Pirelli selects softer tyres for Italian Grand Prix

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Pirelli will make its first departure from last year’s tyre allocations at the Italian Grand Prix in September.

Formula One’s official tyre supplier will bring its soft and medium-compound tyres for the race at Monza, having previously chosen the hardest tyres in its range for the event at the fastest circuit on the F1 calendar.

Following the last round in Canada, where most drivers were able to complete the race making only a single pit stop, Pirelli faced some criticism for being too conservative with its compounds for 2015.

The same tyre allocation will also be used for the races at Spa-Francorchamps and the Hungaroring. Pirelli will bring its hardest tyres for the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

Circuit2015 Option2015 Prime2014 Option2014 Prime
Monte-CarloSuper-softSoftSuper SoftSoft
MontrealSuper-softSoftSuper SoftSoft
Red Bull RingSuper-softSoftSuper SoftSoft
SingaporeSuper SoftSoft
Circuit of the AmericasSoftMedium
Yas MarinaSuper SoftSoft

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11 comments on “Pirelli selects softer tyres for Italian Grand Prix”

  1. That’s good news, I think, and I hope we will see some fast lap times in Monza this year. Too bad they didn’t go for softer tyres in Hungary and Silverstone, though, as in the past we have also had, respectively, super-soft and soft, and soft and medium at those tracks.

  2. really feel they could have gone with soft and hard at Silverstone could have made things more interesting IMO

  3. They should have done the same for Spa and the Hungaroring…

  4. