21 comments on “Lotus E22 render, top, 2014”

  1. One of the front “prongs” is longer than the other….

    1. That’s the nose for regulation purposes. The other tusk is not a nose as it starts more than 50 mm behind the nose.

    2. my OCD is killing me

  2. Nice to see that Lotus are taking the effort to make sure their car sounds nice by putting a tuning fork on the front of it…

    Seriously though, how can that be good aerodynamics?

    1. The air in the middle is least disturbed by the suspension. So the advantage of the fork design over the single nose in the middle is that more clean air gets towards the back. On the other hand, the overall frontal area is probably larger.

      1. @mike-dee – For that purpose wouldn’t it be better to have some sort of vertical blades as tips of the “fork”?

        1. that won’t be allowed as the cross-sectional area of the nose needs to be 9000 mm² 50 mm behind the front. Now the secondary tusk could be slimmer than it is but this would make the airflow very asymmetrical.

  3. “Lotus announce new technical director Bruce Wayne”

  4. Looks like the Lotus has a Champagne holder at the front of the car. Talk about luxury …

  5. looks like it has camel toe!

  6. @mike-dee so whats with the unequal lengths?

    1. you are only allowed one nose. This is measured 50 mm behind the front of the car, where you need to have a single cross section of more than 9000 mm².


  7. The Blade Runner (@)
    24th January 2014, 15:59

    I predict a new saying:

    “As happy as a Lotus with two noses”

  8. the outlets on the back look very similar to the McLaren.
    The front looks like Danniella Westbrook..

  9. well, that is an interesting way around the regulations.

    1. yes it is, and as an OCD I don’t like it one bit, but I love lotus and can live with it

  10. let’s not get away from this:
    that nose is CLEARLY asymmetrical *yuck*

  11. I wonder if the unequal nose lengths can be switched to suit clockwise and anticlockwise circuits. The rendered arrangement might be more advantageous when turning left, collecting more air into the nose tunnel when downforce is needed most. Might only make a small difference. I imagine, though, that this would require homolgating two crash structures.

    Why does my spell checker want to replace homolgating with woolgathering?

  12. They are trying to destroy F1. Every year the cars get more ridiculous.

  13. I think this is the best looking nose so far. It looks to be strangely asymmetrical, like one of the “toes” is longer than the other. What’s going on there?

  14. I think that Lotus has gone a bit overboard with the hybrid technology. Clearly, the nose of the car has been designed to plug into an electrical outlet in order to charge the KERS on race day. Either that, or the new motto at Lotus is “We will Have Our Steak and Eat It Too”.

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