Rossi to make practice return in Canada and USA

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Alexander Rossi will drive in practice sessions for Caterham at the two North American rounds of the championship as he did last year.

Rossi will have his fourth run in a practice session at the Canadian Grand Prix in June and also drive at his home event in Austin.

The Californian made his debut in an F1 session at the 2012 Spanish Grand Prix.

Rossi has not yet driven the CT05, making the Canadian event his first taste of the new 2014 machinery. He is driving for Caterham’s GP2 team this year but failed to score at the opening round in Bahrain.

“I’ve built up a lot of hours in the F1 simulator already this year, but Montreal will be my first visit behind the wheel of the CT05 on track,” said Rossi.

“Each time I step into F1 machinery there is an important job to do. Montreal and Austin are important races for me and I want to thank Caterham for the opportunity to continue my development to a full time race seat in F1.”

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7 comments on “Rossi to make practice return in Canada and USA”

  1. I’ve just read all about him on Wikipedia. He sounds pretty handy. But he does seem to have a tendency to jump ship very often.

    1. I think he’ll jump ship to drive for Haas for 2015.

      1. Considering a decent driver like Kovaleinein couldnt hold on to his seat, and the threat of Caterham quitting, that would be a good decision. Besides, very few drivers dont jump ship.

        1. Not to mention that he’s up against Robin Frijns and could be moved sideways into Caterham sportscars. But he’s got good support from the team up until now.

  2. Rossi has not yet driven the CT05, making the Canadian event his first taste of the new 2014 machinery.

    So…how long until he puts it into a wall?

    1. The* Wall (The wall of champions!)

  3. For a second I was thinking of Valentino. Shame. That would be interesting.

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