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Here’s today’s round-up:


Crunch Time For Brendon Hartley (Motor Sport Musings)

“Brendon Hartley still remains as the only Kiwi with the best shot at making a go of it in Formula 1, and this year could be make or break for the 21-year-old if he wants to realise his ambitions.”

Rely on the Red Bulls for a title tilt (The National)

Johnny Herbert on the decision to give Lewis Hamilton the black-and-white flag during the Malaysian Grand Prix – seems it wasn’t his call after all:

“Lewis Hamilton did well and had every right to be pleased with sixth. He did get a warning for dangerous driving, which I thought was interesting. I was on the board of race stewards in Malaysia as the drivers’ representative, but the decision to warn Hamilton did not come from us, it came from Charlie Whiting, the race director.

“The incident where he wove down the start-finish straight in front of the Renault of Vitaly Petrov divided opinion. In my view it would only have been dangerous or become an issue if Petrov had made a move and tried to overtake Lewis.

“But he didn’t and he followed Lewis from one side of the track to the other and made no attempt to pass him. It was a strange bit of driving and I think it got a reaction as we have not seen that kind of driving for a long time.

“As I said, I do not think there was anything wrong with it, but if it was an attempt to break the tow from his car to Petrov’s then it was unusual.”

Veyron Top Gear race faked? (Wheels 24)

Ron Dennis isn’t impressed by the Bugatti Veyron and suggests the ‘race’ between it and a McLaren F1 was rigged: “When we did the race in Abu Dhabi, we beat it off the line so many times that the film crew was getting frustrated because the outcome was supposed to be for the Bugatti to win. So we had to do that whole thing about ten times before it managed to get off the line cleanly and catch us up. Because every time they dropped the clutch it bogged down and we were gone.”

Update: Original source for the above article: Arabian Business

Comment of the day

Macahan isn’t convinced F1 keeps going to China because of its importance as a market for cars:

Considering that North America wasn’t "important" enough for FIA/FOM to keep on the calendar a few years back and this is a place that is huge in form of car sales and sponsors (Intel, AMD, HP, UST Global, Mobile 1, CNN, Texaco, Clear, Reuters, AT&T, 7-Eleven) to rack up what current and very recent past sponsors that have North American HQ that I can think of. So to me it just say that FIA/FOM don’t care where the races are based on where the sponsors are located or the markets the sponsors are interested in. Looking from Car manufactures consider that up until 09 US was the biggest Car market in the world and now surpassed by China this doesn’t seem to bare into account either.

If sponsor/car mfg sales location and interest would really be taken into account by FIA/FOM you wouldn’t expect to see North America to been completely without a race in 2009, and only 1 race in 08 and 10 (in Canada). You would think they would done anything and everything to ensure there was at least 1, 2 if not actually 3 races there.

So why would China count from sponsor deals, car manufacturer interest or general sponsor interest? Bernie does what Bernie wants and put races where he can suck money out of local government and organisers without heed to sponsor interest nor fans or else why do we still have Turkey on the calendar? And soon Korea when big China can’t even fill their grandstands.

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Happy birthday!

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On this day in F1

I say it at least once a week, but if only more F1 drivers were as frank as Mark Webber. He had this to say on this day in 2008 about the talents of Nelson Piquet Jnr and Kazuki Nakajima:

We have two drivers. Williams and Renault have only one.
Mark Webber

Two years later, neither of them are in F1 any more…

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55 comments on “F1 Fanatic round-up: 14/4/2010”

  1. Top Gear faked? Surely not!

    1. Suspicion of Top Gear… Outrage!

      1. Ned Flanders
        14th April 2010, 0:47

        I’ve stopped caring about Top Gear these days… the sooner it dies, the better

        1. i still like james may tho

        2. Caring? It’s just fun and nonsense!

          1. Only reason I watch because it’s funny and silly. As for serious and unbiased reporting nah then I would watch something else. Love their silly competitions they have against each others.

