F1 testing pictures: 25th February

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Fairuz Fauzy driving the Lotus T127 at Barcelona today
Fairuz Fauzy driving the Lotus T127 at Barcelona today

F1 cars are in action at the Circuit de Catalunya today as the teams begin the final pre-season test of 2010.

Here are pictures from today’s test.

Images (C) Julien Leroy & F1 Fanatic

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55 comments on “F1 testing pictures: 25th February”

  1. Good fotos!!! Greetings from Poland:)

  2. Man that Louts looks good on the track!

    1. Agreed. It livery just rocks.

  3. How fast are the pit stops looking? Are they managing their claimed sub-3-seconds?

  4. have a look at the red bull headrest restraint..
    It continues down past the wheel making the cockpit opening parallel from helmet area to the front.

    maybe designed to stop unwanted air circulating into cockpit?!?!? since this that restraint always stopped just before to inline with the wheel.

    1. “past the wheel making the cockpit opening”?? I’m confused.

      Do you mean the helmet visor hinge?

      1. I think he means that those ridges on the nose continue until past the cockpit opening, flowing into the cockpit sides, effectively deepening the cockpit (but with a low front edge), making the “bumps” due to the head side protection lower?

        1. … but looking at that top view of the red bull (http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/2010/02/25/f1-testing-pictures-25th-february/julien_leroy_barcelona_firstlap-be__jle0062/ ) the nose ridges seem to stop before the cockpit front edge.

          1. no I mean the removable head rest restraint….the leading arms flow from the headrest to in front of the steering wheel. with only the smallest cut out to allow the wheel and hands not to hit against it.

            Here is a pic of an old Jordan removable headrest restraint.

          2. here is more
            I kinda go into more detail here as I was making one for my sim…

    2. Ah, right now I see what you mean. They really narrow the cockpit opening nicely. I find the slight cutouts to make space for hands on the steering wheel cute :)

      1. I see it now, too.

  5. thanks for this Great Pictures!

  6. Keith, do you have more horizontal pictures of the Renault?
    They were supposed to launch new aero package today, so some hints about the rear and front wings would be awesome.

    1. Whatever upgrades they brought aren’t very visible, that’s for sure.

  7. Do they still have to wear all the helmets and safety gear for pit stops this year?

    1. Unfortunately, i should think so… It’s been a long long time since the carefree days of 1993 where they crew all stood around in shorts, t-shirts and sunglasses.

      ‘Elf an’ safety gone mad, I tells ya!

      1. There were some pictures of, I think, the Williams crew changing tyres in shirtsleeves at the Valencia test.

    1. There was one in the first batch I put up and I’ve just added more.

      1. Well done old Bean !! :) Thank you.

  8. Things not looking too good for Virgin. Another crash, another day’s testing wasted. I guess we kno who’s goin to play hostess

    1. That’s exactly why they go testing, to find these gremlins before the season proper – although I must admit I’m a little surprised they have so few spares available at this late stage – but if they are still finalising the cars aero bits I s’pose no point in producing too many bits if they are going to change the design slightly for the final evolution – I understand it was the rear wing that failed today ??

  9. Aleksandar Serbia
    25th February 2010, 14:50

    I just don’t get Williams, so much track success and never decided to create a super car,why Frank why?

    Legacy will be forgotten if they do not start a project ”road car”
    I must say it again!
    F1 was made to launch a moons assault on the brands, that only advocate historic pedigree and past performance made eons ago, so one could build a marquee of great repute and admiration, thus setting the price tag level, or above the dinosaurs of the automotive success.
    F1 is a perfect promotion and application of knowledge to a road car, opportunity wasted is never regained, Frank may never see the success and the awesome drivers he once possessed!

    1. no it wasn’t. F1 is a racing series, brands have seen the link between success in racing and success in sales, but the two weren’t necessarily meant to be linked.

      Hell, Ferrari starting selling cars to fund the racing team, not the other way around!

      Teams like Williams are exactly what F1 needs, groups of people who exist solely to go racing. Not teams which will come and go depending on their car sales (ie the manufacturers).

      1. Aleksandar Serbia
        25th February 2010, 23:38

        Missing the point Big Ben, i think we need privateers also to go in and push the barrier, but think for a moment, Mclaren really showed how it’s done!
        If Williams goes broke, somebody will just buy the firm, re brand and go racing, if Mclaren does the same somebody will buy the firm and use the name and go racing!
        My take on it is, that yes i like it more to see an underdog like Williams take on a big marquee, but in real life only what you leave behind that is tangible will remain!
        Lotus was left in scraps,but they left a legacy of cars, that are legendary, nobody will buy a Lotus and re brand!
        I do get your racing spirit and its fine to think that way, but you are a mear observer, a enthusiast if you will.
        F1 is no longer a racing series, it is a commerce series,and if you think other vise, look at the long list of great teams gone to bust.
        A team like Mclaren will only get bigger, maybe even start to produce low budget cars, their brand is so strong, a lot of middle class people will buy them, Wouldn’t you buy a Mclaren Suv for example rather than a Toyota?
        I would, and that is the whole point!
        Brand that can be sufficient like that, can be stronger, and when sponsorship money is reduced, has options, Williams doesn’t, that’s why you see them where they are right now!
        You live in the privateer era which is long gone, F1 evolved, but you didn’t!

