F1 tickets and more to win in the 2010 F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship

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This year's Predictions Champion will be going to the British Grand Prix
This year's Predictions Champion will be going to the British Grand Prix

The F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship is back for the 2010 season!

This year we’ve got a bigger competition with – for the first time – prizes to win at every race. We’ve got paintings, F1 DVDs and copies of Autocourse to be won.

And the winner of the overall championship will claim the grand prize of grandstand tickets for the 2011 British Grand Prix. Of course it’s entirely free to enter – join in below…

The prizes

This year we’re giving away a pair of prizes every race weekend.

On top of that at the end of the year the top 12 finishers all get prizes – and whoever scores the highest overall will be going to the 2011 British Grand Prix. Here are the prizes in full:

Grand prize: Two grandstands tickets to the 2011 British Grand Prix

The person who scores the most points in the 2010 F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship will win grandstand tickets to the 2011 British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

This is the first time we’ve offered F1 race tickets as a prize at F1 Fanatic and I hope you all agree it’s a fitting reward for the F1 expert who can best predict who will be on top in 2010.

The grand prize winner will receive tickets to all three days of the 2011 British Grand Prix with reserved grandstand seating for the race.

Second place prize: An F1 painting of your choice

The second place finisher in the championship will win an F1 painting by Rob Ijbema.

You get to choose which F1 driver, present or past, will feature in the painting. Or you can pick one of the other motor racing paintings on Rob’s site Car-a-day.


Runners-up prizes: Autocourse 2010-2011

The ten players who finish in third to 12th positions in the championship will win a copy of the 2010-2011 edition of Autocourse.

The highly respected journal of Formula 1 and other major international four-wheeled racing series is published at the end of every season.

This year the publication marks its 60th anniversary edition.

NB. 2009 edition cover used for illustration

Race winners prize: The Lotus Story DVD Box Set

Duke Video are supplying the prize for the player who gets the highest score in each round.

With the Lotus name returning to F1 in 2010 what better prize than a DVD box set showing the history of this great team. This four-disc set “The Lotus Story” chronicles Lotus’s participation in F1 from the company’s beginning in 1948 up to its F1 withdrawal in 1994.

Duke are also offering a special promotion exclusive to all F1 Fanatic readers – whenever you order from them you can get 15% off using the promotional code F1Fanatic at the checkout.

Race runners-up prize: F1 race winner print

The second place finisher in each race will win a 40x35cm print of the race winner from Motorsport in Print.

How to enter

Entries will open in the week before every race. You have until the start of free practice three on Saturday to make your predictions.

You can post your predictions for the first race now below or wait until nearer the deadline. A reminder will be posted on the site after free practice two on Friday.

Each player may predict the pole sitter and the top five finishers in the race. See below for the rules in full.

Please try to pick an original and distinctive user name – something a bit more descriptive than just a first name. We had a lot of very similar entries last year!

Entry for F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship 2010
No races available in this championship.
Position 1
Position 2
Position 3
Position 4
Position 5

Competition terms and conditions

1. Maximum one entry per household.
2. The competition is not open to employees, friends or family of F1 Fanatic, Silverstone Circuit, Duke Video, Motorsport in Print, Car-a-Day or Icon Publishing Ltd.
3. Predictions will open up to one week before the start of final practice on the Saturday of a Grand Prix weekend and will be promoted on the front page of F1 Fanatic before closing prior to the start of final practice.
4. In each round players are invited to predict (a) who will be on pole position and (b) what the top five finishers will be (five different drivers).
5. Players accumulate points in each round as follows:
a. Correctly naming the pole sitter: 2 points
b. Correctly naming one/two/three/four/five driver/s who finish in the top five: 1/2/3/5/8 points
c. Correctly predicting where one/two/three/four/five driver/s finish: 2/6/14/24/40 points
6. Whoever scores the most points over the 19 races from round one (Bahrain) to 19 (Abu Dhabi) wins the grand prize.
7. In the event of a tie on points the winner will be determined by who picked the most race winners correctly, then second places finishers and so on. If that fails to produce a winner the editor will choose a means of deciding who has won.
8. Predictions must be entered using the form or e-mailled to competition@f1fanatic.co.uk
9. Once a prediction has been made it cannot be altered.
10. In the event of a dispute the editor?s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
11. No cash alternative is offered for any of the prizes.
12. Grand Prix tickets: Children must be accompanied by an adult. Accommodation and transport to the venue not included. Event date TBC.
13. Players who have won prizes will be notified by email within seven days of each Grand Prix. Lotus DVDs and F1 paintings will be despatched within 28 days of that email being sent. Grand Prix tickets will be despatched once they are available. Autocourse books will be despatched once they are published.