        3. Oh it definatley peaked, last two season where rubbish.

          1. East Londoner
            14th April 2010, 14:30

            Even me, a big Top gear fan, thinks that series 10 was when it peaked, and that all the other series after that have been short on ideas and consequently not as good as series 7-10.

        4. Its just a TV show, and an entertaining one at that. Lighten up people!

          1. Exactly Hallard, in fact I thought the Top Gear film crew openly admit they stage their ‘races’ so they are close, its only entertainment! I also seem to recall Clarkson laughing about some factual award they won on the show itself.

          2. @Invoke-

            I remember that too. In response to winning an award for best factual program or something, Clarkson facetiously remarked “absolutely nothing on this show is faked!”

  2. Top Gear staging part of their show? Surely not

    1. The Euro fighter one was definatley staged too, I know a lad who is in the forces. It took 3 attempts at slowing down the Typoon to make it ‘close’ to the Veryon. First time it went full afterburn and anhilated it!

  3. Ned Flanders
    14th April 2010, 0:41

    To be fair Webber wasn’t dismissing Piquet and Nakajima as much for their driving ability as their experience, as they were both rookies. And, ironically, Red Bull were effectively even more of a one car team in 2008, as DC was useless during his last season

    1. Indeed. By the end of the year: Piquet, 19 pts (only 2 less than Webber himself!), Nakajima, 9 pts, Coulthard, 8 pts. Oh, the irony…

      1. Webber’s comment was unnecessary in my opinion.

        If he said that about Montoya in 2006, he would have kidnapped him, put him in a bag, and thrown him in a ditch.

        Anyway, there have been times when Webber has been rubbish. I suggest that he just shuts up.

        1. I disagree. Formula 1 needs a bad boy. It’s just too bad its Skeletor Webber (Does that guy suck more and more fat out of his face each year or what?).

          Tennis started being lamer and more boring as soon as McEnroe retired. He made it more interesting even if the match was bad. Tennis is like basketball; fun to play, but unsatisfying to watch.

    2. Bit harsh to call him useless when he spent most of the time being punted off the track, particularly by Nakajima

  4. Ha! That Webber comment is great.

  5. Ned Flanders
    14th April 2010, 0:45

    Oh yeah, I’ve also found an F1 show on British radio station TalkSport, I think it’s 8pm on Sunday on every race weekend.

    From what I’ve heard of it so far it’s aimed more towards casual fans than us lot- I mean, one of the presenters is a retired footballer!- but Eddie Irvine is the guest each work so it’s probably worth a listen just to hear what Irv the Swerve has to say

    1. I was on that a couple of weeks ago – I mentioned it in the round-up!

  6. Well, that Dennis comment is interesting but apart from the fact that the cars are built do different things (the Veyron Championship would have rolling starts) Murray is always the most important opinion when it comes to car design.

    An he’s changed his mind a bit.

  7. Go Ron! haha, that was an amusing read,

    I am of the “Veyron is a brick, an ugly brick at that” clan, but it seems to me I am quite alone! ^^ I truly don’t understand…
    I’d much rather have a F512 M.

    Very insightful comment by Macahan…
    I still like the use of the Black and White flag, It should become mainstay I think…

    1. Polishboy808
      14th April 2010, 2:43

      Your not alone on the veyron thing. Its heavy and at the supercar experiance in the palm beachs i talked to the owner of one and he called his least liked, yet most exspensive car (he got his for 2.2 mil somehow, and it had the normal paintjob and all) and he only brought it “because its a bugatti”. Thats like buying ferrari because its a ferrari. Its truly only good for bragging rights because you’ll never pull off the full 256 on a normal track. Youd have more fun in a 500 on a track imo.

      1. Magnificent Geoffrey
        14th April 2010, 5:44

        If you want a car that goes fast – buy an American one.

        If you want a car that goes round corners – buy a European one.

        If you want a car that goes round corners…sideways – buy a Japanese one.

        1. If you want a car that does all 3 – Buy a Holden Monaro ^^

          But that might be blatantly biased….

          Actually, What I really want, Is a Pagani…..

