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What did you think of the Korean Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

Rate the 2010 Korean Grand Prix out of ten

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    215 comments on “Rate the race: Korea”

    1. 8/10 – Apart from that tedious opening with 20 laps of the SC, that was an extremely entertaining and nailbiting first grand prix for Korea, as well keeping the championship open. Definitely a future classic track, especially if it rains like it did today.

      1. Ditto. Without the delay and Safety Car bits it would have been a 10 in my book, really exciting to watch. But the safety car just knocks a couple of points off.

        If I was rating the BBC’s coverage too, it’d loose a couple more points. Who the **** decided to switch to BBC2? Had it been football, it would have stayed on BBC1 and to hell with anything else, but F1 is not important enough. All this meant the Sky+ didn’t pick up the ‘2nd half’ on BBC2, which meant I had to go looking for it on iPlayer, and it wasn’t there till the rerun was already half way through! AARGH!

        But, yeah, the race was really good :)

    2. great race, but i’m giving it a 1.

      The ridiculous politics at the beginning of the race ruined the fantastic racing at the end. F1 shouldn’t be full of whinging drivers. Super unimpressed by Button.

      Top 4 deserved their positions

      1. F1 Fanatic holds polls on each race to find out which fans thought were the best and worst races during a season. Please vote based on how entertaining and exciting you thought the race was, not on how your preferred driver or team performed.

        Thanks for nothing, sw6569.

        1. And I, Dave, as a fan, thought the first half of the ‘race’ was a complete farce.

          I am perfectly aware of how the system of voting works. Its my opinion, respect it and i’ll respect yours.

          It affected my rating because I, as a fan, was appalled by the way the politics affected the racing. It was bordering on Indianapolis levels. Thats my justification.

          There was no real overtaking either in the race after the safety cars – it was drivers going off the road and being passed. The circuit was poor and the result decided by an engine failure rather than actual racing. I’m no red bull fan either.

          1. William Wilgus
            24th October 2010, 15:17

            Almost totally agree. However, who can say that Alonso would not have given Vettel a run for his money in the last laps?

      2. “great race, but i’m giving it a 1.”


      3. It won’t affect my rating, but I agree. I was convinced the race was going to be delayed to the extent of having to award half-points, at one time I even thought it might just finish in grid order.

      4. sw6569, maybe you should try driving at 320kph between concentrete walls in pouring rain, on a half built track and I’m sure you would also bloody winge.

        1. Not if I was paid $40 million dollars to do it.

          1. Cheers Mike.

            Being an F1 driver is most peoples (mine included) dream. Brundle said he’d drive it, I certainly would even though i’d be terrible.

            It was all politics.

            1. Agreed sw6569, the courage and skill it takes to succeed in a race like todays is what sets F1 apart from other motorsport. I gave the race a 9 but the whinging and politics today were awful.

    3. Barring the crashes and incidents, not much actually happened. The wait really wasn’t fun, either.

      1. Pedro Andrade
        24th October 2010, 10:42

        Agree, I think people are over-rating this race. The wait for the start was too long, there was little overtaking (a rare sight in wet races, it looked like everyone was afraid to make a move), the field became spread too quickly, some nice crashes, and the only real positive was the Red Bull drama.

        So: 4/10 for the race itself, 7/10 for the drama – 5/10 overall

        1. Even though I did not get to see the full race even now (I was away and saw only race incidents on the internet), from what I read here, it was a great race by all accounts.

          I think I must quote my wife here (she does not watch F1 regularly, although she occasionally stays with me during the race, while also doing some work preparations and had a soft spot for Hamiltion in 2007), as she stayed awake through all of it early on sunday morning:

          It was great, Webber crashed, Alonso passed Hamilton, then Vettel asked for the race to be stopped and was punished by having his engine go bang, it was full of action and exiting till the end.

      2. Completely agree with Kevin here. The race was actually poor the more I think about it. The result, however, was exciting.

      3. Yeah I think people is over-rating the race because the drama.

        I’m particularly quite happy with the result, but the race was bit dull. We loose the opportunity to watch a wet start, we have to follow 17 laps under SC…

        1. Ahm, isn’t the drama what makes it a great race in the first place?

          What should you rate if not the drama, cars going through beautifull countryside at great speeds (like Suzuka) or the great looking cities of Monaco or Singapore at night?

      4. Hahaha, your comment is like saying: “barring what happened, nothing else happened”. Well… duh!

        1. i think Kevin should be a football commentator…. If it wasn’t for those 3 goals it would have been 0-0…. lol

          1. Sounds like Legard; “and thats not what he would’ve wanted at all” after most occasions that someone has gone off the road or had a slow pit stop. Well duh.
            On the Andrew Benson blog though I’ve heard Murray say the same during an old race.

            1. Unfortunately, those are the rare occasions he actually gets it right though!

    4. Rain ruined what could have been an exciting race. Boring wait to start, and very poor commentating on the BBC. If you like lots of crashes then it might be your thing, but I prefer to see racing.

      1. The only thing that stopped it from being a 10 in my opinion was the ridiculous amount of crashes.

    5. Fantastic Track. Fantastic Race. I’d give it a 10 but it drops to 9 because freddy won!

      1. JUst wanted to add that Legard was the worst he’s ever been today. Give me his job!

        1. yeah for about two laps he thought button was in front of lewis! What an idiot

        2. He was about 2 minutes late to Rosberg overtaking Hamilton. I noticed it as did Brundle as it happened, then two laps later, “AAAAND HAMILTOON HAS BEEEN OVERTAKEN!!!” First, stop shouting, secondly, keep up.

          1. Much as i agree with the Legard comments, in that he’s bad & not about today (i listen to 5live) theres an alternative of the REDbutton for David Croft on 5live. We’ve had this option 2 years now, so i dont understand why people keep going on about legard.

            Great Race though, well worth waiting through the 1hr before it actually got going. Aside from said delay, a great advert for the sport in S.Korea and probably the best introduction F1 could have wished for.

            1. Why would I want to listen to radio commentary? It’s completely different! They should just get a decent commentator like James Allen.

            2. decent commentator

              James Allen

              DOES NOT COMPUTE.

            3. Better than Legard. Lets Brundle speak. TBH Brundle would do a fantastic job on his own with DC as his assistant.

            4. the problem with the red button during the race is the constant news reports, and the interruptions from other sports (depending on the time of day the race is shown)

            5. Red button’s not perfect – can’t do it easily on the online streaming, and I don’t think it’s as good as everyone makes out. Whilst Croft and Davidson are good for technical insights, they just don’t have the charisma and flow needed – and also misses the quality Martin Brundle.

            6. Megawatt_Herring
              24th October 2010, 20:19

              I listened to 5live for the first time today and although the news bulletins are a bit annoying I find it much better than Legard, might go and watch it on the iplayer to see what Legard said.

    6. I gave it a nine! Really, this race has lived up to all expectations and this has been one of the best weekends of the year. And it has tightened up the championship nicely… I feel very sorry for Vitaly Petrov though. :( Maybe the best race of the year!

