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Although Felipe Massa has played down the possibility he could make an early return to F1 in the final race of the season, Ferrari have confirmed his injured eye is fully healed, which is great news.

First day of FIA’s medical exams for Felipe (Ferrari)

"The first outcomes are positive: especially the ophthalmological exam confirmed that Felipe, who arrived with his personal doctor Dino Altmann, has recovered the functions of his left eye by 100%."

Donington facing final deadline (BBC)

'Ecclestone told the Press Association on Friday: "The deadline is this weekend, and we will see what happens on Monday."' How many final deadlines is that now?

Formula One news: Monaco Grand Prix date changed (GPUpdate)

"The Monaco Grand Prix of 2010 has been moved forward by one week, GPUpdate.net has learned. Having been set to take place as a back-to-back race with Turkey, teams raised concerns over the close proximity of the events on the 19-race Formula One calendar of next season."

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7 comments on “F1 links: Massa’s eye fully healed”

  1. Massa fighting fit? great news. I’ve posted before that I was worried that his eye wasn’t opening properly but this news is just great. Look at the line up next year new – Alonso v Massa in equal machinery; Button v who knows; Raikonen v Hamilton. Wow, it’s shaping up to be a great season, hopefully without any crashgate issues

    1. Button v Senna? I would like that anyway.

  2. Me too Matt but think the Brawn seat is Rosberg’s. Great about Massa, what progress he has made. Please Berne hurry up and sort the British GP out, how long do we have to wait?

  3. Recovered by 100%. How many percent was it to start. If it was 20% then he’s got 40% vision in his left eye. Or am I misreading it?

  4. Lost in translation!

    If there’s no British GP next year, I’m going to boycott watching all races on the Tilkebores. Of course, that will mean missing about half the season!

  5. Massa, next season massa will crown champion its true and i am sure that will happen he is aggressive and much mature driver most of time he is very cam and why not he is shumi left hand i am think that suhmi is pray for him to be champ crown on hand of massa why not hahahahahha bye love for all

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