Vettel up to third behind McLarens – full championship points

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Drivers’ championship standings

1Lewis Hamilton127
2Jenson Button121
3Sebastian Vettel115
4Mark Webber103
5Fernando Alonso98
6Robert Kubica83
7Nico Rosberg75
8Felipe Massa67
9Michael Schumacher34
10Adrian Sutil31
11Rubens Barrichello19
12Vitantonio Liuzzi12
13Sebastien Buemi7
14Kamui Kobayashi7
15Vitaly Petrov6
16Jaime Alguersuari3
17Nico H???lkenberg1
=18Timo Glock0
=18Pedro de la Rosa0
=18Lucas di Grassi0
=18Karun Chandhok0
=18Jarno Trulli0
=18Heikki Kovalainen0
=18Bruno Senna0

Constructors’ championship standings

2Red Bull218
6Force India43
8Toro Rosso10

Update following the penalties handed to ten drivers.

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    16 comments on “Vettel up to third behind McLarens – full championship points”

    1. Hamilton doubles his lead.

      2 wins for Hamilton, Button, Vettel & Webber.

      1. DNF: 2 Vettel, 1 Lewis, Button & Webber

      2. Haha doubles his lead to a full 6 points! even with the old points system its not much of a lead – very close championship, very exciting!

    2. How Vettel survived ! Survived a Lewis Hamilton assault, with that grid penalty

      1. He didn’t survive much really. It’s clear he was just controlling his pace at the end. Shame we never got to have a close finale.

        1. What makes me sad is that Lewis was told to save fuel for an attack later on. All teams should have to run with enough fuel that they can run on the max settings for the whole race – surely that would make races closer and more exciting than gimmicky tech.

    3. Just wondering.. is HRT the “first” of all the new teams, doesn’t highest finish, despite the non-points score determine the 10th place team?

      1. It certainly does regarding the money as was pointed out in recent articles, but I’m not sure about the official FIA championship, I suspect only points count there…. Keith do you know the official position?

    4. Can we finally admit Petrov is useless?

      1. That’s a bit harsh,

        Personally I think the guy with the most potential out there is Hulkenburg, He just doesn’t have any luck though.

        1. Agreed, think theres a few to point the finger at before him.

    5. How oh how is Alonso still within touching distance!
      I feel the odd win along with reliabilty will win you the title this year.

      1. What a funny thing to say… the Aus commentators surely told me that it’s only between the top four now.

        The favouritism is really, really annoying, even more annoying than me posting this, 2, or 6 times. how can alonso be out of the running, yet Webber is still in?

        I really hate a lot of these commentators.

        1. As do I. They sound like a bunch of alcoholics.

    6. A shout-out to good ol’ Kamui Kobayashi. Many people thought that his ’09 run was just pure luck, but today, he proved all of us wrong. I wonder what the future has in store for him, as his future was in doubt two months ago. Loved the pass on Alonso then Buemi, and I think Koby might end up better than Taku Sato.

      On that note, great race from Barry, who, despite everyone saying his ship has sailed away from F1, he steered it back to his winning venue on a Cosworth-powered cat.

      Great job to Kamui and Rubens.

      1. Lol “Barry”

        Actually, you just raised a point I hadn’t considered, that’s a Cosworth on the pace!

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