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Another weekend to forget for Williams who failed to score in Shanghai.

Rubens BarrichelloNico H?‚??lkenberg
Qualifying position1116
Qualifying time comparison (Q2)1’35.748 (-0.899)1’36.647
Race position1215
Average race lap1’55.461 (-2.385)1’57.846
Pit stops46
Chinese Grand Prix lap times: Williams
Chinese Grand Prix lap times: Williams (click to enlarge)

Rubens Barrichello

Nearly made it into Q3 at the expense of Michael Schumacher, Barrichello missed the cut by hundredths of a second.

But poor strategy put paid to any hopes of a points finish on race day.

Compare Rubens Barrichello’s form against his team mate in 2010

Nico H?‚??lkenberg

Qualified a long way behind his team mate and his race went to pot with a series of bad calls.

But the lap time chart shows some cause for optimism – his race pace compared well with Barrichello’s and his best lap was one second faster than his team mate’s.

Compare Nico H?‚??lkenberg’s form against his team mate in 2010

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6 comments on “Chinese GP team-by-team: Williams”

  1. I’m surprised how “poorly” Nico is doing compared to Rubens and in general being behind Petrov in the current standings. Consider how well he drove in GP2 I had higher expectations of him but so far not materialized.

    1. It’s not as if rubens is a slouch! It takes quite a driver to amass over 10 wins.

    2. Well he’s not doing that bad. He was in fact a lot better than Rubens already the previous race.

      The comparison with Petrov is very unfair, they drive different cars, that renault is a lot better than the Williams at this point. Considering Gp2 has more equality in their cars we all know who the better driver is. The’re the best cosworth team so far but they do lack a LOT of pace.

      This race has to be one of Nico’s worst races ever I think. He pitted 6 times in that terrible car under horrible conditions. and he didn’t do well in qualifying either. You’d expect Rubens to do better given the circumstances though, the guy is the most experienced driver ever to walk the grid. He didn’t stand a chance either. The difference is a little bit too much in this race. Williams really need to get their act together or give up on this season and start developping the 2011 car. Anyway 3-1 Rubens!

      1. H√ľlkenberg did drive the fastest lap of the 2 btw.

  2. Wish Williams new what a strategy was.

  3. Prisoner Monkeys
    20th April 2010, 14:09

    Who the hell were this team, and what did they do with the real Williams?

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