It looks like we can see a podium like 2008 but a reverse version.

    1. Good point Shagrathian! I do think Alonso and Nico will try their best to get up there and prove that they can win on merit..

      A Vettel win will make the championship battle more interesting..

      It’s funny how everyone is almost a 100% sure that the SC will come out. Can’t blame anyone specially since there has already been two red flags.. Just hoping that the SC won’t have anything to do with Hamilton, Button, Barrichello, or Vettel..

  16. BMWs were sooo unlucky, they were promising and used the hard tyre on their first lap

  17. Heidfeld might lose out on that strategy. But we’ll wait and see. Hopefully we’ll see an action packed race.

  18. vettel was faster at the end before rubens crashed which ruined it for him. he may have KERS from the start but i reckon Vettel and Rosberg will be on his backside the whole way.

    1. But Hamilton was also about to start a flying lap which he had to abort because of the red flag (saving himself a 1 1/2 laps of fuel in the process).

      1. True I think the red flag played into Hamilton’s hands a little bit there, he’ll have used less fuel. It’s looking very good for him.

  19. Just wanted a clarification. Is it mandatory that a car should return to the pits at the sight of a red flag? If there is no such rule, wouldn’t it have been better for drivers to just park their cars on the approach to the start their flying lap once the session got re-started. They could have easily done that, since they had around 25 seconds remaining, time enough to cross the start finish line to start one flying lap.

    1. It’s 100% mandatory to pit immediately once the red flag is shown.

      1. Except in race conditions, where you have to line up on the grid like we saw earlier this year

      2. Because real men don’t really bother too much about tyre pressures, brake temperatures and all the other silly intricacies…

    2. Yep, this is the rule that saved a lap’s worth of fuel consumption for HAM as he did not have to for the last lap.. so, he probably may pit in Lap 21 (barring safety car).

  20. and Kimi Raikkonen should be able to pass Button and possibly also Barrichello.

    Keith, what about Nakajima.
    I believe he could get his first points.
    Raikkonen will have a difficult time to surpass him.
    I would like to watch these 3 guys (Nakajima, Button, Raikkonen) in the first corner. It will be tough.

    1. True but it’s hard to get worked up about Nakajima when he’s so far behind his team mate. If he gets his first points of the season it will be more a case of ‘about time’ than ‘well done’.

  21. How much does carrying a kg of fuel cost in lap time around Singapore?

  22. Tonio’s obviously banking on a safety car.

  23. What is Liuzzi doing? Any bets for a Sutil crash tomorrow…

  24. I think this is a really interesting grid. The only two serious pretenders to the Young Hot-Shots throne, Hamilton and Vettel, lined up next to each other.

    Vettel absolutely has to prove himself here. Maybe first is not possible, given fuel loads and strategy, but if he isn’t second he’s nowhere. I expect him to muscle Rosberg aside at the start in an effort to stay on Hamilton’s gearbox.

    But this is also Rosberg’s big chance. He’s always been a good, steady driver, but does he have the aggression to be a WDC? This is an excellent opportunity to show us what he’s made of.

    I’m expecting fireworks.

  25. Hamilton is definetly the favourite for victory stopping a few laps after his main challengers upfront and with the KERS boost off the line surely this is his race?

    But never discount anything in F1 Vettel could just find some extra will seeing as this is a massive chance to capitalise on Jenson’s failure and get his title fight back on the right track. Safety car I’m certain will show up tommorow as the men prevail and the boys fail so teams have to be alert and get their strategies absolutely spot on.

    Another factor we haven’t taken into account is the possible rain , yes it hasn’t rained during any of the sessions this weekend but you never know the rain might come during the race and that would makes things unpredictable.

    This race is all or nothing for Red Bull in my opinion that’s why I’m looking forward to it even more :D come on VETTEL!!

    1. Vettel’s only Achilles heel right now is that engine in his car, if it goes boom today, it’ll ruin his chances for a 4 race fight back.

  26. I hope Vettel can get good performance and try to keep alive rbr slim championship chance! Vet and Alo and Bar (would like Kubica to do well) I’ll support tomorrow

  27. HounslowBusGarage
    26th September 2009, 21:12

    How many laps in the race – is it 61?

    1. Allegedly, but with the SC almost sure to rear its head tomorrow my money is on the race being finished after 2 hours.

