F1 links: Williams chases Icelandic debt

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Iceland’s Glitnir ‘owes’ £10m to F1 team Williams (Daily Telegraph)

"After the Icelandic banking sector collapsed last year, Glitnir bank was taken over by the Icelandic government and Williams has not received sponsorship payments since."

F1 Race of the Noughties (Motor Sport Musings)

Dank puts the case for the 2005 Japanese Grand Prix – which came second in our "Best race of the 2000s" poll.

ACG Speeds to Long Term Supply Agreement with US F1 Team (Advanced Composites)

“Adrian Potts, President of ACG Inc, said: ‘There is an exciting time of change in Formula One racing and this has created the opportunity for new teams to enter the grid. US F1 Team is the sole American entry, and we are proud to support them from our Tulsa facility. I?m confident that the new team has signed up with the very best support and service in the industry, and we will demonstrate that their confidence in us is well placed.'”

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5 comments on “F1 links: Williams chases Icelandic debt”

  1. I hope Williams get there money although I can’t help but think they’re in a long queue…

    1. Same. The money to pay back all creditors just simply doesn’t exist. I was listening to a radio discussion last week about the rights of English local authorities to pursue the money they’re owed. Given some of the stakeholders involved, I’d imagine that Williams are closer to the bottom of the list of creditors than the top.

    2. Same here,it’s a historic privateer team,so it’s important they get their money.

  2. Off topic, but “Jackie Stewart: The Flying Scot” is on tonight(21st) on BBC4 at 11pm. Worth a watch.

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