Lotus reprimanded for pit stop safety infringement

2013 Singapore Grand Prix

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Lotus have been given a reprimand following a pit lane safety rules infringement during the Singapore Grand Prix.

A member of the team’s pit crew was not wearing head protection when Romain Grosjean made a pit stop during the race.

The stewards ruled Lotus were in violation of article 23.11 of the Sporting Regulations which states: “All team personnel carrying out any work on a car during a race pit stop must be wearing head protection.”

2013 Singapore Grand Prix

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12 comments on “Lotus reprimanded for pit stop safety infringement”

  1. Could anyone explain to me how reprimands for teams work? It’s also a quite stupid thing to forget something this simple, especially for a front running team like Lotus.

    1. I’m not sure the Renault guys even have helmets?

  2. Liam McShane (@)
    22nd September 2013, 18:58

    Wasn’t it a Renault mechanic though?

    1. He was in the pit lane working on the car, he needs a helmet.

  3. This and the Webber penalty are really showing the F1s true face these days. I mean the Reanult guy had to get there as quickly as possible and fix that thing.
    Do they really have to follow the rules so blindly? If law enforcement and courts were doing the same thing we’d be better of with communism or some other totalitarian thing.

    1. Rules are made to follow. It’s only a reprimand.
      If it was a totalitarian regime, they’ve ordered to shoot the mechanic. And jailed the driver. Be careful what you wish for.

  4. @motor_mad My thoughts exactly. How can Enstone be penalized for the actions of a Renault mechanic?

    Are the teams obligated to provide safety equipment for mechanics who aren’t part of their crew?

    1. But of course Lotus will be penalized for infringement of rules done by people working on their cars, in and from their garage. They can probably even be penalized if a guest of their garage during the race do something wrong. The team is responsible for instructing and controlling everyone invited to their garage, who else could be responsible?

    2. I think the team is responsible that every person that works on their car wears the correct safety equipment. While the renault engine technician (or whoever he was) is not technically a lotus employee he is part of the crew that does work on the car on pitstops and therefore lotus has the responsibility that the crew wearing the safety equipment.

      It is a common practise in every business. The boss of the worksite is responsible that all the people on the worksite wear the correct safety equipment no matter who is paying their wages.

      1. Exactly, well said.

      2. @socksolid

        What you’re saying makes complete sense – but is there precedent or rules which outline this for teams?

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