Vettel: Suzuka is “made for our car”

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Sebastian Vettel said that Suzuka was “made for” his Red Bull car after taking pole position for the Japanese Grand Prix.

Speaking in the post-race press conference he said:

The last two races were a little bit difficult for us but all in all I think we could improve the performance of the car so we came here with quite some confidence.

Obviously this track is kind of made for us, especially the first sector. Not too many straights, which we do like, so all in all, after the confusion yesterday with the weather and the horrible conditions it’s good that the sun came out.

A great start to the day but the most important part is yet to come.
Sebastian Vettel

He expects to have good pace in the race as well based on the running he did on Friday:

It’s a new situation for most of us to do both qualifying and the race on one day so it’s a tough day. But I had a good sleep last night and I’m hoping for the same result as last year.

As I said the car is really fantastic around here and I think the running on Friday was very useful. I had quite a good, long run so I’m confident for the race. The start should be fine, I’m starting from the clean side, so we’ll see.
Sebastian Vettel

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    4 comments on “Vettel: Suzuka is “made for our car””

    1. lets see if its a fully dry race and redbull’s starts. im praying they r slow off the line so the hardest drivers; Kubica and Alonso can get past. i just really want Alonso to finish ahead of Webber, a win is great!

    2. Hope Webber will win this race! Hes fast and I dont think Alonso or Kubica can challenge their pace! Go Aussie

    3. This race may starts his comeback for the WT.

    4. Too bad for him the last two tracks are made for Ferrari.

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