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Bernie Ecclestone had plenty to say about CVC board member Martin Sorrell during BBC’s build-up to yesterday’s race, and he’s said more to The Times in reaction to Sorrell’s criticism of his support for Flavio Briatore.

Bernie Ecclestone: Sir Martin Sorrell cannot force me out (The Times)

'"He is not in a position to get rid of me in any shape or form,” Ecclestone offered in his characteristic whisper when asked whether Sorrell was leading a putsch to get him out. “He is on the board, but he is a terribly minor shareholder and he has a very minority say.” So why was Sorrell criticising him? “He’s supporting, I think, his religion against me making a little bit of a stupid statement some time ago, which just wasn’t a stupid statement, really it was misinterpreted.” And would Ecclestone be changing his approach in the light of this? “I’m certainly not going to let Martin Sorrell tell me what to say any more than I would stop him saying what he wants to say,” he said. “I would just hope that people think I am a bit brighter than he is and would listen to me rather than him.”'

Ari Vatanen says ‘F1 will totally fear me’ (Daily Telegraph)

Ari Vatanen: "F1 will totally fear me. They are in disarray. Just a few months ago, there was even talk of a breakaway. I want to put F1 on an equal footing with the rest. The FIA is not just about F1."

James Allen’s Singapore GP verdict (ITV-F1)

"After about half an hour of this race my mind was beginning to wander a little, it was starting to look rather dull."

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12 comments on “F1 links: Ecclestone hits back at Sorrell”

  1. ThinK Bernie’s right, he is safe-for now. I wouldn’t put it past the board to get sick of him in a few years time if things keep on the way they are.

  2. Yup he is not going anywhere just yet – but the way he spoke to Jake yesterday before the race just shows how little he respects F1 fans, he gives contemptous criptic answers to every question.

    I Hope they get rid of him soon and put someone in charge who actually wants to connect and listen to the millions for F1 followers.

  3. Bernie is the Rock of Gibraltar

  4. Isn’t this the second time that Bernie’s hit back at Sorrell?

  5. I really like Bernie :P

  6. Did anyone see the TV coverage where Vatanen was walking around on the start grid and he almost ran over Ecclestone? Vatanen is a head taller than Ecclestone so he probably never saw him.

    What was maybe weirdest of all was that he was in such a rush to get through the crowd to shake hands with … Jean Todt.

  7. James Allen verdict is motivated mostly by the fact that he doesn’t like Button and he loves Barrichello.

    I’ll agree that the tension for the race win was over after Rosberg and Vettel blundered into their penalties. Still, Button and his fight with Vettel and his humiliation of (the yet again inconsistently performing Barrichello) was pretty entertaining to watch.

    1. If you found that GP “pretty entertaining” you’re going to love this:


  8. F1 isn’t losing any followers. Bernie isn’t doing anything that looks stupid in public (see Max). Bernie has built the right connections and environment that creates the perfect playground for the rich. In conclusion, Bernie isn’t going anywhere.

    1. Allowing himself to be quoted as supporting Hitler as a leader of men is quite stupid.

    2. Although I believe F1 will be worse without him, and he can still make the right strategic decisions and pull the right strings when he needs to. But as he gets older he needs to engage his brain for abit longer before he engages his mouth.

  9. This is an old one, but it is very interesting. It is Kimi in his first year as a rookie desiring to drive for Ferrari in the future:


    Tuesday July 10th, 2001
    Rookie Kimi Raikkonen believes he will drive for the Ferrari team once he gets more experience in Formula One racing.

    The 21-year old Finn, driving for the Sauber team in his debut season, has only competed in ten Grands Prix so far in 2001, but after some impressive performances at the wheel of the Ferrari-powered C20 car, Raikkonen believes he will drive for the historic Ferrari team in the future.

    “I’m convinced that one day I’ll drive for Ferrari,” Raikkonen told Motorsport News. “A bit more experience and I’ll get there. Everyone in Formula One wants to drive for them, but for me it’s an ambition. Like winning the World Championship.”

    Raikkonen, who moved straight from Formula Renault to Formula One, has scored seven points this year, having finished twice in fourth place and once in sixth in his debut race in Australia.

    LINK: http://atlasf1.autosport.com/news/2001/jul/report.php/id/4933/.html

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