      1. Lords I was crushed with Vitaly’s crash, especially considering how well he was doing. He had managed on inters better than the rest that had made the tire change early on & it had paid off for him. That accident very nearly ruined the race for me. :(

    7. Need to think about this one. Would be a 7 or 8 but I feel like taking off points for the joke of a start imo. Maybe thats more drivers like Alonso’s comments that caused the non start though. Hmmm tricky

      1. I found the radio politics hilarious today! You knew exactly who was going to say what! Maybe Red Bull knew Vettels engine was on its way out and that’s where the “too dark” politics started!

        1. That’s exactly what I said as soon as his engine let go. “No wonder he wanted the race red-flagged….”

          I did wonder, for a moment, whether Seb would naughtily park his car somewhere inaccessible in the hope of causing the race to be stopped. He’s done daft things like that before (such as trying to continue with a wrecked car in Australia last year). But he sportingly pulled up next to a gap in the fence, so credit to him.

          1. I think the engine definitely surprised them actually. But I do agree they wanted the race over ASAP as they were worried about tyres, and the pressure Alonso was bringing.

            It’s interesting that Horner said they have plenty more used engines. Based on that used engine’s performance I would be very worried if I was RedBull.

            Am I right in recalling that Ferrari were allowed to alter their engine earlier in the season? I have to wonder if they weren’t allowed (by all the teams to do so) if they might be more worried than they must be now about their engines too.

            Overall credit to the organisers at pushing the race to full distance and avoiding the predictable cries from Ferrari and Mclaren fans that they weren’t given a shot at pressuring the various leaders home.

    8. UneedAFinn2Win
      24th October 2010, 10:07

      What a season.

      That’s what, 8:th championship lead change ?


    9. 6/10

      Alonso won, so I instantly took two points off.

      1. Lmao, you must hate him more than I do! I only deducted 1 for that! At least the championship has closed up though eh?

        1. But he did win on his own, and he had to pass a car before doing so (getting back in front of Hamilton).

      2. LOL, i am with you there.

      3. Thats really lame, to rate the race lower because of who won. I dislike Lewis but when he won in Spa I didn’t care cause the race entertained me.

        1. Thats your opinion.

          1. I rate the races lewis wins as poor, so it all evens out :)

          2. Read the poll instructions and realise his opinion is also a fact.

      4. Errrr….. the poll clearly says: “Please vote based on how entertaining and exciting you thought the race was, not on how your preferred driver or team performed.”

        But anyway, I guess it’s unavoidable to be emotional about it. I guess the result also influenced my vote :)

        1. Alonso isn’t my prefered driver, so I voted within the rules *smug fae*

        2. “Please vote based on how entertaining and exciting you thought the race was, not on how your preferred driver or team performed.”
          I find that the relative success or failure of my favourite/least favourite teams and drivers is a major factor in how exciting or entertaining I find the race to be.

          1. Actually I think the race would have been far less exiting to me, had it been a Webber, Vettel 1-2 in the end, effectively sealing the WDC and WCC titles here, no matter how exiting a race it would have been.

      5. Oh would you look at baww baww McButthurt here

      6. PM gets the Troll of the day award.

        I hated the result in Belgium it ruined my day, Alonso out and Hamilton won it was a nightmare. But I gave it 9/10 because it was brilliant race from start to finish. To rate a race based on whether you’re favourite driver won is pretty childish. As Keith says:

        Please vote based on how entertaining and exciting you thought the race was, not on how your preferred driver or team performed.

        1. To be completely fair, seeing the weather when I switched on this morning I thought, “Oh no, did I get up at 6am just to watch McLaren win?” I don’t enjoy races so much if drivers/teams I dislike do well. Not pleasant, but human nature to some extent I guess.

          Sometimes it is hard to be dispassionate, at least PM is admitting it!

          1. I know what you mean I had exactly the same thoughts when I got up my enjoyment of a race is nearly entirely based on whether I like the result. But in this people should try and vote as objectively as they can on how entertaining the race was in this poll or it becomes pretty pointless.

        2. PM gets the Troll of the day award.

          And you fell for it. Sometimes I fall for it too, which is why I say, if you don’t like trolls don’t feed them!

          1. Oh, and sometimes it’s easy to fall into behaving like a troll too. I did yesterday with Red Andy and felt quite stupid about it after…

            In this case PM is just winding you up :)

            1. Apology accepted. ;)

          2. PM gets the Troll of the day award.

            I thought the guy on the forum asking who the biggest boner was got that award.

        3. I’m not trolling. All I’m doing is expressing my opinion: that Alonso’s victory cheapened the race because it puts him in a championship position that I feel he has no right to. How you want to interpret that is entirely up to you.

          And as I said, I find the relative success or failure of my favourite and least favourite teams and drivers to be the single biggest factor in determining how exciting or entertaining I find a race to be.

          1. And as I said, I find the relative success or failure of my favourite and least favourite teams and drivers to be the single biggest factor in determining how exciting or entertaining I find a race to be.

            Which is exactly what I ask people not to do. You always have the option of not participating. Frankly I’d rather you did that otherwise you’re spoiling the whole thing and I might as well just put up a “who is your favourite driver” poll after every race.

            1. It’s a question of degree, though isn’t it? We’re all to some degree influenced by the performances of drivers we like and dislike in how we feel about each race. Of course, the more people are honest about it (with themselves) the less it’ll end up influencing their judgment.

              You just have to look at the result of today’s poll so far. Other than people being happy that both RedBulls didn’t score, I don’t much understand how people are giving this race anything more than a 6, maybe with gusts up to a very generous 7.

            2. Dont be concerned, outliers cannot spoil the poll since they are statistically insignificant because of their number (too few) and also because they compensate each other at both sides of the distribution… ;-)

            3. Which is exactly what I ask people not to do. You always have the option of not participating. Frankly I’d rather you did that otherwise you’re spoiling the whole thing and I might as well just put up a “who is your favourite driver” poll after every race.

              Sorry, Keith, but I disagree on this – you can’t tell me that the success of a favoured driver doesn’t at least influence the entertainment factor, especially for the most-passionate fans. Look at the 2008 European Grand Prix, when Fernando Alonso retired on the first lap. All the Spanish fans left the circuit after that. Or any Italian Grand Prix; if the two Ferraris retired in the first five laps, would the tifiosi enjoy the race?

              Races can be exciting and entertaining, but do you think fans get as involved in it when their favourite drivers aren’t in the thick of it?

            4. I’m not saying it doesn’t and I didn’t create the website for people whose interest in motor racing is so shallow they turn off when their favourite driver isn’t winning.

              A recurring theme in recent years is the quality of racing in F1 and the idea behind this series was to make some informed conclusions about what makes an entertaining race. Hence the request to rate it on its own merit, not on how particular people performed.

            5. If all the cars were painted black perhaps then we would have an honest pole result.

              It is a waste of time having this pole if the voter marks the race down just because their favourite driver didn’t win.

              Alonso isn’t my favourite driver,but he drove one h**l of a good solid race,hats off to the man,he deserved the win.

