Typically hot weather forecast for Valencia race

2012 European Grand Prix weather forecast

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The temperature is rising in Valencia and F1 looks set for a hot weekend in Spain.

Since the race moved to its current June slot we have regularly seen sunny conditions with air temperatures in the high 20s and not so much as a drop of rain.

After the fluctuating temperatures seen in Canada, teams will appreciate three days of running in conditions which look set to change very little.

Friday will be slightly cooler, but Saturday and Sunday are likely to see a repeat of last year’s track temperatures exceeding 45C and perhaps even pushing into the 50s.

You can keep an eye on the Valencia weather radar here:

Location of Valencia street track

Valencia lies to the south-west of Barcelona, home of Spain’s other F1 race, the Spanish Grand Prix:

2012 European Grand Prix

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Image © Mercedes/Hoch Zwei

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7 comments on “Typically hot weather forecast for Valencia race”

  1. The most boring grand prix ever…

    1. honestly I was already bored looking at the circuit layout from DRS article!

  2. With such high temperatures Lotus should claim their first win this season.

    1. Yeah, if Grojean doesn’t punt someone out at the first corner.


  3. Yay….. -.-

    Well, you never know. Anything happens in Grand Prix racing and it usually does.

  4. Won’t this be the first, or second at a push, Grand Prix weekend without rain?

    1. The only thing raining on the track will be the Pirelli clag….

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