2011 Brazilian Grand Prix TV Times

2011 Brazilian Grand Prix

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F1 Fanatic Live will be running during the entire Brazilian Grand Prix weekend so look out for the live page on the site during every session.

Here are the details of the BBC’s live video coverage of the Brazilian Grand Prix here in the UK:

Friday 25th November 2011

Brazilian Grand Prix Free practice 1: 11:55 – 13:35 (BBC Red Button and online)

Brazilian Grand Prix Free practice 2: 15:55 – 17:35 (BBC Red Button and online)

Saturday 26th November 2011

Brazilian Grand Prix Free practice 3: 12:55 – 14:05 (BBC Red Button and online)

Brazilian Grand Prix Qualifying: 15:00 – 17:30 (BBC1, Red Button and online)
Qualifying starts at 16:00

Sunday 27th November 2011

Brazilian Grand Prix: 15:00 – 18:15 (BBC1, Red Button and online)
Race starts at 16:00

Please share details of the F1 coverage in your area below.

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20 comments on “2011 Brazilian Grand Prix TV Times”

  1. Guess I’ll be missing FP1 then as I travel to meet up with @Ratboy and other Fanatics, but the rest of the weekend bring it on!

    There’s always something relaxing about the later afternoon races. I look forward to it!

    1. @dan-thorn Agreed. Though Canada was far from relaxing!

      1. Canada and Brazil start at 3 AM Australian Eastern Standard Time. They’re very relaxing for most people who are asleep! :P

        But they are the two weekends that provide me with the biggest F1-induced dilemma I face all year; do I stay up, or get up early?

        Help, F1 Fanatics!

  2. Here in Asia (India,Pakistan,Srilanka,Bangladesh) Star Sports won’t show Quali live but the race will,will anyone confirm that.

  3. This is it then… I’ve got tomorrow off work to try and make the most of this.

    I’m pretty sure Melbourne 2012 will be on Sky (BBC have picked their 3 races, Sky then pick their 3 which must include the opening race), the first non-free to air race for us in the UK ever.

    1. im still hopeing that due to lack of revenue sky will have to show the races on sky sports 1 or 2 so they can sell it via top-up tv on freeview

  4. I love the Brazil times, especially back in 2009 when qualifying was a near washout and lasted until 9pm UK time! Love it!!

    1. Isn’t it a bit difficult to watch F1 at 16:00? The whole afternoon’s wasted, whilst with races at 13:00 you could watch them while and after eating and still have time later. With sessions ending at around 17:45, isn’t it a little unhandy?
      I remember watching Brazil 2008 at around 18:00/19:00 (can’t remember) and I liked watching it in the late afternoon.

      1. Late sessions are great, you’ve got the day to yourself, then at night you can chillax and watch some F1 :D:D:D

        Midday races break up your day too much. Before, F1, then After, you can’t commit to doing anything during the day.

    2. What about Sakhir 2012?

      Where on the internet have you seen BBC’s chosen races for 2012 and also they will have 10 each not 3 each…?

      Also Sky are showing all 20, not just 10.

      Sky have announced a new F1 channel, free to air on Virgin & Sky packages :)

      1. It’s not “free to air”, as you’re paying for Virgin/Sky in the first place ;)

        1. but the channel will be free, not on your bill as an additional item

  5. It’s 1 hour ahead of UK here in Angola.

  6. The annoyances of work mean I’m gonna miss this one :( Had the day off on Sunday until they changed the rota yesterday and gave me a 6 day week including sunday.
    I’m gonna have to write it into my next contract that they give me F1 weekends off! (Or at least the ones they show on the BBC)….

  7. Gonna have to juggle race day with Christmas shopping!

  8. Could someone post a definitive link to the BBC Red Button online coverage page? I watch it every race but always have such trouble finding it!

    Love pretending I’m just listening to the audio coverage in the office when actually I’m watching 3 hours of practice every other Friday! Teehee!

    1. @Porschephile Not sure exactly what you’re asking for but the BBC live coverage pages are always linked from F1 Fanatic Live.

      1. Cheers Keith, hadn’t noticed until now.

      2. Cheers Keith, I hadn’t noticed until now.

  9. No Keith don’t delete it in response to John, that’s where I meant it to be.

    Delete the one i accidentally responded to JT19 lool

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