    10. MercedesBeanz
      24th October 2010, 10:08

      Natural justice for Red Bull and their flexible wings! Great race 9/10

      Fantastic drives from Alonso and Lewis: Lewis 2nd Jenson 12th, that says a lot about the Mclaren pace; only in the hands of Lewis could it be where its :)

    11. Charlie whitting shouldn’t delay the race more than 15minutes as we can see the cars can slowly clear the water on the track. almost an hour delay makes me sleepy and the drivers too must stop whining and get on with the race. what’s the point if the teams pays them multi million dollars when they so afraid to go out there and race

      if the race start sooner we can see much more exciting race.

      6/10 from me.

    12. Great race – the real racers came to the fore, Button did nothing but moan, Finishing 12 in a McLaren while your team mate fights for the podium positions? not acceptable.

      As a Hamilton fan i have to say great drive by Alonso, I think the fight is really between the 2 best RACERS Hammy and Alonso. Red bull will Qualify well but the race & title is Alonso & Ferraris to lose

    13. And doesnt it remain the case that no one has won a race while leading the championship? What a season.

    14. SIX for me, good middle of the race but it should of started 15 – 20 minutes earlier.

      The mid-field battles were that best bit for me.

    15. 9/10. Apart from the 1 hour delay (and the lost sleep this morning), it was a great race full of action.

      I can’t understand Sutil, it was like he was possessed by Sato’s spirit – he was a total Kamikaze.

      1. I can’t understand Sutil, it was like he was possessed by Sato’s spirit – he was a total Kamikaze.

        Which is even more odd considering that Sutil does have a history of excelling himself in wet conditions. Remember that time he topped the timing sheets in Monaco while driving a Spyker?

        I can only theorise that Michael Schumacher is an evil scientist who has been sucking the talent out of other drivers to fuel his comeback bid.

        1. Apparently he had some brake problems but if he was just going to keep running into everyone he should have retired.

        2. “Which is even more odd considering that Sutil does have a history of excelling himself in wet conditions”

          True but he does have a history of crashing as well, I guess today he combined the two

        3. @PM.Yes well it takes one to know one,ie. if you do have a BSc?

    16. Ron in Michigan
      24th October 2010, 10:13

      I voted a, on the sheer fact that i just watched 5 hours and 10 minutes (and running) of F1. As an F1 fan it really doesn’t get any better.

      Ok, if Hamilton had won it would’ve been better.

      1. Ron in Michigan
        24th October 2010, 10:14

        forgot to add i voted a 10.

    17. Hard for me to vote objectively seeing how front-row lockout converted to 0 points.

      5 for the several pieces of action. Good drive by the top 4. Tedious wait and unreasonable SC period. Most passes missed on coverage. Overtakes mostly due to driver errors. Dirty dirty cars.

      1. actually, I liked how dirty cars were. It reminded me of rallying.

    18. Can someone tell me what vettel told the team in german after 42 laps were completed??

      1. don’t remember exactly, something like “it’s too dark to see” Which translates into: Ok, now it’s already full points for the race, my tyres are shot, my engine’s about to bust, Nando and Lewis are breathing up my neck, please call it quits ASAP!!.

    19. I’d rate it at 8. The race was good after things got underway, though much of it was down to the slippery conditions (rain + new track surface). Would’ve loved to see more laps under racing conditions.

      All credit to Alonso for holding it together as the RBRs DNFed.

    20. Not really worth a 10 guys. I gave it 5 five, largely the only action was idiots from FI or Toro Rosso crashing into the sides of everyone else. There was not a real battle up front the only thing being Alonso overtaking Hamilton because a mistake by the brit.

      1. My feeling entirely. Most things were missed by the cameras, and the commentators. I use the live timing screen, and I saw more action looking at numbers than I got from the tv.

    21. Brilliant compelling motorsport in extremely adverse conditions. Easily the best race of the season. 9/10!!!

      The only disappointment was the politics being played by the Red Bull squadron. Perhaps I am misinterpreting events but it seemed to me they were trying to gain an advantage by forcing a cancellation or a half points race. Both Webber’s behavior during the delay and Vettel’s comments re: light conditions at the end smacked of manipulation to me.

      F1 Fanatics please let me know your opinion on this.

      1. East Londoner
        24th October 2010, 10:29

        If that’s the case, then karma’s a bitch for Red Bull.

        I can’t see why there was that stupidness at the start. I’ve seen races run in much worse conditions in the last 15 years (Belgium 98, China 09 for starters). Because of the suspension, I gave it an 8. The end laps were compelling.

      2. I would but I stopped watching it intently when the race was stopped, only had it on in the background and only became interested again when they started it again…. unti I zoned out once more until they told us the SC was coming in.

        Don’t know anything about these politics.

        1. Found it all Hilarious, we had Vettel before his engine went saying it was too dark to see the braking points and 2 minutes later Lewis saying it was fine when asked the same question. Vettel said post-race that his visor was “medium”, as to say thats why. Now i hate to use Lewis as another example, but his was heavily tinted from what i saw even when it was raining… so maybe it was tactical play by the Bulls. Hard to tell for sure though. As for the rain comments, RBR was leading the WDC & WCC so naturally they want to protect their leads, if the race didnt start then they would have had a 1-2 from quali positions, and would still be leading both. I defy any team not to have done the same, and this is coming from someone that is no RBR fan at all.

          1. Apparently nothing improves your night vision quite as much as desperately needing the points.

      3. I was thinking shades of Monaco 1984 with Prost trying to stop the race early before Senna could pass him.

      4. I am sure that was what Vettel was getting at, and I must admit to a cheer when his engine blew.

        However, Webber is the president of the GPDA, and therefore his concerns would have been based on the consideration he had to give – as the driver’s rep – as to whether or not it was safe to race in such conditions.

    22. I really enjoyed the race… When it started.

      I gave it a 7, A fair bit of drama, But I suspect I would have chosen an 8 or 9 if it had a standing start.

    23. 30 laps behind SC- 1
      rest laps- 10
      I say 7

    24. big thanks to buemi for fulfilling my turn 3 big smash prophecy

      good drive from MSC also

    25. Could be better, I think people are overrating it a little bit. It was delayed way too much. After all these are racing drivers, and they should have skills and equipment to race in the rain. Other than that, we had some good, entertaining mid field battles and a loads of bad luck at the front. It was definitely above average, but far from great: 6/10.

    26. Gutted for Vettel,drove a brilliant race,robbed of victory
      smug face Alonso cannot win this championship or I will be very annoyed.
      7/10 mainly thanks to Sutil’s mad driving

    27. Jense is out there blaming the car…wow, this guy. Lost massive respect for him. Car was ‘undrivable’ was it? well your teammate finished on the podium.

      1. he had a different setup and strategy, it just fell apart

        1. Strategy? he couldn’t overtake on the track, so he took the gamble of the tires and wished for luck. The same way in which he won his only 2 GPs this season… I’m very glad that Hamilton is pulling away from him.

    28. Good race but the hour and a half delay was extremely tedious. The race itself was ok but there wasn’t much overtaking among the leaders, only mistakes or car failures.

