Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Singapore, 2013

Sebastian Vettel wins the Singapore Grand Prix

2013 Singapore Grand Prix summary

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Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Singapore, 2013Sebastian Vettel dominated the Singapore Grand Prix, leading every lap of the race on his way to his seventh victory of the year.

He was joined on the podium by championship rivals Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen, who limited the damage in the points standings on a day when the Red Bull driver looked unstoppable.

Both drivers made their final pit stops during a mid-race Safety Car period triggered by Daniel Ricciardo crashing at turn 18. Several of their rivals who stayed out – including Mark Webber and both Red Bulls – had to make a later stop and then fight their way back through the field.

Webber made it as far as fourth place before his car developed a problem. He eventually pulled off on the final lap and was classified out of the points.

That promoted the Mercedes duo of Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton, followed by Felipe Massa.

Paul di Resta held Massa at bay before sliding off at turn seven seven laps from home. That promoted the McLarens of Jenson Button and Sergio Perez, the former having been in contention for a podium finish until the final laps.

Nico Hulkenberg took ninth place ahead of Adrian Sutil, who was the only driver to start the race on the medium tyres.

2013 Singapore Grand Prix

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21 comments on “Sebastian Vettel wins the Singapore Grand Prix”

  1. Domination : Noun
    The exercise of control or influence over someone or something, or the state of being so controlled.
    Sebastian vettel & Red Bull Racing -dominance – mastery – dominion – rule – command

  2. Michael Brown (@)
    22nd September 2013, 15:53

    The new turn 10 has won me over. I wish they could have put the apex closer to the wall to make it more of a Tabac-like corner.

    I dislike how the Pirelli tires are reducing the quality of racing. Yes tire saving has always been a part of racing, but even with harder tires you don’t want to slide them around because that will increase wear and lap time. With these Pirellis, not being careful with them will punish you more severely than the harder tires of the past.

  3. 2 seconds per lap faster. I don’t remember any team having that kind of advantage since Ferrari in some races of 2004.

    Well then… can’t wait until 2014.

    1. He was faster than anyone today, but the 2 seconds gap is exaggerated because everyone was trying to save tyres while he wasn’t

      1. I don’t understand such a comment, at some point of the race, it was Vettel – massive gap – Rosberg, Webber, Hamilton.

        Why couldn’t Webber or Hamilton attack to pass the guy before them, were they actually saving tyres or were they just slow?

    2. We must not forget that Webber was nowhere near Vettel today, so it’s not only the car, both Vettel and Red Bull are fantastic at the moment.

      1. +1 Diceman…

        Somehow according to Vettel Nay Sayers Only Vettel’s car is Designed by Newey’s … Mark’s car was designed somewhere else…. LOL….

        Of course they also they Newey Designed Vettel’s car in 2008…. Just to make sure that no Credit was given to him in any which way possible ….

  4. Have been seeing some comments in other threads about other drivers being not capable enough and resulting this 2+ per lap gap. And I can not disagree more. It is a combination of the sheer brilliance of Newey and an almost perfect drive by Vettel. Without the car being class apart, you can not drive it comfortably 2 sec faster than any other cars around! Not even if your name is Ayrton Senna.
    Not taking anything away from Vettel, Newey has just done wonders over last three years.

    But having said that, Vettel never put his foot wrong this weekend (well, how much do I hate this to say, but probably the same words would remain valid for next 4 races). Brilliant drive from Alonso and Kimi as well, but Alonso could not do any better, may be in qualifying he should have been ahead of Massa but he crossed him in the start line anyway. Impressive from Kimi driving from 13th to third

    1. Yes it is both . Vettel just drives the car to its absolute maximum . I was a bit surprised that why he did not have any gear troubles I mean what could they have done to avoid that between two races ?

      I think all the teams will go :O . Such is the power of Red Bull and Vettel

      1. When he pulled away a 20+ sec gap between him and Rosberg, I thought Rosberg wouldn’t stop again so Vettel needed a 30 sec gap to make a pit-stop and come ahead of him after the pit-stop.

        But in fact Rosberg wasn’t saving his tyres, Vettel was just 2 seconds per lap faster, it’s just incredible.

  5. Sheer and utter dominance from Vettel. Yes, some argue that other drivers are better…but at the end of the day, statistics prove otherwise. Seb will go down in history as the best.

  6. RE: The booing: Some people may disagree with it, but you have to wonder why they only boo Vettel. Sure he wins more than anyone else, but Schumi only rarely got that sort of treatment when he was dominating. Vettel wasn’t booed last year, but Hamilton was in Italy (passed off as just being the usual tifosi behaviour) and Alonso was in Brazil (because of Massa’s gearbox in Austin), yet no one seemed overly bothered. As much as Vettel fans would love to pass it off as just people annoyed at him winning, it quite clearly is not. The reason he is booed is because of Malaysia, he lost so much respect that day as it was a cheap shot on his team mate and made the sport look bad. Booing might not seem like good sportsmanship, but Vettel wasn’t sportsman like in Malaysia either. Two wrongs don’t make a right but booing is the only way for people to show what they think. F1 fans are passionate about the sport, and are the only reason it is so successful globally, they have a right to show their emotions and express their opinions; it’s not as if it’s as bad as Barcelona 2008.
    Anyway, it’s understandable that quite a few people disagree, as it’s a prickly subject, but you have to see both sides of the story and personally I think both (Vettel and booing fans) are in the wrong. The problem now is how to resolve the problem.

  7. Is this not what they call a “Grand Slam” in F1? Pole, lead every lap, fastest lap, and the win. No matter what anyone thinks of Seb, you gotta hand it to him…he gets ‘er done.

  8. Great job by Seb today… Webber’s performance shows (as it had for years) that it’s more than just Newey winning WDC’s…

    Sadly though the haters will still come out and bleat about Newey.

  9. Yawn, accidentally looked here, saw who won and…probably wont bother to watch the BBC “highlights” now…another whitewash ah…its getting old.

  10. A third Grand Chalem by Vettel… And a victory by nearly 60 seconds counting his final lead, and the lead wiped out under the safety car.

  11. A WoW and Three Cheers to Vettel ….

    And a Big BOO to the BOOers and Vettel Nay Sayers…..

  12. the World championship has been ruined by a one man team, more so this year than last season, where u see a redbull either 1st or second, it’s becoming again like the days of 2000-2004, where the best car by miles is clearly heading most of the races….shhssshh!!!!

  13. can’t I even say anything on this post ? @keithcollantine what is that about (why are my comments awaiting review ? ) I have not said anything offensive at all .

  14. So Kimi’s lap record stays?? I thought this year might see a new lap record!

  15. including Mark Webber and both Red Bulls

    @keithcollantine should be Mercedes

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