  28. From watchin all 3 practice sessions and quali today is seems pretty nailed on there is going to be a safety car, so don’t think this is a fore gone conclusion of Ham and Red Bulls, the way Jenson’s fortune has been mapping out he could still come out of this smelling of roses.

  29. i think so HounslowBusGarage

  30. So nobody is stopping on lap 14? :P

    1. I was waiting for someone to say that!

      Although Alonso pitted on lap 12, Piquet crashed on lap 14 :-p

  31. Kimi or Vettel all the way

  32. HounslowBusGarage
    26th September 2009, 21:21

    So could it be that Button, Sutil, Trulli, Alguersuari et al might be one stopping if there’s a safety car?

  33. I bet that this year they won’t even have to plot schemes: Grosjean will hit the wall and we will have SC mayhem.
    And I can’t wait for it!
    I love F1.

  34. where would lewis be with out KERS ?

    1. He did okay without it last year.

  35. Damn, looking at their qualifying times, I expected BMWs, Glock and Heiki to be a lot heavier.

  36. this could easily be the 2 hour rule tomorrow. 61 laps at 1.53/ 1.54 it will only need the safety car out once. If it gets red flaged it will centainly be the time limit before the laps. could really mix it up.

  37. I am not even watching this race.. Hamilton will win.

    1. Err useful comment. No doubt you said the same about Massa last year!?

      Anyway I would watch every second of coverage even if you told me the full result now!!

      Did anyone else notice that Lewis was able to save an extra lap on the others as the red flag came out just before he started his last flyer. Nice little bonus few Kgs. Hope he has a good one and its a good race tomorrow. Cant wait!

  38. Hamilton 2 win bar any cock ups
    vettel vs rosberg is the interesting fight
    Button entirely banking on a saftey car
    barrichello will only need a few points to pull the gap

    tommorow should be exciting.

  39. Hamilton should win but its all about the championship with 4 races to go. Button got lucky with Barri’s gearbox. Had he been up in say 4th, then he could have won the race while Button would probably get no points. it would have thrown the whole thing wide open. as it is now, Button should finish very close to his team mate whether it be in front or behind. Button MUST keep out of trouble on the opening couple of laps.

  40. Reckon that Button may get off lucky again – Raikkennen is his biggest problem.

    Barrichello won’t be able to show full pace because he is so far down the grid and stuck behind traffic. That will mean that at his first stop he will likely end up behind Button.

    Of course depends upon safety car.

    Red Bulls don’t come into it – even if Vettel were to win and Button with no points that would leave him 16 points behind Button with three races to go. still a tall order.

    I think That Button will score points and will finish ahead of Barichello – remember that Barichello had a big crash and won’t really know what his car will be like until he does the parade lap.

    Button has got to get his head together!!!!

    Got to be the luckiest driver in F1 history.

    1. Lucky that the competition sucks?

  41. Under normal conditions Hamilton wins easily. Best strategy, pole and kers, however this track usually happen something unexpected, and the combination ripples plus wall plus barriers may contribute to the SC come into play ,that could be an excellent contribution to the Barrichello’s race especially regarding the fight against Jenson for wdc. I see Rosberg, Alonso and Vettel with a good chance to grab a podium. Vettel, Heidfeld and Barrichello could risk a 3 stop strategy against 2 stops.However if it rains, it becomes a lottery , and anything can happen, including a well-deserved 1st Rosberg win doing justice to farce of last year, thus becoming, the seventh diferent winner of the season. The organizers should think seriously about a solution for the ripples to the next year. My crowd is to reduce the gap between title contenders. Good luck for Rubens

    1. And thats not including his driving.. I tip my hat to any guy that can pull the main chick from Pussycat Dolls

  42. Raikkonen needs to perform well here… If he repeats 2008 Ferrari will axe him, they are just looking for an excuse, which is a shame because I believe the best driver on the grid and would have dominated last year if he cared more.

    Hey Keith, I have a technical question: When the Brawn team are fixing Ruben’s car, does a race marshall stay with them to supervise? I am NOT, in any way, implying that they would cheat with the fuel, I am just wondering how procedure works when the cars should be locked before a race.

    1. Massa was quicker than him for a year and a half… not enough dominance to be the best!

      1. Massa was occasionaly quicker than Raikkonen in a car Kimi did not like and Massa did. And not by as big a margin as the results on paper suggest.