      Anyway am happy that Fernando won. Now he’s got to take this championship.

      1. Lets hope he can.

        1. Indeed. I don’t think Red Bull deserve the title. Their car is too unreliable. I’d like Alonso to win, but if it’s not him, then it should be Hamilton.

    29. 9/10. It p***ed me off on how some drivers did not want to race at the start, but none the less great race.

      1. Very top drivers like Webber didnt wanted to lose gap between him and others

    30. A slow start but looking at the forecast on Saturday, I was expecting the race to be abandoned. However, once it got going, it really started to test the driver’s skills. Overall 9/10. Shame about Jenson though; it’s essentially taken him out of the running…

      Out of interest how many engines do the top 4 have available now? Are they all running old engines? Will Vettel have to use a fresh engine for the next race and incur a grid penalty?

    31. 8. I think the idea of taking drivers opinion in stewards decision has for the first time backfired. They should do away with this and let the drivers race rather than play games on the radio.

    32. I would give a 9 if they removed the RC from office. Like Brundle said the old school drivers would raced from start. They cannot see from the drizzle i have see it way worse and they raced anyway. Most of the drivers are whiners Alonso the biggest and for what he was just good in the rain. If i had know i would stay in bed for 2 hours more.

      For the race i rate it a 8 lots of actions overtakes (they should penalize Sauber of having 20 cars on the track) drama and the old men clearly rules (or have bigger balls) Liuzzi beating the Williams giving FI 1 point more then them Williams (which i thought they overtake FI very easy)

      1. Alonso? From what I saw, the biggest one was Vettel, who kept consistently saying EXACTLY the opposite of what Hamilton was saying on the radio.

        1. Alonso was whining in the beginning and Vettel at the end. But you Noticed both RBR and Ferrari wanted this race canceled so with 2 races left trying to make up or holding to their lead.

    33. Gave it a 7, would have been an 8 if Lewis won.

    34. WE went in thinking the big things would be tyre graining issues, no. of pit stops and overtaking in the first sector.

      None of that really played inot it much. As much as it looks like a big straight, a multiapex turn and a few squiggle generic tilke-a-track, it is actually creating some very good interesting. There seems to be no flow or anything, just randomness, a bump on the wya into the pits, on camber followed in the next by a lot of off camber. The 2nd and 3rd sectors being as far opposite the first as possible, and chuck in some oil.

    35. Maybe Ill get my knuckles rapped for not following the voting rules, but I had to deduct for the extended and excessive delays. A race without a standing start is also per se below standards. I was also looking for a great three-way battle that was shaping up in the laps just before Vettel’s engine blew.

      Anyway, does anyone think that Renault got tired of hearing RBR whinge about their engines and let their customer service, shall we say, falter a bit?

    36. A rather mediocre race. Can’t believe Alonso was purple in S3 twice while yellow flags were deployed and got away with it, but I guess that’s life.
      Will vote when I’m able to think a little more clear.

    37. I think the race stewards did a great job of delivering a competitive race in very difficult circumstances.

    38. When the racing was allowed to progress, it was an interesting race, but overall it was dominated by too many examples of politics. The prolonged use of the SC. Farcical radio dialogue.
      Disappointing result for RB.
      Shame Jenson didn’t turn up and race today.

    39. Start was completely farcical. Should’ve been green flagged many laps before it was.

      The crashes were typical for a wet race, but the lack of grip somewhat unusually didn’t do much for the actual racing. Partly as trying to overtake led to crashes.

      Button in equal measures incompetent and unlucky.

      Hamilton shouldn’t really have lost the place to Alonso as he did, but probably would’ve been unable to keep him behind. Would’ve been an interesting battle.

      Rosberg just plain unlucky. Given the setup changes Mercedes had made for the conditions during the Red flag period, he could’ve had a very good result, and it was a shame to lose him.

      Always good to see Vettels car disintegrate. Just so that I don’t have to put up with his smug finger. Shame Webber wasn’t there to pick up the pieces.

      So overall: Disappointing for a wet race, and a completely mismanaged start. 5.

      1. That pretty much sums up my opinion, and my score. Possibly I subconciously subtracted a couple of points to compensate for the bruise on my hand, caused when Webber binned it.

    40. reddevilandy10
      24th October 2010, 10:37

      Best Tilke track since… Turkey, perhaps? Would have loved to see a dry race progressing to a wet track but hey, RedBull shoot themselves in the foot again. Watching Alonso pump in those laps in near pitch black conditions was just amazing.

      Leggard was awful agreed. But he’s pretty much the worst commentator alive. Wouldn’t mind seeing the 5Live guys with Martin commentating for TV viewers.

    41. 3 hours in front of the telly for what felt like 20 minutes of action. My rating: 4

    42. 10 because Alonso won and he’s leader now. And Interlagos is Ferrari’s strongest…

      Well, not really because of that, but a very entertaining race. I should have wake up a little later though. Congrats for Alonso, Schumacher and Liuzzi for their great races and a big facepalm for Sutil.

    43. 8/10

      It was a boring start… but at least the midfield battle was pretty fun with all the sliding around and then the overtakes for lost positions…

      To me, the start of the show had to be Alonso… Never made any mistake, suffered in the pits (a mistake not of his)…

      1. and a surprise is Schmi! Is the race master is back? 4th?

        But Nico is pretty unlucky…. 1st Japan and now Korea… not his fault, just unlucky… Hamster’s bad luck got trasnferred?

    44. I have to rate the live blog comments because I didn’t watch the race. Verdict: pretty good.

    45. Great race, threatened to be processional and I wasn’t impressed with a lot of the drivers (was loving Hamilton’s enthusiasm, it was the only entertainment of the opening laps!) but there was a lot of drama and very significant for the championship. And to top it all off, a podium for Massa which cheered my sentimental self :)


      1. Felt sad for Massa when he tripped (again) climbing up the stairs lol.

    46. Wowbagger the Infinitely Prolonged! That was a great race once it got going. But I was very frustrated by the wait we had to endure – we have all seen races in worse conditions than that. For that reason I’m only giving it a 6.

    47. That start was stupid, anti-motorsport.

    48. Just another comment on the:

      “what the hell was Sutil up to” topic.

      I have never sworn so much at one driver and could visibly see he was going to cause accidents before they happened!

      1. Yes, I agree. When he dived up the inside of Button it was clear they were both going to go off the road; same with the Sauber incident that finally put him out of the race. Adrian was nothing short of a liability today.

        That said, he wasn’t the only one. Buemi deserves a penalty too for ramming Glock.

        1. Sutil was a complete amateur today. He was purely awful.

    49. 7/10. Good race but the delay really sucked, that takes two points off instantly.

    50. Oh man, Jenson looks like he’s going to cry talking to the BBC team now. I feel sorry for him but at least he’s honest, saying he was just slow.

    51. Really disappointed for Button :( but I gave it 8, was a really interesting race, just wished race control started the race a bit earlier.

