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Ferrari weren’t the only team testing in Viarano last week – Toro Rosso also conducted an aerodynamic test at the Italian circuit.

Sebastien Buemi was at the wheel, evaluating new parts for use later in the season:

The aim was a bit more long-term, looking at developments for a bit later in the season. The main objective was to validate some of our research work, to see if the track produced the same results and data as we have seen in the wind tunnel. It went very well, which with only four aero tests permitted during the year, was very important and the team was pleased with the results we obtained. Now, the engineers have to analyse all the data thoroughly to ensure we move forward in the right direction.
Sebastien Buemi

The team will bring updates for the STR5 at Barcelona and team boss Franz Tost has set the target of getting at least one car in the top ten in qualifying:

Our technical department is working very hard and we will deliver some updates over the forthcoming races and I believe we can step up in terms of our performance level. Specifically for the Spanish Grand Prix, we will introduce new brake ducts and a new engine cover. In the last couple of races we already saw an improvement in our package, so in Barcelona, I would hope that if we do everything perfectly, we could get at least one driver through into Qualifying 3 for the first time this season, or if not, then at least very close to tenth on the grid, so that more points has to be a realistic target for us this weekend.
Franz Tost

Tost paid tribute to Jaime Alguersuari’s progress in 2010 and added that Buemi would have done better so far had he not been caught up in other people’s accidents.

[Alguersuari] has made a great step forward from when he competed in the second half of last season. In that time, he discovered how much he had to learn and the level of commitment required to become a successful Formula 1 driver. He was clever enough to understand this and therefore he put himself through a very intensive and disciplined testing and physical training programme and everyone in the team is impressed by his progress, so we expect him to deliver very good race results at some point this year.

Sebastien?s performance this year has been much better than the results would indicate. Apart from at the opening round in Bahrain, every race has seen him involved in accidents not of his own making: twice with Kobayashi and in China with Liuzzi. I have absolutely no doubt he will deliver some very good results soon.
Franz Tost

Buemi echoed Tost’s thoughts about the car’s potential:

I believe in terms of theoretical pace, the car is certainly capable of putting us just outside the top ten, making us the sixth team, whereas currently we are eighth in the championship. We have had difficulties, but on a positive note the car is definitely competitive and I am reasonably confident that in the coming races we will be able to score points. Not only does the car show potential, but also the team is working very hard and doing a good job. You also need a bit of luck in Formula 1, so I hope this is the weekend when my luck will change for the better and I can have a trouble-free weekend, with a good result waiting at the end of it.

In the past, in other formulas, I?ve had some poor starts, but in terms of experiencing bad luck and suffering from a few technical problems, I cannot remember one quite as tough as this, so it?s a case of there being a first time for everything! The first four races have been very difficult to deal with, especially when in three of them I have been knocked out by other drivers? accidents. Therefore I hope Barcelona will be a turning point with an improvement in my situation.
Sebastien Buemi

Jaime Alguersuari drove at Valencia last year but this will be his first home event at the Circuit de Catalunya. He’s expecting to get a boost from the home crowd, who also have Fernando Alonso and Pedro de la Rosa to cheer this year:

Yes, because every time I have raced here it is has been special as it is my home track and there is plenty of support for me, making for a great atmosphere. This will be the first time I race in the Spanish Grand Prix and I expect there will be a lot of my friends and fans coming to watch, also because there are several Spanish drivers on the grid this year. One important factor is that this is the first track of the season I have driven on before, so that should make life easier for me.

As a home race, all the support from the fans will make a slight difference, in the same way that football teams have an advantage playing a home match. But in the way we will go about doing our work, it will be the same as all the others.
Jaime Alguersuari

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7 comments on “Toro Rosso also conduct Vairano test”

  1. I am pretty much impressed by Jaime. Buemi needs some luck in getting through the first lap.
    Nice to see, that Torro Rosso are able to build a pretty decent car, but the basis of that was the RB5 from last year, so not that big a suprise.

    1. if it wasn’t for bad luck Buemi wouldn’t had any this year. Poor guy. Must be heart wrenching to not be able to turn a lap and get knocked out like that from behind by no fault of your own. Another front wing failure from Sauber and I feel they need to be seriously inspected for safety. Unsure why this not been done already. In the past FIA been quick to inspect cars that had strange structural failures. Or where they inspected in China? Talks about STR and RBR being unreliable and fragile cars is nothing compared to Sauber this year. Must be the worst car even worse then HRT maybe only Virgin might be worse of then Sauber.

  2. What about the testing ban then, I’ve obviously missed something here…?

    1. Thwy’re allowed to do some straight-line tests

  3. STRFerrari4Ever
    3rd May 2010, 20:12

    Some positive news coming from the Toro Rosso camp if they feel they can break into Q3 then that’s fantastic and makes me feel very positive about the upcoming races. I hope that Buemi doesn’t get punted out of the race early on so he can have a decent race so we can see how him & Alguersuari compare.

    1. Robert McKay
      4th May 2010, 15:37

      I hope they can actually break into Q3.

      Quali has rather started to fall into a pattern of recent times, and is not quite providing the spectacle it did last season.

      Q1 sees 6 cars nailed on to drop out, in normal weather, so the only real interest is in which unfortunate established runner is the big loser.

      And Q3 has rather straighforwardly boiled down to the top 4 teams plus Kubica and Sutil, rather meaning that the Q2 guys are mostly straightforward to predict.

      Really needs some of the new teams taking a bit of a step to close up on the back of the established teams and some of the midfield hassling Renault/FI a bit more.

  4. I’ve been quietly impressed with Torro Rosso’s drivers this year and hope the updates work well for them. I realy want them to do well…

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