No Lotus comeback for Takuma Sato

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Bad news for Takuma Sato fans – the Japanese driver’s manager has ruled out him making a return to the cockpit in 2010 with Lotus.

Lotus are set to announce their driver line-up on Monday and it’s looking increasingly likely that Jarno Trulli and Heikki Kovalainen will be named.

Japan had two F1 drivers on the grid in 2009 – Kamui Kobayashi and Kazuki Nakajima. But neither have confirmed drives for next year yet.

The last time an F1 race started without a Japanese driver was the 2005 Malaysian Grand Prix, when Anthony Davidson substituted for Sato at BAR.

Sato is still courting a drive for 2010 but the absence of Honda from the sport may hinder his attempts to find a drive – every one of his 90 F1 starts came at the wheel of a Honda-powered car.

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16 comments on “No Lotus comeback for Takuma Sato”

  1. I’m happy. I really like Kovy I still hope Sato gets a seat but it seems so unlikely now.

  2. That is the worst news I have heard in a while.

    1. tell me about it! :(

  3. Where’s Heikki gonna drive then? Renault or Lotus?

    1. Lotus it seems.

  4. Younger Hamilton
    13th December 2009, 12:27

    Lotus are gonna announce there line up on Monday not tuesday Virgin are announcing Di Grassi on tuesday anyway Jarno and Heikki for Lotus

  5. If I were to guess, Kobayashi will end up partnering Robert Kubica at Renault. Kazuki is probably done in F1.

  6. Foolish move – everyone knows Sato is a far better driver than Kovalainen.

    1. maybe you are correct. he’s a bit like Villeneuve Jr, isn’t he? And best part is he despises schumacher to the core.

  7. Anthony Davidson deserves any seat before Sato anyway…

    1. If I had to guess, Davidson will end up at USF1 with Lopez.

      Kobayashi and Heidfeld at Sauber

      Trulli and Heikki at Lotus

      Molandando at Campos

      Petrov at Renault

      And yes, Schumi at Mercedes

    2. Oh yeees … the Davidson who got clearly beaten by Sato when they were together. Sooo worthy of a seat.

  8. I want Hekki in Renault & Kobayashi in Lotus.

  9. It would be a shame for the sport to not have a Japanese entrant, I’m sure Sato will find a seat soon enough though, he is good enough, not sure if he is better than Heikki though.

  10. I always liked Taku, I really hope he ends up with a drive for next year. If not, then there’s always the JGTC.

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