Korea set for first fully dry F1 weekend

2012 Korean Grand Prix

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Heavy rainfall made for treacherous conditions in the first ever Korean Grand Prix two years ago.

Conditions seemed little different when the teams returned for Friday practice last year, although the weather cleared up by race day.

This year drivers can look forward to good conditions throughout the weekend. All three days are expected to be warm with temperatures exceeding 20C.

The wind will pick up as the weekend goes on, with a stiff breeze from the north expected on race day.

Shadows will be lengthening at the circuit as the race draws to a close. The Grand Prix starts at 3pm local time, with sunset expected three hours later.

There will be regular updates on the track conditions during each session on F1 Fanatic Live and the F1 Fanatic Twitter account.

Location of Korea International Circuit

The Korea International Circuit is near Mokpo, in the south-west of South Korea.

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2012 Korean Grand Prix

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    2. Good news. Should be interesting to see who will have the upper hand as the season draws to a close.

    3. It looks nice the location, sunny, green. But the track is so dull, boring. Can’t we skip the Indian GP already.. Much better attempt.

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