        In a similar vein, to those saying where would Hamilton be without Kers: in an aerodynamically totally different car is where he would have been. One that might have been more competitive right from the start as opposed to after half the season was already over, just like the Ferrari, BMW and the Renault. Quit whinging about what-ifs already. He does/(they do) have kers and it’s not as if they haven’t paid the price for it already.

        1. Well said!

        2. Its not about who likes the car and who doesnt. Both drivers can have different car setup. If Kimi didnt like the car, he should know what to fix. If hw doesnt know what to fix then thats a pity for an ex-world champ

      2. Massa was quicker than him for a year and a half

        I like how your perception of reality has morphed to accommodate the latest narrative.

        Raikkonen was ahead of Massa in points in the 2008 championship as far as the Hungarian GP, which was the 11th race of the season out of 18 races total. See:

        Don’t let facts get in your way though. A year and a half indeed – what a joke.

        1. Discounting their mechanical issues in Hungary and France, Massa beat Raikkonen 6 times to Kimi’s 5 in the races before Valencia (i.e. when Massa leaped ahead of Kimi in the standings). When you consider 3 of Kimi’s came in the first 4 races, and from Valencia to the end of the season Massa outshone Kimi 4-3 (and that’s including Kimi letting Massa have 2nd in China, so it would be 5-2 if we were counting pure results instead), it’s fair to say Massa did better than Raikkonen from a point in the middle of last season. so not quite a year and a half, but definitely a year, with Massa’s accident cutting short any further comparison.

          Why don’t you check all the facts before calling other people jokes!

          1. Massa did better than Raikkonen from a point in the middle of last season. so not quite a year and a half, but definitely a year, with Massa’s accident cutting short any further comparison.

            I was pointing out and correcting a factual inaccuracy in Fly’s comment. He said 1.5 years, which was inaccurate.

            You now modify it to 1 year in what appears to be a riposte, even though I never made a counter claim about the length of the period over which Massa did better than Raikkonen. I was just pointing out it wasn’t 1.5 years – it looks like you agree with me.

            Why don’t you check all the facts before calling other people jokes!

            What facts should i check? I’m not even making any new claim, only pointing out that 1.5 years was wrong.

  43. i think i would prefer Barrichello to win the championship than button to be honest…seems unlikely now though, i don’t think either of the brawns will be scoring points this weekend so jensen’s lead will seemingly remain at 14, with then 3 races to go..anyways GO LEWIS!!! i’ll be shouting encouragement at the tv as always XD

  44. These fuel loads are assuming that both Vettel and Hamiltons car both weight 605 (with no fuel)!!! I thought that KESRS system alone carries 10kg disadvantage to none KERS cars. Vettel is looking strong he would have a lap or two over hamilton.

    1. All cars weigh 605

      There kers cars just have less ballast.

  45. Prisoner Monkeys
    27th September 2009, 0:40

    C’mon, JB … do us proud.

    1. JB is the best!

  46. Barrichello, after the 5 place penalty will be awesome to watch behind Button and needing to move along way to get to points. If anyone can pass around here it will be him. I wonder if Button will keep playing as fair as his narrative always suggests? Some commentary above slags off Kimi because he couldn’t dominate Massa, but doing so downplays Massa’s speed. He is faster than Hamilton over short runs & whenever his head is on it for mine. Kimi is more consistent and within 0.1 which is pretty awesome, but he is caculating and wisely a little risk averse which can work against the getting scores on the fan brilliance meter. I think Webber and Vettel were due the front row before red, their first sectors were big improvements and I’m not sure Hamilton had anything left given Kovy’s times. Webber was always down a little S1 on Vettel on car set up so I think he would have matched him and might have even nudged him like Q2. I would like Kovy closer to Alonso to protect Webber a bit more from Alonso. T1 is going to be huge. Hamilton’s starts are usually so good and with kers he should be clear but he might be overdue a cough or two off the line. Frank will tell Nico to go for it with max aggro.

    1. I thought BAR’s position as shown above is after his five place grid penalty (he qualified 5th, so he will start 10th on grid). So, he will start ahead of Button.

  47. I am not sure if the race will finish within 2 hours!

  48. Liuzzi has a good strategy… You can hit an early sc and gain many places by the early stop.
    In case of an early sc he can pit refuell heavy and get rid of the soft tyres (wich i think won’t last to long).

