Yet another prize for Jenson Button

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The awards and accolades continue to pile up for Jenson Button.

Now the world champion has been awarded a Gold Badge by BBC childrens’ programme Blue Peter.

New team mate Lewis Hamilton already has a Gold Badge which he won last year – in addition to his three regular badges.

Button is also expected to get a mention in the New Year Honours List along with former boss Ross Brawn. Button will again match Hamilton by receiving an MBE.

Among the other prizes Button has won since claiming the world championship are four BRDC Awards including their Gold Star and Autosport’s International Racing Driver of the Year and British Competition Driver of the Year.

How many more gongs will Button collect before the 2010 F1 season begins? Are there any others that I’ve missed? Leave a comment below.

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11 comments on “Yet another prize for Jenson Button”

  1. I always wanted a gold Blue Peter badge…

    1. Couldn’t Blue Peter badge winners get into lots of boring places for free instead of spending the £3 entry fee

  2. Does this guy knows how to drive?
    I guess next year he´ll have the prize for biggest loser as well, a good driver will not lose so many points with the best car.
    A good driver is the one who takes more from less and not the opposite.

    1. If winning a world championship is being a loser, then I’m not sure what constitutes a winner these days.

      How about we congratulate the guy. Is that so hard? Probably for some I guess.

      1. True, and its getting tiresome having everybody doubt whether Jenson was a worthy champion.

        I can’t help but wonder where exactly you got the inspiration for your username, Slow John?

  3. what I cant understand about these people doubting Button as a worty champion is that if lets say manchester united win their first 15 games and struggle their way home and win the league, they have the most points and deserve to win, what does alex ferguson care he wins the trophy and prize money, (gone a bit off topic there), but the same applies to Button, he got the most points so he wins the FIA world championship, and can feel he has done a good job.

  4. I’d like to think that Jenson’s next award will be an Oscar for his role in Austin Powers 4 as Austin’s race driver brother – Monaco baby, yeah! ;-)

    Oh, and if you’re sick of people saying Jenson didn’t deserve to win the WDC, then ignore them! If Brazil wasn’t enough to convince them, I doubt they’ll ever come around.

  5. I know some people think Jenson is a worthy Champion, but as i said, if it wasn´t the advantage at the first 6 races, when all other teams didn´t have a car, will he ever been Champion?
    I think not!
    I like the racing, whoever wins in a fair way i make a bow to this guy, but let´s not get illusions Jenson is a nice guy, but as a driver is not a top driver.

    1. So would Ferrari and MS have been champions if they hadn’t had a dominant car? Particularly in 2002 and 2004? And that domination lasted all season, not just seven races (NB Brawn couldn’t develop the car as much as they’d hoped, hence the drop off mid season, whereas Ferrari could throw money around all year in 02 and 04).

      Are you spectacularly missing the point of F1?

      I think so!

  6. We shall see his real abilities next season with all teams almost on equal terms on their DD applications.

    MBE my foot! :-(

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