    52. I gave it a 6/10 as it lacked overtaking action at the front, championship contenders are too scared for points to try a move and for a wet race it really lacked the usual amount of action we see in this kind of races.

      A point down goes for some drivers not wanting to start the race based solely on wanting to keep their championship position and FIA listening to them. One could say karma is a bitch…

    53. wong chin kong
      24th October 2010, 10:52

      Very lousy start to the race. Have to switch off the TV several times, couldn’t bear watching cars driving so slowly behind safety car. Ferrari drivers whined about dangerous conditions on track yet they were the ones on podium. Sad day for Red Bull drivers, especially Vettel, his car in flames. Great race for Schumacher, if only he had a better car, he would be in the podium. Kobayashi’s race was solid, despite taking a few hard knocks, he managed to keep his car on the track. I rate the race only six because the race management were acting sissy worried about causing danger to lives of drivers, who are anyway professionals in their jobs, heavy rain doesn’t frighten them except for a few whiners.

    54. Button after spending all media time saying his car is broken and slow now admits he risked a different setup and new parts from Lewis and it backfired.

      1. Yup, it was a brilliant display of his tactical nous, prowess in the wet and ability to conserve his tyres, relative to others. After two years of him being in the limelight, I still don’t understand why everyone thinks he’s so fantastic.

        Anyways depsite the ridiculous wait for the action, we ended up with a real corker, in my opinion. One of the best this season and elevated further by the championship stakes.

    55. 7 – Lots of nice drama and overtaking. Would have been an 8 or a 9 if not for the ridiculous time it took to get started. Yes it was raining, but after they released the cars, the circuit was fine after 5 laps, which suggests they could have released them 7 or 8 laps earlier. Looking forward to Korea 2011!

    56. Gave it a 6. This track seems to have some potential, but, for once, the wet weather didn’t translate to a really entertaining race. It looked as if every time someone made a move, they’d just go off.

      Very solid results for the top 4. Hamilton clearly overdriving his McLaren, Massa doing well to stay in touch, Schumacher rather impressive in the wet and, of course, Alonso extremely cool and focused to gather the pieces and pick up the win. Although I’m left wondering what might have happened had Rosberg avoided Webber.

      I’m a fan of Button, mostly because he’s always a bit of an underdog, but I have to say he needs to get his act together. He can’t be satisfied at being great when the car suits him, yet rubbish when it doesn’t. Maybe he should go rallying instead of cycling in his free time; try different stuff, become more adaptable.

      Looking forward to next year’s race here, when the tarmac’s had time to settle and drivers aren’t so scared.

    57. I have to say: I was very impressed at the turn-out.

    58. Should deserve 7,it was a bit frustrating at the beginning when they started the race behind the safety car we have start in condition even worst then this.& on the restart I think they could have started the race on lap 10-12 other then 18th.Some had luck in this race some didn’t.A rain-delayed race provided a thrilling afternoon in Yeongam It ended with a new championship leader and 3 title contenders failing to score, sadly for Button I think it is over.

    59. I wonder how much these poll results are really skewed by people voting for how well their favorite driver/team did vs. the actual quality of the race itself. Pretty pointless, but I guess it shows the difference between real F1 fans and those who only care about their favorites.

    60. I’ll tell you what doesn’t get a good rating from me, the BBC. This was going to be the first weekend I was going to try the 5Live commentary and the only way I could access it was through the Driver Tracker which has the main feed on a tiny screen! I do have Sky as well but the reception is rubbish and the interactive hasn’t worked for weeks.

    61. 0 for the obvious problems caused by a laying the track late. If the lakes were in we might have had some drainage. Obviously important track infrastructure was not complete, or badly designed.

      9 for the race though. Superb.

      1. So 4.5 on average? ;)

        1. Ha! Indeed! :)

          Keith, we need a 4.5 button! :p

    62. start sucked, end was okay,

      best part was alonso’s monocle….


      1. Ha! Brilliant. That is of course his laser sight for the weaponry he uses to zap RedBull’s engines.

      2. I was wondering what the hell that thing was ;)

    63. Tempted to give it a 10 for the Ferrari 1-3, but it’s an 8. 1 less point for the delay and 1 less because I was hoping to see more of a battle for the win. But a pretty good race anyway. Gutted for Britney, he pulled out a fantastic overtake on Vodafone 1 only to get hammered by Mark.

      Sutil and Button get the Razzie for worst drives of the season

      1. Yeah what was with Sutil? I appreciate his relentless aggression on occasions like today but please…even Koboyashi toned it down and kept the car safe today and he earnt a respectable finishing position.

        Button was unlucky to come out behind that midfield/back group after pitting though – Petrov, Alguersuari and all that. The ant hill mob as I like to call them.

    64. felipe massa fan
      24th October 2010, 11:52

      it should have started abit earlier
      it was quite good but there was not much overtaking just crashes and thats aboout it really. and on the bbc f1 forum instead of talking about the action/drama they just talk to button for half an hour and he failed too score!

      great drive from massa with he finaly got good luck

      1. Yah, and completely ignored Rosberg’s amazing drive and bad luck.

        1. How does one have an amazing drive in a lap and a half?

    65. 6/10 – not a lot of racing, too much of accidents. Not a fan of such “excitment”.
      Alonso and Hamilton did the best to help their luck and this time they were awarded. Button failed miseralby – he let the golden chance slip away from his hands. He cannot say anymore he deserves to be a chmapion after this.

    66. pretty good midfield action, but most of it was just chaos and crashes, and i do prefer overtaking. But schumi in 4th is impressive. Though i was very very disappointed that Vettel’s engine broke after a perfect weekend, he really deserved to win that race, but that is a part of it. A 8 for me. -1 for the delay and -1 for too many crashes. But still great for an all new circuit. I would like to see a dry race there, but this track could turn out to be a future classic. A very good mix of slow corners, high speed corners and those massive long straight. Just makes it slightly more unpredictable.

    67. I gave it an 8. I would have give it a 10 but i wont because of the farsical scenes at the beginning of the race. If it carries on like this soon there will be no wet weather racing at all. Charlie Whiting has to take a look at himself really. I appreciate all the health and safet malarchi however once again I find myself agreeing with Martin Brundle. He always talks sense and I immensely respect everything he says, as he was driving formula one car in the old days when thngs wre much more about racing and not politics.
      I actually also found myself agreeing with Hamilton for once as he appeared to be the only driver that wanted to race (probably cause his car suits the wet conditions as we saw in the race), however going as far as saying “is sooo dry out here im gonna go on inters as soon as the SC coms in”, and then getting overtook by Rosberg immeiately at the start on full wets made me chuckle. I felt awful for Webber and Vettel, not so much for Button who made his own luck pitting not at the right time but delighted for the man Alonso, I thought he ran an amazing race once again with no mistakes, of course he had a little luck, but even at the end when it got dark and the others slowed down considerably, he was in condition to push. Go Alonso go!!

    68. I am sick of moaning F1 drivers, moaning footballers, moaning golfers, moaning snooker players!

      Your all millionaires, so be quiet (polite term :) ) and get on with your job!