    1. the second sc i mean in the first laps

  49. Hamilton to win with two Red Bull on the podium.It will be Red Bull best opportunity to take points from Brawns.
    Barrichello will make to the points but will Button will make it I don’t think so because he have KERS Ferrari behind him.Other than top 10 it looks like everybody is on 1 stop,but Liuzzi will hope for a safety car period before lap 10.Will the 1 stopper will go for 2 stop as this track is heavy on tires & brakes.


  50. Button is gonna get KERS’d by Kimi

  51. before Button gets KERs’d by Kimi he’s going to be KO’d by Nakajima.. haha

  52. Paige Michael-Shetley
    27th September 2009, 5:44

    One thing to think about with the Safety Car:

    If it comes before the end of the first stint, then Button is going to be in a fantastic position. Not only will he have at least 10-12 overlaps somewhere really close to the front (if not at the front) with a car that seems to have good race pace (if Friday practice is to be believed), but he’ll also get a great opportunity to switch his strategy to a two-stopper with a short second stint to pick up time.

  53. Reports from the track condition this morning say it’s very dusty…..dosnt look good for passing off the racing line….need some rain, but its sunny atm

  54. Good morning from Oz ppl, hope your enjoying your wake up coffee over there.

    Apparently there are some major construction works going on nearby the circuit. So this is why we have a dusty track.

    I see first lap SC maybe, drivers off racing line first corner……yee haa!

    God i love F1

    It is getting windy now and looks like it could rain the late afternoon.

    1. Agreed TT apparently this dust is covering most the track again, Rain would really mix this race up, both Vettel and Lewis are rain masters, I’d like to see them racing in the wet.
      I think once Jenson gets some clear he should be able to really nail it, I would bet on Jenson finishing in the top 8, but if there is rain or SC anything could happen, JB fans need 30 laps good conditions followed by the rest of the race wet. But I am confident JB will finish in front of Rubens, Lewis has the race in the bag though

      1. Rubens is probably the rain master and Webber is just as strong in the wet as those two if you take out the Silverstone thing last year.

      2. Vettel could be classified as a rain master perhaps, but not hamilton, he was good in 2008 thanks to that awesome maclaren, but look at his 2009 rain performances. The car is so important.

        1. We had a vote on this last year, Hamilton came out on top:


          Will have to repeat it some time in the future when there’s been a few more wet races.

  55. In recent races where Hamilton has secured pole such as Valencia, I thought that McLaren had made a mistake by fueling him light as with KERS he didn’t need to start on pole, and Barrichello stopping later than Himlton in Valencia helped win him the race.

    Now at Singapore apart from Kovalainen he seems to be the heaviest, but because of the timing of the red flag it appeared Hamilton was able to pit before he started his final hot lap and so saving an extra lap of fuel compared with everyone else.

    I have a question, when are the cars weighed, as I always thought it would be after qualifying, but what would they have done with Barrichello, as even if they weighed it after the crash it wouldn’t weigh as much as it should.

    I have a feeling that a safety car will have a major impact on the result.

  56. You are right MacademiaNut, it was later even than europe last night and I switched tv off before realising Rubens time from his first run was up there already. They may cross on track with strategy though with Button heavier.

  57. Everyone is saying – quite rightly – that this race is Hamilton’s to lose.

    But if something does happen to his McLaren, who’s the next most likely driver to win?

    You have to say it’s Nico Rosberg. He’s on the clean side of the grid and he’s got at least as much fuel as those around him.

    Could Williams’ five year wait for a win soon be over?

    1. I’d love to see a Williams win, but I don’t think it will be today, as you say, it’s Lewis’s to lose, but Rosberg now has more to drive for, and he may now have better focus with new opportunities on the horizon. It would certainly be a popular win if he can do it.

    2. I think your right, assuming no SC…..but you can bet there will be…so who knows…..it would be a lottery

      1. I think your right TT, the timing of an enivitable safety car will be the crucial thing today. If Hami gets in and out before the SC then its all over, what we need is a safety car on lap 15 to bunch things up a bit! before the first round of stops.

        1. Shhhh!! Flav might be listening….

      2. I don’t think its Lewis’ race to lose considering the nature of the track and the potential for safety cars and Stewards mishandling of such situations. A driver could drive well and make no mistakes but have outside events destroy his race.

  58. Lewis will crash on the last lap… well i can hope again anyway :P lets hope the Germans are strong so Lewis doesnt sail away and make it dull, safety car could change everything.

