Force India VJM08, 2015

Hulkenberg will be first to drive new Force India

2015 F1 season

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Force India VJM08, 2015Nico Hulkenberg will give the new Force India VJM08 its maiden run at the Circuit de Catalunya.

The team say the car, which is currently on its way to the track, should run for the first time during the afternoon of tomorrow’s test.

Hulkenberg will remain in the car on Saturday and Sergio Perez will drive it for the first time on Sunday.

The final four-day pre-season test began this morning. Force India did not appear at the first test in Jerez and used its 2014 chassis for the second test last week.

2015 F1 season

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  1. they will probably still end up doing more laps than Mclaren :-P

    1. +1 … anyone knows what is the problem with MCL today? from live chat i didnt saw it.

      1. Power Unit Issues..

      2. The usual.

      3. Hydraulic Leaks so Engine Change Required

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