      Get a grip, it’s supposed to be hard AND dangerous, otherwise it would be called Formula 2 or 3.

      The level of sheer either wimpitude or throwing dummies out of prams is getting ridiculous.

    69. Would be a 10 if the beginning wasn’t that booooooooorrrrrrrriiiiiiinnnnnngggggggggggg……. Otherwise, fantastic race with lots of spectacular moments and a lot of respect to the racers who were able to drive in such a difficult circumstances (alright, they’re paid for it, but still…).

    70. Agreed regarding the politics, but 10 for the drama. Perfect title decider (hopefully).

    71. i’m giving it a 2 i didnt like it at all added together with Legard made it a very anoying race 2/10

      1. Everybody is complaining about Legard, well, there’s no need to listen to him I guess. I don’t live in the UK but there are horrid TV comentators everywhere. There are plenty of sound feeds available in the net, the radio or whatever. Just find one you can live with, and turn down the sound on the TV set.

    72. Keith, this is looking like it is one of the highest rated Grands Prix since the poll has been running on F1 Fanatic? Where does it place in the leader-boards for the best Grand Prix over the last 3 years?

    73. Was gonna be an 8, but the sun setting at the end and THEN Vettel’s sudden exit made it a 9 for me. Absolutely epic.

      Saying that though, let’s please have a dry Korea next year…that’s enough rain for a day :P

    74. HORRIBLE race! 1st, “cagonso” won the race (I´m Ferrair fan and i use to like alonso but after Hockenheim he show to all the kind of suc…er that he is). Start with saftey car? so many laps…. red flag and again that safety car “chicken” thing…. i´m with LH, “we here to race”…. like the old great drivers (Senna, Mansell, Prost, and so many others). The circuit? boring like all tilke´s circuits, with no chances of overtaking in dry track. After all, if alonso becomes world champion*** for less thant 7 points dont forget that it will be a stealed championship (Hockenheim team orders).

      *** Every year we got a winner, but not necesary a champion (Ayrton Senna)… and this year it will be true if alonso won the title.

      How can be such of chickens/loosers the “new drivers” generations?
      withing, ecclestone, korea track, GO HOME!!! You are cracking Formula One spirit!!!

      1. Ah! And that´s penalty to the drivers who try to overtake are a joke too!! (how many positions will lost on next race Gilles/Arnoux if they race today???) Let the drivers be themselves, let the drivers RACE FREE!!! (And come back to the classic and nice tracks like Buenos Aires, San Marino, the good ones!!!)

        Pd: Winners don´t use team orders!!!!!

    75. Suggestion for FIA as they do they usual post-race survey of these comments: on a SC race start, start the cars two-by-two, as in IndyCar, etc.

      1. Agree! Even Indycar race with more rain!!!
        Formula one must take a look the Nascar at Indycar for some things like how to overtake, no make a drama for some wheel to wheel touchs, etc
        I must admit that sometimes its more exciting a Nascar race than F1. They respect history and traditional tracks, dont got team orders (alonso this is for you and my dear Ferrari who i wish the worst on the next GGPP because Hockeheim team orders), the drivers push everytime for victory, even the are a few laps behind, the never surrender.

      24th October 2010, 16:43

      Damn it was a great race!
      Poor Vitaly! bad luck again

    77. Wonderful track and the race itself was great. I still marked it as four though because of the drivers behaviour in making the safety car stay out 20 minutes longer than it needed to.

    78. All in all, an entertaining enough race, although Alonso for all his merits, still can’t overtake.

      1. Out of everything that’s been said about Alonso, I’ve never heard anything so divorced from reality.

        1. Actually his overtaking hasn’t been that great this season, aside from the races where he started right at the back. He hasn’t won a single race this year from passing a rival (okay he couldn’t in Singapore!).

          1. @mMaciek: “Alonso is Faster, Filipe”.

            Oh yeah! Overtake then!!! What, you can’t, Fernando? Not even when your team mate has had has his engine turned down? Still can’t do it?

            Anyone but Alonso. No-one likes a cheat…

            1. I’m pretty sure that one incident in one race is nowhere near enough to decide that Alonso can’t overtake, especially with so much evidence that he can. Indeed he just may be the most talented overtaker on the grid. Seriously, try not to sound like a three year old when you make your arguments.

      2. In wet, in the “impossible to overtake Hungary” to the probably best gatekeeper MSC, in a Renault….. Not bad for one who cannot overtake.


        This might have actually influenced the first retirement of the kaiser…

        1. Oh and the Suzuka ’05 move at the 130 R was even better… but Hungary 06 was the race were Magic Alonso got from 15th to 3rd position in the first lap after a grid penalty.

          12 overtakes in a single lap, not bad for one who just can’t overtake.

          1. Wasn’t that penalty for impeding Massa who was several seconds behind? They were not in the same time though (Renault vs. Ferrai), it was only at McLaren that he was penalised in Hungary because of his own team. Funny to see how fast things, friends and foes change…(Lewis was extraordinarily friendly to Fernando yesterday, apparently he is maturing in and out the track)

            Re Suzuka 05, I agree, it was even better but I thought that wet conditions suited the moment (and would avoid smart remarks “it was dry” type)

            Off topic (somewhere in the tread, and from 2 weeks ago) it looks as if the notion that team orders at McL and RBR are now ok (even mandatory, perhaps less at RBR because there is an unfortunate shake up in their desired ranking) is gaining ground. I would like to point out that regarding “disrepute for the sport” “unfairness to a driver” (A grand prix victory is something always very valuble, specially for 2nd drivers) “stealing emotions to fans” is as bad (or as good, as you preffer) as at the principle of the year, even race 1. It is called risk management by the team. Some hedge stronger and some bet stronger. If you bet and get it your way double reward, if you hedge a higher likelihood of a good outcome. We all know how it is. I think.

            1. sorry time should have read team. downsides of a non-native speaker…. By the way, what does LOL stand for?? Thanks

            2. I’m not native, either. LOL is “laughing out loud”.

              It was not Massa this time. Fernando was penalized for allegedly brake-testing Doornbos (after he had been holding up Fernando, with no penalty). The mass-damper had just been banned on the ridiculous grounds that it was an aero device, Michael Schumacher was closing up the gap for the WDC and many people perceived that the FIA was helping him at that.

              Maybe Fernando and Lewis were bitter rivals, but as far as I know they have never spoken against the other. Fernando aired a lot of grievances against McLaren (and please let’s not get again into whether they were justified or not) but never against Lewis, as far as I know. If you want to see murderous hate, try Ayrton Senna against Prost.

              About team orders: it seems almost everybody accepts them in certain circumstances, say: one of the drivers is mathematically off, the other absolutely needs the points, and it’s not blatantly obvious. Like Interlagos 2007, which didn’t make waves, although Felipe deserved the victory and would obviously have relished it. Of course it’s all nonsense from a legalistic point of view. There is a rule forbidding TO since 2002 and it doesn’t make exceptions. Brazil 2007 broke the rule
              exactly as much as Hockenheim 2008, Hockenheim 2010 and any number of occasions you like. Of course the teams use TO whenever they want, but try to be subtle about that. It’s the lack of subtlety what caused the uproar in Hockenheim ’10.