          1. My brother just got rid of his Monaro and I already miss borrowing it ! Oh well..

        2. I want a car that’s pink, can fly and has missiles on its wings. I wouldn’t even use it. I’d just put it on the front lawn and say things like, “Oh, yeah that… got it off a guy in a game of Texas Hold’em.”

    2. I agree Mike, it’s an ugly brick to me too.

    3. Im with you on the Veyron’s aesthetics. It certainly isnt pretty. Like a locomotive sculpted from cold lard. I do however, have enormous respect for the engineering that went into it and it has a lot of gorgeous little detail work. It just seems so antiseptic compared to many other supercars, and something like a lowly lotus or caterham or porsche just seems like much more fun to drive. Not like I know from experience though…

  8. Mark Webber, thumbs up for him…

  9. You’re not alone Mike – I would rather have a Spider – but until then I’ll make do with my BMW.

    1. I’d rather have a Cerbera, but until then I’ll do with bus and bicycle.

      1. I’m in the same boat mate, can draw some comparisons though my bike often gets bogged down at the lights also :) easier on fuel though.

  10. “Because every time they dropped the clutch it bogged down and we were gone.”

    The same thing happened on the show the Mclaren accelerated like a bullet.I wonder what reaction will this bring in Top Gear

    1. Clarkson will probably start talking in a nasally convoluted manner, just to make fun of Ron Dennis and Ronspeak…

      1. I’d actually prefer that to him constantly over-emphasising the last three words IN EVERY SENTENCE. Worse yet, the other two have copied this speech pattern :(

  11. Sure the Veyrons driver may have bogged it down at the start, but the figures of the Veyron are faster in all 0- times. Even the 1/4 is faster. Everyone loves the Mclaren F1, its still the fastest naturally aspirated car. But it doesnt accelerate faster than the Veyron.

  12. Keith, RSS doesn’t seem to be working. In last 12 hours I haven’t gotten anything in my google reader, and I’m subscribed to news and comments.

    1. Thanks for letting me know. This seems to be a problem with Feedburner, I’m looking into it.

  13. Lol Webber, so true, thumbs up

  14. Top gear also got into trouble for faking the Tesla electric sports car.
    Apparently diagnostics showed it never dipped below 30% charge, yet the faked it running out of juice.

    1. how is that even possible? surely it could run out of battery. but they’ve probs got a dynamo i guess…

  15. So they hire former race drivers onto the stewards panel, and then just go straight over their heads to Charlie Whiting… knew it was too good to be true.

  16. Of course they Veyron will bog down if the start isn’t perfect – it’s four wheel drive. Getting a good start is much easier with a two wheel drive car. Now I’m really not a fan of Top Gear anymore, but you have to say that redoing it until both cars got off the line well was the fair thing to do. It still doesn’t bode well for the Bugatti though, cos in the real world you don’t get 10 attempts!

  17. True words from Webber :)

  18. COTD thank you Keith (that now makes 2.. sweet =) )

  19. Keith think it would be possible to maybe store a cookie or something with last visit date/time and have indication on the comments which comments have been added since last cookie visit date/time? This would make it easier to see new comments between visits and not have to re-read all comments =)

    1. You can do that with RSS (when Keith fixes it). You can subscribe to all comments from this website, or to all comments from a certain post.

    2. You can do that with RSS (when Keith fixes it). You can subscribe to all comments from this website, or to all comments from a certain post. You even have the “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.”

  20. That article about Top Gear is nonsense. They would never fake anything! They hold themselves to very high standards! ( Additionally, how is restarting the race until both cars get a clean start faking it? I SAY, It was just giving them a fair and clean start! )

    1. Never fake anything??
      I worked in TV for 6 years and every show I ever had the slightest touch on faked just about everything they could.
      Do you think those races between planes trains and automobiles on Top Gear aren’t fixed? Oh come on. Why do you think when they did the car, bike & boat across London the Stig took a really dumb public transport route, and the race was started at a time that would force him to wait for a bus to try and even it up.

  21. webber…….typical aussie, say’s it as it is…

  22. Fixed gear bikes are awesome, but they are not for everyone.

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