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Keith Collantine
Lifelong motor sport fan Keith set up RaceFans in 2005 - when it was originally called F1 Fanatic. Having previously worked as a motoring...

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  • 130 comments on “F1 tickets and more to win in the 2010 F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship”

    1. Is it possible to participate even if we are outside the UK? And if so, do we pay the delivery?

      1. Good news! Yes it’s open to people outside the UK, no you don’t have to pay delivery. :-)

      2. Thatt’ just what I was going to ask, thanks Keith!

      3. Thanks Keith, that was my question too as I know I will be moving out from the UK in a month!!!!! :)

        1. I don’t think first prize realy suits people outside of the UK, unless travel is included, but I don’t think that is going to happen.

          On a side note, it is fantastic to so that we have 65 people joined up to our Fantasy Leauge over on FSPORTS.

          Good luck to everyone in both competitions!

    2. Dindnt get the deadline. From that countdown I undrstand its till the end of SP, am I correct?

      1. You have until the start of free practice three on Saturday to make your predictions.

    3. newnnhamlea1
      8th March 2010, 17:22

      keith, you might want to correct the size of the race runners up prize, if that is the genuine size i wouldnt know were to put it.

      1. Yes that would be a bit much! cm, of course…

    4. 5 positions! will guessing the winner of a race be worth more points than guessing 5th place?
      great prizes btw!!!

      1. José Baudaier
        9th March 2010, 1:47

        Should be the other way around. Everybody talks about the first positions. So it is harder to guess the fifth.

    5. Looking forward to it keith :)

      1. me too :D

    6. Wow, that was tough!! It’s so open this year that deciding who to put where was near impossible. So I’ve guessed…

    7. One word – spectacular.

    8. Only one apart from me cheering for the King, Schumacher, lets see,…

    9. interesting last year i didnt enter, and this is free which is even better.

      But S*** it’s only until saturday the 2010 cars are set loose for “real”, my head is thumping already.

    10. Keith, how much of the Silverstone track is visible from the Grandstand ? Is it only the start-finish straight ? I want to be prepared for when I go there :)

      1. The exact location of the grandstand hasn’t been decided yet, partly because of the new building work which will be going on between the 2010 and 2011 races.

    11. 42 points is the maximum then? 19*42 = 840-19 =
      = 821 points is the maximum of the whole season?

      1. No, 50 – the points accumulate:

        Two points for a win.
        Eight for correctly naming the drivers in the top five.
        40 for getting them in the right order.

        So max score for the season is 950.

    12. dont get too cocky :)

    13. I’m so excited I half want to make the predicitons now but I’ll be shrewd and wait for practice although I doubt that will give away much either!

      1. if you wait on saturday practice you can’t enter :p

        1. Yeah but I still have Friday :P

          1. If I forget…….

    14. Very enticing competition, Keith. F1 tickets – holy split!. One question – The Lotus DVD box set is the prize for every race? So someone might end up with multiple copies…?

      1. Potentially, yes, but that’s what eBay is for :-)

      2. I’d like a print for the bedroom wall, tell you what maciek, you win and I’ll come second!

    15. Nice. In the words of Murray: ‘Oh fantastic!’

    16. Perfect!!

      Stretching the field to five picks make likelyhood of a tie improbable but gives great opportunity to keep it close all the way to Abu Dhabi.

      Can’t wait to try this out for a full season and see how I stack up against the rest of you fanatics.
      Good luck everyone. We’re all gonna need it…

    17. incredible!

    18. hahaha i totally messed that one up.. should have read it properly.. ive have done them in starting order.. Oops

    19. Can I enter even though I cant win the prizes???

      1. Yes you can (he’s my brother in case you’re wondering, everyone!)

        1. LOL!!! That was funny :)

        2. I don’t know if there are any legal issues, but I think you should have not excluded yourself (and employees, family, etc) from the competition for the simple reason there’s no way you could fix the results, so yours would be a legitimate victory IMO.

    20. Keith, you’re my hero! Thanks so much for this!

      1. You’re welcome :-)

    21. inc0mmunicado
      8th March 2010, 19:04

      Keith what happens in the event that race results are altered by the FIA after the fact? Is there a time when the predictions results are “frozen?”