            3. It’s the lack of subtlety what caused the uproar in Hockenheim ’10.

              No it’s not.

              There were no objections over Interlagos 2007 and Shanghai 2008 because they involved drivers who were mathematically out of the championship.

              There were no objections over Montreal 2008 and Hockenheim 2008 because they involved team mates on completely different strategies.

              The objections over Hockenheim 2010 were because Massa had beaten Alonso for 40-odd laps until Ferrari stepped in to fix the race result.

            4. But Keith, my point is Why is it ok when a driver is out mathematically? You all think that way and I just challenge that.

              You are anyhow contaminating the competition (because a driver from a rival team is going to suffer, isn’t he?

              You are still doing wrong to somebody who bet his money for a 2nd driver making # wins during the session, aren’t you?

              You are taking the joy of a track battle out same way as during the early session.

              Shouldn’t all drivers who are mathematically out, regardless of team affiliation, let pass equally all drivers with title hopes to avoid favouring anyone?

              My point is: If team members can/want team up to have better (whatever they consider better, WDC, CC, #wins/year, you name it) then it is up to the team to decide when. If they can’t, they cannot decide the turning point (being mathematical or whatever else)

              I do not know what is right and what is wrong (and I don’t even want to know, I think) but we have to be consistent…

              Regarding Hockeheim I want to recall that Fernando let himself drop up to 4/5 seconds just to show he could catch up easily (he did). Anyhow, that’s not the point of the discussion, although: If massa were mathematically out would that 40 laps of beating suddenly become irrelevant?

            5. Why is it ok when a driver is out mathematically? You all think that way and I just challenge that.

              Because you’re not depriving a driver of his right to fight for the title.

            6. So say Button leads Hamilton in Brazil with the race result looking like it would leave Button 24 points behind the WDC lead with one race to go, then McLaren ask Jenson to move over.

              I guess by your deifnitions would that be equally as objectionable as what Ferrari did in Hockenheim. Because the only excusing factors you propose are differing strategy or a driver being mathematically out of the title race.

              But the problem is it would certainly be identical as far as any possible regulation could be worded to includ your exceptions. Despite such a decision by McLaren being overwhelming common sense and likely to be understood and supported by most fans it would be illegal under a team orders rule written by Keith Collantine.

              I just think the complexities of differentiating between whats team orders and not team orders and when its acceptable makes it completely inplausable to enforce as the years since 2003 have shown.

            7. I just think the complexities of differentiating between whats team orders and not team orders and when its acceptable makes it completely inplausable to enforce as the years since 2003 have shown.

              The WMSC found Ferrari guilty, they just chose not to punish them (beyond the insignificant fine already handed down). I don’t buy the “it’s too hard to enforce” line.

            8. lol Keith I know you think that but the rule hadn’t been written to include your caveats so it would have been wrong for them to suddenly start enforcing it when the rule in its current form had been broken and gone unpunished so many times before. Especially given the inter-team agreement that they could use team orders as long as it was sublte. It was a recipe for the kind of incident that happened at Hockenheim.

              And if the regulation were to include those caveats you mention it would still leave the kind of situations like my example where everyone would think it would be the right thing for McLaren to switch their drivers but it would be illegal to do so.

              Also the point Baracca made about subtlety is important, if Ferrari had been better organised and agreed a plan before the race and Massa had let Alonso past in the braking zone (like Kovalainen in 2008) there would have been conspiracy theories but it would have been completely unprovable.

              If any regulation was brought in teams would, as they have done since 2003, broken the rule but done it with subtelty.

              There’s also the example of Honda in Turkey 2007 whereby Button was faster than Rubens, he was told and moved over. It was for the midflield places so no one cared but in principle it was exactly the same as Hockenheim just nobody cared.

            9. I’m not saying the rule shouldn’t have been enforced in the past. For the Turkey example arguably it should have been.

              I think we should also acknowledge that plenty of other rules have been enforced inconsistently in F1. That’s not desirable, but no-one’s making the case that no rules should be enforced because not all rules are enforced consistently.

            10. “Why is it ok when a driver is out mathematically? You all think that way and I just challenge that.

              Because you’re not depriving a driver of his right to fight for the title.”

              I just can’t get with that, because in the end you’re splitting hairs. If McLaren were to orchestrate a teammate switch next race, would it be wrong because Button still has a mathematical possibility, or would it be ok because it’s obvious he hasn’t got a chance?

            11. no-one’s making the case that no rule should be enforced because not are rules are enforced consistently.

              I’m not either

              I think its a theme with the new administration at the FIA that rule enforcement should be made more consistant. We should all desire fewer not more rules that are applied inconsistantly.

              The only way to have consistancy on team orders would be either to have a team orders rule that would ban it in the circumstances you suggested. But this would make illegal acceptable uses of team order like the hypothetical above whislt it would not eliminate team orders but rather drive the entire practice underground so it is undetecable.

              The other way of having consistancy with team orders is to simply allow them. Then F1 could at least be honest to its fans about the team nature of the sport rather than continue a charade where by we pretend that team orders don’t exist yet they go unpinished or undetected.

            12. drive the entire practice underground so it is undetecable.

              Which I still don’t believe it is. Ferrari were caught red-handed and let off. But of course teams are going to do it if they know their ‘punishment’ is a $100,000 fine.

              What we’re talking about here is the integrity of the drivers’ championship. Right now we have 23 drivers trying to beat 23 other drivers, and one driver who only has 22 to beat. If a team fixes a race between its drivers the punishment should be in the order of magnitude of what McLaren got in 2007.

            13. agree Maciek, that was the example I was using to illustrate that point

            14. Ferrari were caught red-handed and let off. But of course teams are going to do it if they know their ‘punishment’ is a $100,000 fine.

              What I’m saying is nobody will be as blatent as Ferrari in future. Like I said if Massa had been told before the race and done it in the braking zone they wouldn’t have been caught.

              The problem with the “integrity of the drivers championship” argument is that the best driver doesn’t win the WDC its the best driver/team combination, otherwise we should just give everyone equal machinery.

              But I dont understand how what happened in Hochenheim can undermine the integrity of the WDC whilst what happened in Brazil 2007 didn’t when the ‘fixing’ of the result decided the WDC but was didn’t. The only difference is besides mathematics is that people didn’t like it. If your argument is that it shouldn’t be allowed is because fans are outraged its completely unworkable because rules cannot be enforced on the basis of what fans like/dislike.

              And if you’re concernend with the integrity of the WDC, your argument must be that it distorts the end of season table away from the order of drivers on merit to one thats been interfered with. Brazil 2007 took a race where Kimi Raikkonen should have finished second and put him first taking a WDC away from Lewis Hamilton. How can you support team orders in circumstances where their use decides the outcome of the WDC whist saying you oppose team orders that intefere with “the integrity of the WDC”?

