Alonso welcomes qualifying changes

2014 Australian Grand Prix

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Fernando Alonso has welcomed the changes to the qualifying rules which will see drivers allocated an extra set of the ‘option’ tyre compound after Q2.

“I think this change is welcome, we’ll see more cars on track,” said Alonso. “I arrive many times with no new sets for Q3, so now I’m happy.”

However he said change would “not be huge difference, from the outside especially”.

“There was some cars that didn’t run in Q3 or they did only one run in Q3, now maybe we see an extra lap for everybody. But apart of that I think it’s not a huge change in approach in the qualifying for the teams, for the drivers.”

Alonso would not be drawn on how competitive his Ferrari might be in the first race of the year.

“I think it’s very difficult to tell how competitive we are at the moment,” he said. “We will know some answers in 24 hours or 48 hours, we will know a little bit more than what we know now.”

“But I think the car itself and the technology that Formula One brought this year is a little bit complex to everyone and we are learning and we are developing the car every day that we work on it.

“So as I said, a little bit unknown situation for everybody, we just need to put everything together, maximise what we have and see where we are.”

2014 Australian Grand Prix

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8 comments on “Alonso welcomes qualifying changes”

  1. Ferrari have been a bit of an enigma in winter testing. It’s widely accepted that Red Bull/Renault are struggling, and that Mercedes is doing well. Ferrari however, blow both hot and cold. One day, they praise the fuel consumption and cooling system of the car, the next day they fear of being 1 second/lap slower than the pace setters.

    1. I agree. All we can do is hope that they have got it nailed down completely and get ready for a MERC/FERRARI season!

  2. I think Alonso sees the rule as we do. A small meaningless improve. There will be more cars running in q3 but lapping in other parts of quali is going to harm the chances of the lesser teams as tyres will still constitute a problem. Net result quali enforces the strength of the good teams whilst making more chances for the midfield to get ta gled. Aiming for 11th I say.

    1. petebaldwin (@)
      13th March 2014, 13:35

      I wouldn’t say “meaningless.” Whatever the situation, Q3 is now going to be a better specacle than it was last year.

      All 10 drivers will get a chance to run at least one lap at full pace without having to worry about tyres! Also, I imagine it might cause problems for them in Q2 with drivers needing to do a quick enough lap to get into the top 10 but not wanting to take much out of the tyres.

    2. A bit pessimistic but I tend to agree, potentially it could actually harm the midfield. As always we’ll only know when the dust settles though I guess…

  3. Alonso doesnt say and count nothing about tire specs this year, the tires are more robust and last a bit longer.. so the FIA change is not only the extra set but also more laps per tyre set.

    1. More robust? I thought Pirelli said they expect two or three tyre stops — same as last year. The tyres may really be better built, but the added torque will kill them quicker…

  4. I think Ferrari are sandbagging a bit. I’m guessing (and this is pure speculation) that Mercedes will go 1-2, and Ferrari will be 3-4, ahead of the other Mercedes powered teams.

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