Spanish Grand Prix practice in pictures

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Nico Rosberg tests Mercedes' new air intake

The F1 cars hit the track in Barcelona bristling with new updates and a few new sponsors too.

Have a look at how all the teams’ cars have changed below.

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    Images (C) Ferrari spa, Bridgestone/Ercole Colombo,, Getty Images/Red Bull, Force India F1 Team, BMW Sauber F1 Team

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    33 comments on “Spanish Grand Prix practice in pictures”

    1. Marc Connell
      7th May 2010, 16:16

      few of these are on my desktop background :)

    2. Can’t believe Sauber are sponsored by BK. Who doesn’t know about BK already and you can hardly even see the logo on track.

      1. Sush Meerkat
        7th May 2010, 16:47

        More importantly for sponsorship association will my double whopper with cheese suddenly explode in a shower of carbon fibre when I bite into it.

        1. Sush Meerkat
          7th May 2010, 16:49

          I could go on… so I will!…

          Will my meal run out of condiments long before I’m done with it?

          Will I need to change cups because it made my coke go flat …

          OK I’m done with the rubbish jokes now, promise.

          1. It makes sense, after all most of Saubers engines have been flame grilled this year :p

            I’ll get my coat………

            1. I enjoyed that ;)

      2. maybe mac donalds could sponsor hispania.
        promoting FAST food!

        1. Sush Meerkat
          7th May 2010, 17:01

          Ouch Sato, just ouch!.

          That would be enough to give Bernie a Heart attack, “KFC, proud sponsors of the Monte Carlo GP.”

      3. lets hope doctors dont condone fast food sponsors aswell as tobacco ones! :)

        1. oh sato113 “claps” QUOTE OF THE DAY PLZ KEITH.

          I sure did chuckle on that.

      4. Best. Sponsorship. Ever.

    3. Ned Flanders
      7th May 2010, 16:51

      Do my eyes deceive me or have Hispania changed their livery already? It looks black now but it used to be grey?

      1. They’ve got rid of the white bits and replaced them with more red. Don’t know if the shade of grey has changed though.

        1. Have to say, this new F110 looks excellent! A red stripe does wonders on a racing car, apparently :D

      2. I noticed the change as well. More red and the spanish flag looks better this way.

        makes the car look better immediately. I am curious, weather Klein can really help them get started with developing the car.

    4. Sush Meerkat
      7th May 2010, 16:51

      Speaking of dodgy sponsorship, isn’t Button sponsored by Johnny Walker Whiskey?, that just screams “get drunk and race” to me.

      Also the Ferrari drivers outfits, sorry I don’t care what Luca says, his drivers look like walking ciggarette packets to me.

    5. can anyone take a guess at how ferrari’s f-duct works? seems like it’s just a simple tube…

    6. How about Barrichello, Keith?

      He was in the practice, but nobody said a single word about him. Neither a photograph…

      1. By the way, awesome pictures! Congratulations!

    7. the ferraris look just awful now, wish they would get rid of that white box or even stick a socking great white santander sign on the side, would look much better.

      1. johnno, I’ve got to agree with you… it looks awful.

    8. Why does Kova’s Lotus look like it’s on fire? :O

    9. The Mercedes looks a lot better to me all of a sudden, especially from the side-view. Sleeker.

    10. tomforpresident
      7th May 2010, 17:52

      no shots of timo’s “limo”?

      (i may have double posted if so sorry)

    11. Great pictures. Adrian Newey continues to surprise and delight with his innovations…

    12. more kubica pics please :)

    13. Super photo of Kova on the Lotus, with the post-combustion fire ! Superb $$$

    14. are that unicef stickers on alonso’s arms new?

    15. Ferrari have removed the barcode from there cars, but not the car behind alonso ;)

    16. David Smith
      7th May 2010, 23:46

      That red box on the ferrari well!!is that the best maranello’s finest could come up with… Keith can you do a competition see who can come up with a better solution?
      Sauber had better watch it promoting fast food the doctors will be after them next!!!

    17. Prisoner Monkeys
      8th May 2010, 1:36

      I notice Hispania have removed the white from their livery. The all-graphite design with orange and yellow streaks looks awesome.

    18. Seems McLaren has a redecorated Garage interior as well. Did you see anything while visition Barcelona Keith?

      I got it from their press releases

      Vodafone McLaren Mercedes’ brand new garage has been optimised to create the most effective and efficient operational environment.

      The result of the re-design is the most integrated garage environment ever. It falls into line with team principal Martin Whitmarsh’s ambition to improve performance in everything the team does.

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