            15. The problem with the “integrity of the drivers championship” argument is that the best driver doesn’t win the WDC its the best driver/team combination, otherwise we should just give everyone equal machinery.

              I don’t see the connection between race-fixing and arguing for a spec series.

            16. There isn’t a connection, I was just saying that F1 is a team sport, it isn’t purely a drivers championship so often the best driver doesn’t win the WDC.

              But that was an aside, this was the real question.

              if you’re concernend with the integrity of the WDC, your argument must be that it distorts the end of season table away from the order of drivers on merit, to one that has been interfered with. Brazil 2007 took a race where Kimi Raikkonen should have finished second and put him first taking a WDC away from Lewis Hamilton. How can you support team orders in circumstances where their use decides the outcome of the WDC whist saying you oppose team orders that intefere with “the integrity of the WDC”?

              Perhaps you could explain what you mean by integrity of the WDC? Because the only meaning i can derive from it isn’t consistant with someone supporting ‘race fixing’ in a title deicider

            17. @Keith
              “Because you’re not depriving a driver of his right to fight for the title.”
              “What we’re talking about here is the integrity of the drivers’ championship. Right now we have 23 drivers trying to beat 23 other drivers, and one driver who only has 22 to beat.”

              For me these arguments only work because of circumstances. If a driver is mathematically out of the championship by mid-season and only helps his teammate from then on, it would be both right and wrong going by your arguments. I don’t mean to be picking at this, but I can’t buy the argument that orders are ok sometimes. They have to be either right or wrong, no matter the circumstances.

            18. I don’t see a problem. Whereas the alternative, allowing teams to pick some arbitrary point at which they can deprive a driver of the right to fight for the title, is not desirable.

              Anyway, I’ll be writing more on this later, so until then…

          2. But you deprive them from the right to win. Very few ever win a title….. and many still drive every Sunday.

            Why does Bruno Senna drive if the only price is WDC??

            1. Whatever anybody may say, it is absolutely clear that switching drivers breaks the rule about team orders exactly the same regardless of the mathematic possibilities for the WDC of any of them

              “The objections over Hockenheim 2010 were because Massa had beaten Alonso for 40-odd laps until Ferrari stepped in to fix the race result”. Nonsense. Felipe had beaten Kimi for about 50 laps in Brazil until Ferrari stepped in to fix the race result, and there were no objections to speak of.

              It is true that Felipe had no chance for the WDC in 2007 but it’s absolutely clear that:

              -The move was not allowed under the rules, (at risk of sounding like a broken record I’ll repeat that there are no exceptions).

              -Felipe was deprived of a home victory that he had thoroughly deserved (and I’m sure he really wished to get).

              -People in other teams were seriously affected by the move (most of all Lewis, who lost the WDC. Which was the whole point of the move, of course).

              Having said that, I was absolutely ecstatic that Kimi won the race and WDC, although I was sorry for Felipe. But again I have to conclude that if we accept Brazil ’07 (and all the rest) we have to accept Germany ’10, except on aesthetic grounds. Logic is logic.

            2. “…and many still drive every Sunday”

              I wish it was every Sunday

            3. “Why does Bruno Senna drive if the only price is WDC??”

              Dunno, just ask him…

              Seriously, I believe that the dream of pretty much every rookie is to win the WDC some day. For most of them it includes spending years in 2nd (or 5th) rate teams trying to shine a little, score the odd point and (most of all), outdo their teammates and get noticed by the bigger teams.

    79. Alonso won – perfect race :)

    80. Forgettable really. Gave it a 4.
      Lots of things happened for the Championship, but it wasn’t through racing, it was through climatic conditions, politics and reliability.
      Not much overtaking to see either, only wild, uncontrolled lunges down the inside.
      I enjoyed seeing them finish in low light, on the last strings of rubber on their tyres and covered in dirt, real dramatic, nit and gritty stuff.

      As for the track, don’t really know what to think of it. It looks sterile, cold, full of shiny new windows and polished floors, almost flat, lacking any kind of character as most modern tracks do but also combines that with the main fault of old tracks: lack of run off. Petrov’s crash was scary and it tooks ages to get any of the cars cleared. I don’t like the fact it was designed as just a small part of a big architectural project with hotels, shops, huge paddock area etc. I miss the older, less organized projects where they just focus on building a cracking track and then just cram the other bits however they fit.

    81. I’m sorry that Rosberg became an innocent victim of Webber’s shunt. It appeared as though he might have been able to provide some actual racing entertainment up near the pointy end. All the spins and crashes made for some fun stuff to watch, but in terms of the championship contenders doing battle amongst themselves, the race was pretty boring. I gave it a 6. That said, the points shakeup will no doubt provide some extra drama over the last two races, and that’s a good thing :)

    82. Nine, good race. A shame that Vettel had the engine failure…

    83. I had to give it a 4.

      First off, we only got 2/3 of a race (so that’s 3 points right there), and outside Sutil’s divebombing into the corners there wasn’t a whole lot of good racing.

      Yes there were wrecks, but very few position battles that were settled completely on-track.

      I wish the FIA were to require all non-desert tracks have lighting installed so in cases like today they could just wait for the rain to stop instead of running 1/3 of the race behind the safety car.

    84. That was quite a race. We haven’t seen that much filth and mud smeared all over F1 since that certain News of the World story in 2008…….

      Shame about the fact that it took a whole bloody hour to get going though. For the frustration of the delays, I’m afraid I can only give it an 8. Seems a lot of other people felt the same way.

    85. Voted 9.

      Yeah, the opening laps were a joke.
      But the midfield action and particularly Vettel’s car blowing up made my day. I was hooting and hollering loud enough to wake my whole street surely.

      The championship’s looking much better than after another RB 1-2 procession.

    86. Must say this was one very exciting race.
      Got up early in the morning and once race got going I couldn’t stop watching it (normally I fall a sleep in my couch halfway through).
      I feel many modern tracks are some what boring where you see cars just going round and round but this was quite exciting race.
      Korea did well to deliver what they have delivered (after all that drama).
      Though I admit that some of the excitement may have benefited by rain and slippery surface. Also I feel I have been cheated for missing out on proper start.
      Hope to see few more exciting race to finish off this year.

    87. Edge of the seat stuff, a 10. Race Control did an OK job – we got past the 75%, should have started earlier but I was enthralled.

    88. You know, the general consensus is that F1 fans are more thoughtful and analytical than other race fans, but seeing the domination of “OMG UR DRIVER SUX LOL MY DRIVER IS BETTER” comments here makes me think otherwise.

      To the guys saying stuff like “1st, “cagonso” won the race” and “\would have been an 8 if Lewis won” and “smug face Alonso” and “Alonso won, so I instantly took two points off.” – you’re an embarrassment to the sport. Perhaps you’d be better off watching football and throwing things out of spite when it doesn’t go ‘your’ way?

    89. The race would have been great if…….
      1)My DVR would have recorded the whole race!
      2)The race would have started way sooner!
      3)It would have been a better day for RBR!

      If F1 tweaks their rules and stuff anymore when it comes to rain…. they can rename it soon to NASCAR1

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