KERS problem delays Schumacher

2011 Spanish Grand Prix

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Michael Schumacher, Mercedes, Barcelona, 2011

Michael Schumacher’s qualifying strategy was prompted by a fault in his Kinetic Energy Recovery System.

Schumacher will start tenth on the grid having elected not to set a time in Q3. He said:

“Unfortunately in Q3, my KERS system did not work but we reacted in the best possible way. We took the decision to go out on prime tyres to be able to react if other cars did the same.

“As no-one did, we came in without setting a time so we can now choose our strategy for tomorrow. I will certainly try to have another of the good starts that I have made recently, make up some positions right at the beginning, and take it from there.

“With DRS and KERS, overtaking is possible even in Barcelona, so it is important to use your tyres well, and I still have a set of fresh tyres left. I will definitely try to make the best out of it.”

2011 Spanish Grand Prix

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    25 comments on “KERS problem delays Schumacher”

    1. I think even without KERS he might have started higher.

    2. ….and even with KERS not much higher

    3. KERS seems to be the only thing going wrong in these cars. I miss races of attrition, the cars are TOO reliable now!

      1. although frustrating, you can’t really complain because the robotic manufacturing technology which makes f1 engines much more reliable is also the same reason why your car always starts on those frozen mornings

        1. its not simply a question of manufacturing.

          there is an engine development freeze in place for years now. to cut costs, the FIA have decided to make the engine a non-differentiator. if you’d alow the teams to develop the engine and compete amongst themselves you would see much more attrition as they would push the limits of what is physicaly possible.

          nowadays the engines are outdated and refined to be reliable. wait for 2013 and we will see many more mechanical failures in a given race. trust me. (and the robotic manufacturing technology you refer to would have improved even more by then)

          1. Not likely. the 2013 regs call for engines to last even longer than they do currently. IIRC drivers will be allowed only 5 engines for the whole season in 2013. That’s more than 4 races per engine. There’s no way that the teams will be able to afford poor reliability, regardless of the power requirements.

      2. Tell that to Nick Heidfeld!

        1. Yeah I guess 2013 could throw up a few suprises. They could do with throwing a spanner in the mix. I mean, this must have been so far one of the most reliable seasons? I know it’s early days…

          1. for me reliable cars are a god thing, but i think the tyre regs need to be sorted out, it is harming qualifying and causing way too much “drop off” in the races.. I’d also bring back re-fuelling so drivers can keep the pedal flat and not have to keep revs down.. Whats the point? They are meant to be racing flat out…

            1. The refuelling ban has given us some great races since the start of last year ( Scrapping it would be a huge mistake.

    4. Based on his previous time progression, I think he could have challenged Nico’s time. Oh well, we’ll never know. I was really hoping for a good qualifying run for him today, shame technical difficulties held him back this time.

      1. UKfanatic (@)
        21st May 2011, 18:55

        yes maybe the only time ever

    5. He’d probably have ended up 8th or 9th anyway, so hopefully the option to start on any tyres he wants, along with his usual good start can lead to a strong finish.

    6. I would really be impressed if he made a strategy of starting on the hards work to get into the top 5 tomorrow.

      But from experience in the last 23 races, I rather hope he will be able to hold on to a points paying finish.

      1. Well, he has one more set of fresh softs than Rosberg. The same number as most of the rest of the field though, thanks to Merc’s stupid decision to use a set of softs in Q1. Both cars were ahead of Kovalinen and Heidfeld wasn’t taking part – what were they thinking?

      2. I’m betting Schumacher starts on the hards tomorrow. If he starts on the same strategy as the drivers in front of him, he will get hammered as usual. He needs to pull a ‘Jenson’. In other words, he needs to try something different in his strategy…. and hope that things work out for him.

        For example, a safety car period within the first 12 laps of the race could benefit Schumacher.

        1. In the end he started on the softs, but got to P6 with them.

    7. Could the malfunctioning KERS system be part of Mercs strategy for this race for Schumi? If he can start well and remain on fresher tires most of the race, shouldn’t he place better? It seems they were also focusing more on race pace/consistency rather than fastest laps this time, wouldn’t you agree?

    8. Come on Michael. Pull a good result out of the bag tomorrow. We all love you really!

      1. Second that. Do he have two sets of options or one? I think a good top 7 will be good for him.

        1. Hope to see him on the podium tomorrow! We will never know :)

    9. Cluffy_Wedge
      21st May 2011, 22:05

      Starting on fresh softs? Could pay dividends. Or defending his position on the hards. And then leapfrogging in the later stages with softs and low fuel. I seriously hope he does well…

    10. It seems Mercedes always has excuses when it comes about Schumacher.

    11. “Unfortunately in Q3, my KERS system did not work but we reacted in the best possible way. We took the decision to go out on prime tyres to be able to react if other cars did the same”

      I believe thats where your losing time Michael, it looks like you have two systems, one working KERS and one redundant in your car weighing it down.

      Take it out of your Formula 1 Car Machine!, Well its end of the Week Sunday so I better stop reading this Website Blog on my Laptop PC Computer and make myself a Cup of Tea Beverage.

      hehe, :D OK i’m good, going to the shops to buy myself a newspaper journal.

    12. @Suchi Meerkat
      Yes you are good!!!
      Common error though

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