    22. The Genuine Jim
      8th March 2010, 19:10

      Wow Keith, you really pulled out all the stops with those prizes; thanks in advance!
      But seriously this is excellent, a big step up from last year’s.

      1. We’ll go with the classified order produced by the FIA on Sunday evening. If it gets changed later (which is very rare) then we’d have to ignore those changes because some prizes would already have been sent out.

        This sort of thing doesn’t happen very often, but it’s good to have a plan in place I reckon.

    23. This yank plans on winning those tickets so everyone else can just forget about it. ;)

    24. Fantastic stuff Keith, great prizes! I didn’t take part last year but deffo will do this year, but I’ll wait until Friday evening. This is going to add an extra element of excitement for this season, can’t wait for the weekend!

    25. DEan The BEan
      8th March 2010, 19:36

      Keith, thanks so much for putting on this contest. I have been an on and off F1 fan for the past 10 years, but much more intense the last five. I only discovered this website in December when I got the F1 iPhone app and gotta say this is the my favorite F1 site by far. I’m a novice compared to most folks here, so the historical and technical knowledge displayed here is quite impressive to me. I live in Los Angeles and can’t wait to watch Friday practice which will air at 3am here. Thanks for your dedication, Keith!

      1. I live in Los Angeles and can’t wait to watch Friday practice which will air at 3am here

        No wonder why F1 struggles to ‘crack America’…

        1. That and the fact that the only way to watch it on TV is on Speed Channel (save for the Fox broadcast races) and even then you’re watching it 12 hours after it really happened. Unless you have Tivo.

          And those of us without the ultra-high level cable needed to have the Speed Channel are forced to torrent the races (I like the BBC broadcasts anyway, so no big loss there)

        2. Eje Gustafsson
          8th March 2010, 20:37

          I do wonder. Central US here and watch almost all races at 7am (European and many time adjusted races). Even Canada and Brazil is at 10 and 11am. F1 = no sleeping in. Ohh then we have the 1am through 3am start times for a few of the “fly away” races. Australian used to be like 11pm which was great so they had to make it a later start time because was to hard for the Europeans to get up and watch it (I’m originally from there). Europeans that complain on bad start times should try a year of US times. 2 races this year where I do not have to be up at 7 or go to bed until 3am or later.

          1. Australia should be at 2 p.m. local time, so it would be early in Europe, it was always great to wake up and watch it.

            1. Jarred Walmsley
              9th March 2010, 0:31

              Every other race is designed to be for Europe let austaliasia have a decent race time

          2. this is exactly why I like to record my races

        3. I’m an Australian, I wait to 3am faithfully every Saturday and Sunday.. It’s almost like a religion to me…. I’m just happy we get the BBC coverage…

          ahh the benefits of keeping the queen…..

    26. last year I only voted with my heart – you see, I even type ‘voted’ instead of predicted! But this grand prize, makes me want to play for real! .
      ..however as a fan, I will found it hard to be realistic and put someone else (Hamilton, Alonso) before Schumi (and / or Vettel).

    27. Hooray! This should be a lot of fun. You really are going all out to develop this site into a “must see/visit” entity. I like it.

    28. LucaBadoerFan
      8th March 2010, 20:06

      i really wanted to vote with my heart, and put rubens or kamui somewhere in the top five. however, whilst, as they say, never say never, i see it not happening. so, instead, i chose to vote with my head, =D

    29. HounslowBusGarage
      8th March 2010, 20:09

      Keith, that’s a great set of prizes – adopts gravel voice “Keiths blog has arrived. This is when the competition gets serious.”

      1. I think we need a Masterchef style: “This is F1 race predicting at its toughest…” (joke not applicable to those outside the UK).

    30. In other news, Stirling Moss is in hospital after falling 3 floors down a lift shaft. Hope he recovers soon.

      1. Just to add to this for those who dont know, the lift doors opened at the wrong time and Stirling Moss stepped in without realising, suffering 2 broken ankles, 4 broken bones in his feet and 4 chipped vertebrae. He has had surgery on his feet and is expected to make a recovery in 6 weeks.
        Big shame to hear such bad news, and hope he recovers quickly.

    31. Why are so many people putting the same driver for Pole and then Position 1?

      1. Because something like a third of all F1 races have been won from pole position.

    32. Hi Kieth,

      I am just wondering that while it is great to have F1 tickets as the grand prize – what about little old me in Australia who is going to win this comp – and not be able to afford to go to Silverstone. Is it possible that the tickets are transferable to your nearest Grand Prix (even though Aust might not have one in 2011…)

      1. australia has internet right? or did u post that with a new age carrier pigeon?…
        ebay dude! sell ’em, get some cash, buy ur own tickets. and may i add, based on one of kieths articles, i think silverstone is one of the most expensive grandprix u can attend. im from canada, and when i win ill do the same for the 2011 Las Vegas Grand Prix….or am i dreaming….

