Lotus E22 render, front three-quarter, 2014

Lotus E22 render, front three-quarter, 2014

Link to this image full-size: https://www.racefans.net/2014/01/24/lotus-e22-first-picture/lotus-e22/

Lotus E22 render, front three-quarter, 2014

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Lotus E22 render, front three-quarter, 2014

18 comments on “Lotus E22 render, front three-quarter, 2014”

  1. Now that’s one ugly car… This season I’ll listen to the races on the radio instead of TV.

  2. Somebody murder me in my sleep as soon as possible.

  3. everybody is complaining about the design of the new mclaren.. i see a bigger concern with this lotus..

  4. Interesting interpretation of the new ruling on lower noses. Will still provide plenty of airflow to underside of car. Ferrari must already be changing theirs for tomorrows launch or complaining to the fia trying to ban then cos they haven’t got them. Nice thinking lotus. Better than the anteater mclaren and Williams mock up they released, and def better looking than the stepped noses of last year.

  5. Wow, it’s the Lotus camel-toe!

    1. lol, you beat me too it… spot on

    2. hahhahahha. Great match for the Mercedes wing

  6. I have not really been that offended by the “anteater” noses, but this! I absolutely hate it. Worst looking car since the walrus nosed FW26…

  7. Haven’t seen it from the front, but I like the design very much. This solution to the anteater nose problem is by far the least ugly until now. And the Lotus livery is usually working well.
    Its not as boring slick as the McLaren, which I look forward to seeing on track.

  8. The nose at least looks nicer than those silly looking droopy ones on the williams and Mcclaren. Livery looks nice as ever.

  9. I love it !

    Camel tongue I love more

  10. Goddam iPad spellchecker…

    Toe I meant lolzo

  11. Why the heck is the nose Asymmetrical?

  12. Btw Keith, I wish I could Facebook some of these images… I’m not famous so I dont do twitter…

  13. Wow, first F1 forklift

  14. well i like it,it’s different and they can change it every time…but i’m not worry about the split nose,it’s the french boulier going to mclaren…now that’s a problem!!!

  15. You put your right nose out, you put your right nose in, you put your right nose out and you shake it all about…

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