  59. well that safety car in qualifying has set-up a perfectly boring race, giving the pole to hamilton couldn’t have been any worse. Its a shame a driver like Rosberg didn’t have the opportunity to prove his true talent by storming the pole, or at least having a hot at it. He was the fastest after all.

  60. I think you’re right there Keith. If for some reason Hamilton falters, I think Rosberg could snatch the victory. How nice would that be for Williams.

    I have to hand it to Hamilton though, he’s showing some real pace out there. Posting some dynamite lap times with all that fuel. I think he’s really dialled into that car.

    p.s. really wish Ferrari weren’t looking so poxy…..it’s borderline embarrassing :-(

    1. I think it’ll pay off in March at Sakhir…

  61. Yeah, you’re probably right

  62. Singapore GP (Marina Bay): Comparing predicted and actual pit stops.

    Grid . . kg . .Pred. Actual . . . . Fin
    .. . . . . . . La. T La T La T La T 61Laps
    01k HAM  55.5  20  m -- - 21 m 47 s 01
    02  VET  46.0  17  m 18 m 40 s 44d  04
    03  ROS  52.5  19  m 19 m 28d  35 s 11
    04  WEB  49.5  18  m 19 m 45 s 46#  STOP
    05  ALO  53.0  19  m -- - 22 m 50 s 03
    06  GLO  55.5  20  m -- - 20 m 46 s 02
    07  KUB  59.0  22  m -- - 21 - 43 - 08
    08  KOV  59.5  22  m -- - 22 - 47 - 07
    09  BAR  50.5  18  m -- - 20 - 47 - 06
    10  NAK  75.7  28  m -- - 22 - 47 - 09
    11  BUT  78.0  29  m -- - 22 m 52 s 05
    12k RAI  75.5  28  m -- - 22 m 53 s 10
    13  BUE  73.0  27  m 22 39 40! 49r  RET
    14  TRU  85.9  32  m -- - 22 - 52 - 12
    15  SUT  88.0  33  m 21!  25r  -- - RET
    16  ALG  78.5  29  m 22 - 47 - 49r  RET
    17k FIS  73.5  28  m -- - 19 - 47 - 13
    18  GRO  78.0  29  m 04r  -- - -- - RET
    19  LIU  51.0  19  s -- - 19 - 47 - 14
    20k HEI  45.0  16  m 21#  -- - -- - STOP

    k = KERS, m = soft tyres, s = super-soft tyres
    soft tyres favoured at start

    BAR qualified 5 started 10 (new gearbox)
    HEI qualified 8 started from pit lane (underweight in quali, new engine and gearbox)

    Safety car: Lap 22, 23, 24, 25.

    Fine and dry. Night race.
    Temp. air: 30 C, track: 30 C
    Wind: 2 m/s

    Order at end of first lap:
    HAM(0), ROS(+1), VET(-1), WEB(0), GLO(+1), ALO(-1), BAR(+2), KUB(-1), KOV(-1), BUT(+1), NAK(-1), BUE(+1), RAI(-1), ALG(+2), SUT(0), FIS(+1), TRU(-3), LIU(+1), GRO(-1), HEI(0)

    KERS on 1st lap: HAM(0), KOV(-1), RAI(-1), FIS(+1). Ave -1/4 place.

    (5)HAM disables KERS for brief time; (10)SUT engine overheating; (14)GLO loses mirror, lies on track under yellow for four laps; (19)FIS pits although fuelled for 28 laps; (19)ROS crooses white line on pit exit, gets drive through penalty; (21)SUT passes ALG and knocks HEI off track on cutting in, HEI stop, S/C deployed; (22)ALG leaves pit with fuel hose attached; (26)S/C in; (38)VET right hand mirror falls off; (39)VET loses something under car; (40)VET speeds in pit lane, gets drive through penalty; (45)WEB pitstop shows lots of brake dust; (46)WEB stop, hit barrier (brake failure); (47)BAR stalls engine on pit stop

    (4)GRO retires (brakes); (21)SUT pits after contact; (25)SUT retires (?); (28)ROS takes drive through penalty, loses 11 places; (40)BUE pits as a result of fuel rig probs on prev lap; (44)VET takes drive through penalty, loses five places; (49)ALG retires (brakes); BUE retires (gearbox)

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