F1 links: Flins drops French Grand Prix bid

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La Vallée de l’Automobile et de la Mobilité Durable continue sans le circuit (Yvelines Média, French)

The Yvelines region in France cancels its plans to build an F1 circuit which might have held the French Grand Prix.

Judge in Max Mosley trial, Mr Justice David Eady, hits back at press criticism over privacy cases (The Guardian)

"The high court judge at the centre of a string of controversial privacy cases, including one involving the motor racing chief Max Mosley, spoke out against his critics today, claiming he had been subjected to "personal abuse" by parts of the media."

The Gravity of Renault’s Situation (The Buxton Blog)

"Renault could be about to get the bailout for which its chiefs are desperate. A Gravity buyout could keep the team in F1, give it a young, passionate and hugely talented new Team Principal in Eric Boullier, a brace of talented young testers along the lines of d’Ambrosio and Tung, and the cherry on the cake… Jacques Villeneuve in an incredible return to the F1 cockpit to partner Robert Kubica in 2010."

Manor rebranded Virgin Racing (Virgin Sport)

"Manor boss John Booth and Virgin supremo Richard Branson are due to announce the long-awaited sponsorship tie-up tomorrow."

Jenson Button Supports Super One Awards At Autosport International (Kartlink)

"The UK’s premier national karting series from which the newly-crowned FIA Formula One World Champion learnt his craft, Jenson will present the Super One trophies for the top three drivers across the Cadet, KF1 MSA British Kart Championship, KF2 and KF3 Junior British Kart Championship classes from 3.20pm."

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12 comments on “F1 links: Flins drops French Grand Prix bid”

  1. Damn. Flins-Les-Mureaux had an interesting, non-Tilke configuration and would have been a fine venue. Hopefully Paul Ricard will see this as an incentive to re-enter the F1 world (nothing against Magny-Cours, I just find the middle section a little boring)

    1. Either way, we’ve got to have France back on the calendar. Even Magny-Cours if it has to be.

      1. Paul Ricard won’t happen, Berine won’t pay to host a race when he can make millions in Qatar instead.

        Magny-Cours couldn’t afford a race in 2009, they probably can’t afford a contract come 2011.

        France is now in a similar situation as the United States. Either a Mickey Mouse track (Bugatti) or a street circuit (Paris). Either way, the French presence in F1 is in serious jeopardy. (Since Grosjean is likely out and possibly Renault as well.)

        1. They need to get tracks sorted but with Todt president I expect France will eventually return. Just as US now has their own team F1 has a French president. It’s at least a foot in the door.
          Another problem is also that there are so many venues who are an option. France needs a plan and soon.

        2. Too bad, i would like to see today’s cars launched thru the legendary Mistral straight…

  2. christopher (sennaboy3)
    1st December 2009, 22:27

    here here…Magny-Cours wasn’t that bad, was it? at least the surroundings are nice ;)

    1. I never really had a problem with Magny-Cours. Those two fast chicanes either side of the 180 bend were among the best corners on the F1 calendar, IMO.

  3. Hello Keith

    Re: Gravity/Renault.

    I think Will Buxton works for FOM in some capacity so this story may be right on the money. I notice nobody else has picked it up yet.


    1. Prisoner Monkeys
      2nd December 2009, 11:07

      As a name, “Gravity” sounds pretty awesome. None of the pretentiousness of something like “Stefan”, nor the ambiguity of “USF1” or the nostalgia of “Lotus”.

  4. We got to have French GP,even on Magny-Cours
    “Jacques Villeneuve in an incredible return to the F1 cockpit to partner Robert Kubica in 2010.”Jac will be a complete waste,no disrespect to him he is a world champion,but I believe Renault better have Kobayashi or Trulli or even may be someone from GP2.
    Good to hear big companies like Virgin is coming in F1.

  5. The Max Mosley judge Mr Justice David Eady is ****** at the way he is being treated in the media, suffering “personal abuse” by parts of the media. So, is the press trying to provoke further confrontation or commit professional suicide lol. It seems obvious to me anyways that more facts as opposed to constant and countless speculation and allegations should encourage professional objective journalism…

    1. Apologiese for the language censorship above Keith. I didn’t realise the word that starts with p and ends in d and can be likened to urinating was that bad a word. Noted for next time…

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