      2. The grand prize is (very kindly) supplied by Silverstone, so as you can imagine it’s not transferable. I appreciate the prize is not as easy for people in one location to use as it is another.

        Perhaps in the future we could look to doing region-specific versions of the competition.

        1. please dont kieth, it give me a reason to fly out there and try driving on the wrong side of the road. seiously though, its such a great system you managed to create here why bother diluting the prizes just to please a few of us.

          also very proud to repor that i have recruited a few friends to this magnificent site. (i stole the away from GP Update Manager) lets hope they dont do better then me ;)

    33. Just makes you realize how amazingly unpredictable this season is!

    34. Mike "the bike" Schumacher
      8th March 2010, 22:54

      Keith, what happens if two people tie with the most points from one race?

      1. It’s covered in the T&Cs.

      2. 2 pairs of people arrive, one ticked is given to each pair, they must fight to get the ticket off the other.

        1. they have a race…

    35. Adding the year I was born to my pen name to be more unique. But will wait after friday practice to predict. Based on experience last year, I’ve learned to wait after friday practice for predictions to be more accurate, and to read Keith’s articles to get tips to help on your prediction. But you’ll never know really what’s gonna happen. :)
      Thanks Keith for this. It makes my every race weekend more exciting until the last race of the season. I’ll still join even without a prize (still thanks for the prizes). My aim this year to try to beat Saloolas (last year winner). Goodluck to all participants!!!

    36. damonsmedley
      9th March 2010, 0:25

      Will there be an article like this for each race? I would like to participate this year but I need to know where to leave my predictions each race. Will there be a link sent to you via e-mail if you entered in the previous round? Any help appreciated.

      1. Yes. There will be an article like this each race.

      2. You can post your predictions for the first race now below or wait until nearer the deadline. A reminder will be posted on the site after free practice two on Friday.

        1. damonsmedley
          9th March 2010, 12:03

          Ok thanks! I didn’t know if the section you quoted was applicable to just this weekend or not. Thankyou for the help!

    37. I would like to see a F1 GP one day!

    38. this is awesome!…

      those tickets! it’d be a dream to go to england to watch the race…

    39. José Baudaier
      9th March 2010, 1:49

      Keith, if someone outside the UK wins the British GP tickets will this person get the plane tickets to London too? :p

      1. Keith has already answered that question, Siverstone GP will be made in the country of the winner of this competition! :-)

    40. Great contest. I wouldn’t be flown out to the UK if I happen to win the grand prize would I? (I’m in Canada)

      1. Smae thought here! hahaha, worth a try though isn’t it?

        and Keith, I’m in Australia so you can pre book those tickets! ^^

    41. What a great chance to participate

      I was missing this kind of contexts since the one on Mclaren`s website

      Thanks for letting people outside UK participate

    42. i’m so loveeees this race prediction :D
      thanks Mr. Keith

    43. Whole lot of Alonsos, Vettels and Hamiltons in there

    44. Hi Keith,

      Thank you for this competition.

    45. My Red Button is aching to be pressed – roll on 7am Friday :)

      1. No such luck for me, school instead unfortunately. Good job bbc sport has the replays of practice on their page at nights!

    46. Great news, I’m glad to take part in it, but I’ll make my forecast on Friday. :)

    47. Is it open for people from UAE.

      1. See the first comment.

    48. Couldn’t wait ;-) I’ve done my prediction.

      Keith, is there anyway we can see our prediction or is it confirmed through email or something?

      1. You should be able to see it in the list once you’ve added it.

        1. Company firewall probably does not permits me to see that. Because I never see the outcome of any of the voting.
          Can you please email me if my entry made it? If not I will try again tonight.

        2. Well I added my prediction yesterday. After opening this page today it offers me to add another prediction.

          This probably has to to with the security settings in my firewall.

    49. I think this is one of the biggest gues for all of us. After this race it will be more easier)

      1. I hope the prediction closes just before the free pratices?

    50. im going mad.

    51. I added Alonso, and Schumacher, but i have Webber, and Button in the top 5 as well (Hamilton had to make place for Massa, whos won here 2 x already).
      Vettel will be really good until he crashes while overtaking Schumacher, maybe taking Hamilton out in the same fray!

