2009 Brazilian Grand Prix – The F1 Fanatic unofficial race programme

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It's the 27th world championship race in Interlagos this weekend

Everything you need to know about this weekend’s Brazilian Grand Prix – plus a look back at past races in Brazil.

The race

Barrichello needs a big result on home ground (Brazilian Grand Prix preview) – A look ahead to the race.

Kamui Kobayashi to substitute for injured Timo Glock at Toyota in Brazil – Another rookie makes his F1 race debut this weekend.

Rubens Barrichello – We started the year with three Brazilian drivers but now there’s only one. Here’s Barrichello’s biography plus more on the absent Felipe Massa and the man at the centre of this year’s biggest scandal, Nelson Piquet Jnr.

Event information

2009 Brazilian Grand Prix information – support races and other details.

Brazilian Grand Prix TV Times – When you can catch the Brazilian Grand Prix – and don’t forget to join in our live blogs here during every session.

Rain and low temperatures at Interlagos – Brazilian Grand Prix weather forecast.

The championships

How the titles can be won in Brazil – Everything you need to know about drivers’ and constructors’ championship battles.

Championship points before Brazil – The current standings.

F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship standings – Join in our predictions championship every Friday of a race weekend. Keep an eye out for the post after FP2.

2008 Brazilian Grand Prix

We won’t forget last year’s race in a hurry – but you can re-live it all here:

Lewis Hamilton is champion in epic climax to final race (2008 Brazilian GP)

Brazilian Grand Prix in pictures

2008 Brazilian Grand Prix result

2008 Brazilian Grand Prix analysis

2008 Brazilian Grand Prix grid

Felipe Massa takes pole for title decider (2008 Brazilian Grand Prix qualifying)

More Brazilian Grands Prix

Earlier F1 championship races in Brazil.

Brazilian GP 2007 review: Raikkonen champion by a point

Brazilian Grand Prix 2006 review: Alonso triumphs in ‘duelo final’

Brazilian Grand Prix 2005 review

1988 Brazilian Grand Prix

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10 comments on “2009 Brazilian Grand Prix – The F1 Fanatic unofficial race programme”

  1. I wish this race is as good as last year’s.It would be good if Lewis takes Jenson out early and vettel leads Barichello 1-2 and Alonso taking 3rd , Kimi 4th and in this way Ferrari ll beat Mclaren in the cnstructors’ championship. :)

    1. I’d like that if you swapped barrichello with vettel. After 17 years of being in f1 i think rubens deserves a win in his home gp. There would still be a good 3way battle in abu dhabi.

  2. Last year’s may have been historic and absolutely mind boggling but I wanted describe it as good-more a form of torture :(
    Thanks for the guide, love the 1988 review too.

    1. Me too, I just watched the highlights of last year on the BBC website and even though I knew what was going to happen it still had me going!

      1. lol Dan you support Massa or Hamilton?

  3. I can already see an accident in the first 2 turns caused by a kers car

  4. can’t do last year again. i think jenson will wrap this old WDC thing up this weekend. ….


    that’s my loud protest over. keith, great piece again..thank you

  5. I’ll be attending this weekend Brazilian Grand Prix! I’ll try to get some good pictures from where I’m sitting (A sector grandstands, by the beggining of the main straight), and I’ll also be updating twitter (@marckanno) with interesting stuff straight from Interlagos, starting Friday at FP2!

  6. It looks more likely that the title will be decided at Brazil for the fifth year in a row, than going to the final round for the fourth year in a row.

  7. @David A eh??

    Yeah i agree Brazil should be the last track on the calendar, but i think abu dabi has been placed last to give them more time to finish the track. Next year Brazil is returning to its normal slot I believe???

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