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2011 Belgian GP team review

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Pastor Maldonado had a controversial Saturday but scored his first point on Sunday.

Rubens BarrichelloPastor Maldonado
Qualifying position1416
Qualifying time comparison (Q2)2’07.349 (-0.757)2’08.106
Race position1610
Pit stops32

Williams drivers’ lap times throughout the race (in seconds):


Rubens Barrichello130.773119.252118.295117.403119.404116.892116.872116.611117.415117.459117.035117.058134.689156.367171.603167.424117.772117.159116.401115.333115.379115.812114.567114.457116.348116.086115.092115.282115.255115.559122.276127.174114.116114.216114.211113.83114.015113.859114.534120.38153.353110.424115.152
Pastor Maldonado131.701117.796117.259117.118119.251117.433117.307117.047117.547117.571118.69123.187147.314144.762164.245167.22117.573116.971116.251115.545115.216115.796115.005114.504115.611114.664114.87115.392118.595127.547113.735113.79114.417114.277113.901113.661113.748114.666113.557113.381113.511113.625113.362113.889

Rubens Barrichello

Barrichello was delayed by – what else – a KERS problem in practice. He qualified 14th and said he could have got into Q3 but was held up by traffic.

He lost a place at the start and was passed by Maldonado on the second lap – despite his team mate having started seven places behind him.

The pair swapped places later in the race while Barrichello was running tenth. But his last scheduled pit stop dropped him out of the top ten.

On lap 40 he ran into the back of Kobayashi at the chicane and had to pit for a new front wing. He came out of the pits behind the Lotuses but ran out of time to pass them and finished 16th.

Rubens Barrichello 2011 form guide

Pastor Maldonado, Williams, Spa-Francorchamps, 2011

Pastor Maldonado

Maldonado received a five-place grid penalty after a bizarre and completely unnecessary incident in qualifying. Having been passed by Lewis Hamilton at the end of his lap, Maldonado weaved into the side of Hamilton’s McLaren on their in-lap.

But he made rapid progress and was up to tenth by lap six. He kept Paul di Resta behind him in the middle of the race and was briefly up to ninth before behind passed by Felipe Massa.

He wasn’t close enough to capitalise on Vitaly Petrov’s last-lap drama but tenth gave him his first point in F1 and the first for Williams since Canada.

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    17 comments on “Williams: Maldonado claims first point”

    1. While Maldonado fully deserved to be disqualified for the saturday incident IMO, he seemed to do a solid job, keep out of trouble and get that first points finish that could have been his in Monaco.

      Lets hope its a turning point for him and he develops himself to be a solid driver for the future.

      Rubens was held up behind Kovalainen (wich hampered Maldonado in turn) in qualifying. He then got passed by his teammate in the race before getting ahead again later, but made an ill judged move on Kobayashi to lose that position. Not really a race to remember for him.

      I saw rumours of Rubens telling the world he had not heard any news about contract developments from Williams in the last 3 weeks, and going on to say its about economics and he might not be driving with them next year. Can’t say i am supprised by that.

      1. Can’t say i am supprised by that.

        Neither, especially considering his collision with Kobayashi (who seemed to be hitting everyone on-track this weekend). Which is a shame – I always though Barrichello and Williams would have been a good fit.

        If Barrichello does leave at the end of the year, whether for retirement or for somewhere else, I wonder who would replace him? Romain Grosjean? Giedo van der Garde?

        And if Rubens does leave where would he go? I myself think he would be a good repalcement for Jean Todt …

        1. Who did Kobayashi hit? He was crashed into twice, that’s all I cn remember.

          1. He was trundling around with a damaged front wing before the collision with Hamilton. He’d clearly hit somebody.

            1. It was a bit of Senna’s front wing which disintegrated.

        2. I’d like to see Grosjean in a Williams, given that there probably won’t be any room for him at LRGP, and I think he’d be quicker than the ageing Barrichello.

          1. The Rudderless Russian (Petrov) has better chances of being signed by Williams, he brings Russian sponsorship money with him.

            Wouldn’t be surprised, since Renault are cooing over Senna right now.

        3. what about Sutil bringing his 1-2 million from Medion with him?

        4. I thought Williams had already confirmed they were keeping the same drivers for next year? Could be wrong though

          1. Nothing yet https://www.racefans.net/2012-f1-season/2012-f1-drivers-teams/

            I imagine Maldonado will stay due to the cash he brings.

      2. Agree with the first paragraph.
        I heard Rubens’ relationship with Williams has deteriorated because he doesn’t seem likely to be with them for 2012, and rumours link van der Garde to his seat.

        1. Van der Garde and Pastor?

          Not the strongest line up there. I think dropping Rubens at this stage is a mistake. They need a competitive (and consistent) driver.

          1. Maldonado has usually been as fast or faster than Barrichello and has probably actually made less mistakes.

    2. Good drive by Pastor, good recovery from saturday.

      He was wrong on saturday, but he clearly wasnt the only one to blame. before the impact lewis had one hand on wheel and had already weaved towards the williams.

      Doesnt excuse Pastors reaction in any way, and he needs to know not to do that. But he wasnt the only villain. Also found it quite comical what DC was saying about him. has he forgotten France 2000 already???

    3. Good recovery after the drama in Saturday by Pastor.

    4. Personally I’m finding this hard to believe “…and the first for Williams since Canada”.

      Dreadful stuff!

    5. also Kimi’s last F1 Victory was 2 years ago today

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