    52. I was really waiting for this.I didnt fare well last season.My objective this year is to beat Keith ;-) (No hard feelings mate)

    53. Its gonna be Fun!!!!!
      Thanks Keith…!!

    54. what happens if someone uses the same username as you, plus do you have to use the exact same username everytime to get the points accumilated

    55. Keith,

      I’ve just recently found out about this site and man, I love it!! It’s a very welcome addition to my daily F1 reading. And now I see this contest. What can I say except I hope I win. Excellent site! Keep up the great work.

      1. Welcome Bayan, glad you’re enjoying it so far!

    56. Keith, great site and great competition. I know I should wait until after Friday free practice, but I am so exited, I can’t, so I added my guesses.

      Westcoast US, so Friday 3:00am, Saturday 3:00am, but Sunday race at 5:00am; not too bad.

      Question: will you create a ‘prediction result’ out of the total of entries for each race? Who has most pole mentions, 1st place mentions, etc.? Would be nice to see.

    57. I see the “Too Late – Prediction deadline passed” line on top of the entry form. Does it mean I cannot participate? I´d really like to!

      1. Next prediction deadline in 02d, 02h, 11m, 13s

      2. No idea why it says that for you – I can still see the countdown clock and so can Enigma, apparently. Tried refreshing the page?

        1. Yes, I refreshed it, turned it off, but it doesn´t work.

    58. Just for fun I did what I asked Keith: predict from our predictions.

      740 people had participated at the time of my calculations.

      25 out of the 26 drivers got at least one mention, only poor Karun Chandhok was not mentioned by any participant. DiGrassi got one first place mention!
      It is clear that several people voted with heart.

      Pole: HAM

      1st: ALO
      2nd: HAM
      3rd: MAS
      4th: VET
      5th: SCH

      3 people have these results as their prediction!

      Lets see how good this board is in predicting the outcome of the race!

      1. Can I just ask, how were you able to see the predictions before you had predicted?

        1. Hi Keith.

          I did my prediction, two days ago. Nickname: GerardMP. So I see the full list with all predictions. Maybe confused because I use two different email addresses?

    59. Keith, what about the people in outside the UK? I live in the south east asia region, can I get the prize without the delivery cost?

      1. Again, see the first comment.

    60. Would someone from outside the UK be flown out to enjoy the GP (If they win) or is this up to us? (I asked this question earlier but it was not answered.)

    61. 825 predictions so far. Wow!! This should be fun

    62. One idea for the tie breaker if all else ties would be to use submittal time. The only reason I bring this up now is that it might mean you need to add a timestamp field in the database, which you may already have.

      Anyway, just an idea. This will be my first time taking part in this competition. I’m already in the fantasyleaguef1….which is a blast. This should add to the enjoyment.


    63. KilledByDeath
      12th March 2010, 2:57

      Hope my name is unique :P

    64. Really like the new drop-down boxes to select instead of putting them in a post, very nice! I only entered once last year, i’ll be sure to do it every race this season.

    65. Keith, perhaps I’m asking too much, but…
      …could we have statistic of the most voted drivers for pole, win, etc., once the time for the entries has expired?

      Thank you very much for this!
      My scuderia has a modest target for this year: to get one copy of the Lotus history DVD (or at least a race winner print). That would be a great season indeed!

      I want to add that SalOOlas’ rear wing blowing device is utterly illegal, and should be banned accordingly!

      1. Oh… and his crystal ball, too!

      2. Lol! I’ll be doing predictions under a different nickname this year (that only few know). Don’t want people to score same points as me the whole year and then beat me in Abu Dhabi :)

    66. Craig A Thomson
      12th March 2010, 15:09

      Aaaaargh! I forgot there were 2 Nico’s and picked Hulkenberg instead of Rosberg.

    67. Is it possible to change the predictions one has made before the deadline or once done, they are set in stone?

    68. watch and learn guys , winning prediction just lodged :), i wish.

      1. You’re obviously talking about me :)

    69. I have a feeling I have pole wrong one. Actually for once I’m nto that confident I have them in the right order :P

    70. Nobody got the pole and first 5 places right.
      3 people did get the first 5 places right but not the pole.
      As for me, I got the podium right so I am happy!

    71. george ektoros
      16th March 2010, 10:10

      how do we check what points we have got and what we are coming in the comp,

    72. Why can’t I see what the others has predicted when I put a prediction?

    Comments are closed.