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It’s Sunday and I’m happy because today I have an excuse to put a picture of a 1980s F1 car on the home page. That’s coming up a little later – for now here’s the daily round-up:


New Lotus F1 driver Heikki Kovalainen preparing for the season (Video)

Heikki Kovalainen gives a video interview to the Norwich Evening News in which he explains why he chose to join Lotus: “It became quite clear for me that this was actually the most stable opportunity for me and quite an exciting project, starting everything from scratch and having Mike involved on the technical side was a big boost as well.”

Kubica to contest Monte Carlo Rally

As the event is part of the Intercontinental Rally Challenge and no the World Rally Championship it means Kubica won’t be racing against Kimi Raikkonen.

Comment of the day

Tim adds to yesterday’s comparison between Michael Schumacher’s F1 comeback and Niki Lauda’s:

Schumacher also has two things going for him that Lauda didn’t.

By the time the McLaren-TAG was up to winning a world title, Lauda had Alain Prost for a team mate. John Watson he could handle fairly easily but Prost (just sacked from Renault for reasons relating to his, er, performances outside the car) was another kettle of fish. Schumacher faces Nico Rosberg, who is good but not quite on the Prost-level.

Lauda’s motivation to come back was also different – money. By the early 1980s, Lauda Air was in financial difficulties and the easiest way to raise some extra capital was to go back to F1. Schumacher doesn’t have an airline to fund and, by all reports, isn’t actually getting paid very much to return to F1 – he’s doing it to win.

From the forum

Plans are afoot for a 2010 British Grand Prix meet up.

Happy birthday!

Today we have not one, not two, but three F1 Fanatic birthdays to celebrate. Happy birthday (in no particular order) to Cameron, SamS and Nano Rock!

On this day in F1

A trio of F1 notables also born on the tenth of January are former Ferrari designer Rory Byrne (66 today), CART champion and ex-F1 driver and team boss Bobby Rahal (57) and the last American to finish on the podium in a US Grand Prix, Eddie Cheever (52).

On this day four years ago Anthony Davidson signed for Honda as their third driver. Sadly it’s looking like he won’t be racing in F1 again this year. Although that means we’ll get the benefit of his excellent insight on the BBC I’d far rather see him in an F1 car.

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13 comments on “F1 Fanatic round-up: 10/1/2010”

    1. I suspect Mercedes will have a launch in Germany before the first F1 test – I don’t know if the date is accurate and I’d be surprised if it does end up carrying the designation RB1.

      Joe Saward reported the Nespresso story a while ago (I may have linked to it here I can’t remember) so I’d count on that happening.

      No idea about the Bortolotti thing though.

      1. “…and I’d be surprised if it does end up carrying the designation RB1.”

        Yeah, pretty sure that one’s taken… :)

  1. “Although that means we’ll get the benefit of his excellent insight on the BBC I’d far rather see him in
    an F1 car.”

    Spot on again there Keith. If only the F1 Fanatic readers could find a few million pounds down the back of our sofa’s maybe we could sponser him and he could afford a drive…

    and happy birthday Cameron, SamS and Nano Rock.

  2. Happy Birthday to Cameron, SamS and Nano Rock.
    I too think Schumacher is racing just for winning.

  3. I would love to see Anthony Davidson back in an F1 car.

  4. christopher (sennaboy3)
    10th January 2010, 2:59

    why didn’t Anthony Davidson even get a sniff this offseason…literally, there weren’t even rumours! god, i miss super aguri. USF1 would have done well to put him in a car

  5. Re Davidson: He needs some sort of sponsor. I think Jonathon Ross should have sponsored him personally :S Davidson needs to buy his way in sadly.

  6. the Kovalainen video is just great. i remember the last two years seeing him in front of the camera, being stressed, nervous and somewhat confused, he didn’t want to mess up things and go against the McLaren PR machine.

    now he looks confident, calm, cool, and looks himself. i think he made the right decision to leave Woking, whatever the results of this season will be.

    1. i think he made the right decision to leave Woking

      I’m afraid I don’t think he had much say in that decision at all.

    1. I Second that thanks Keith, I hope Nano Rock and Cameron had a good one!!

  7. After seeing the Heikki video I’m a little concerned at where Lotus are in development terms. But I am telling myself that this was purely a publicity issue…

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