  10. looks as if Red Bull are the only team with the rev counter/data reader on the dash bulkhead and not incorporated into the wheel…even (from what I have seen) mclaren have it set in the wheel this year.

  11. Thanks Keith!

    These are exactly the kind of shots that people requested. It’s like you are our own personal photog at the test!

    1. You’re welcome – Julien has been taking photos for us today so the credit goes to him, but I did pass some of your suggestions along and I think he’s done a terrific job.

  12. Looking on those pictures it looks a lot like McLaren have removed the undernose scoop. Can anyone confirm. I may be gone but the bottom of the nose looks like a lot cleaner here than at Jerez.

  13. Anyone got anything on the new Ferrari Wheel Design? I saw a picture at http://en.espnf1.com/f1/motorsport/image/9549.html
    but it doesnt really say what the purpose and idea behind is.

    1. Read somethin about Ferrari developing some new technology to speed up tire changes, but haven’t heard the details. Could be related.

  14. I hope Ferrari don’t keep the shark-fin. I’m not a big fan of the look.

    1. I agree – theirs looks worse than the FIF1 one and equally or more tacked on.

      Somehow, comparing, for example, red bull/torro rosso with ferrari, the nose of the ferrari looks thin and “wobbly” in combination with that fin.

      I think it looks that way because the lines of the nose are more thin and rounded, while those of the bulls seem more bold and strong, matching the angular look of that fin/sail. If that makes sense. W/o the fin the Ferrari nose looks sleekish.

      Anyway, that barcode makes it look even worse(a bit similar to bee-stripes on renault, but that care is not as long, and, well, more round and cuddly :-p ).

    2. Unlike most ive always been a fan of shark fins. An they serve a usefull purpose, so although ive always found the asthetically pleasing i have to come out and agree.

      The Ferrari shark fin looks odd. Like they stretched to engine cover or something, completly at odd with the look of the rest of the car, it looks terrible! An the barcode looks ten times worse on the flat panel section, I mean the 2008 shark fin looked grovy, even with the barcode, which was a better design, this looks awful, it would be much better if it just said Santander, the the thing itself would still look odd.

      1. I like the fin on the McLaren very much, actually, and it fits well, I think, on the bulls & on renault, but I guess the abrupt flatness of it on FIF1 makes it look an afterthought, and as I said, on the Ferrari it really looks wrong to me. And I thought that car looked okay w/o it.

        … so it is how it is implemented for me, more than the existence of the thing, I guess.

  15. Hi :)

    Great job Keith!

    Is it possible to get high-res version of the pictures like in the test sessions before?

    I ask because my wallpaper is always from f1fanatic ;)

  16. This green of this Lotus are amazing!!!

  17. Great pics!
    If possible, try to get close-ups of Ferrari’s wheels as well as other teams to compare. They seem to have something different about them.

  18. Mclaren dumped that splitter, thank goodness.


    Ferrari shark fin that extends to the rear wing?! Speak of the devil…

  19. Aww… the poor refuelling guy. There’s nowhere for him to stick his hose any more. He doesn’t even have a hose!

    He’s just standing where he used to, forlorn, watching everyone else do their work:


  20. What is the black thing sticking up from the roll hoop/air intake on the Ferraris?

    1. I’ve wondered that as well. Is it some sort of monitor / sensor for air flow?

  21. Does anybody know if paul di resta is running in the force india at this test at all? i thought i read last week that he was.

  22. After the spy shot I was not a fan of the Lotus livery, but I need not have worried it looks fantastic..! Would love to see an alternate for the Monaco Grand Prix using the black with gold trim..

  23. I am confused. I (think I) see pictures of the Ferrari with and without the sharkfin. Were they just testing the difference? Can it be changed so easily?

    If it can be changed easily, would they be allowed to change it during the season between races? Or even between qual and race?

    1. [i]If it can be changed easily, would they be allowed to change it during the season between races?[/i]

      Of course.

      [i] Or even between qual and race?[/i]

      Nope. Parc ferme conditions when qualifying gets under way.

      1. whoops, completely forgot those sort of tags don’t work here

  24. Mercedes are running with the Red Bull style bulges on the nosecone again…

  25. Aleksandar Serbia
    26th February 2010, 15:00

    Keith, is it possible to get some short videos?
    I would like, and if may speak for the rest of us, f1 cars passing the front strait, or breaking down in a corner.
    Much obliged.

    1. I’m afraid not – I explained why here the other day: Live from Barcelona

  26. Nineteen guys to change 4 tyres…someone call NASCAR pit crew

  27. Pictures are really nice but what happened to the hi-res??

  28. Thanks again for some great pics…

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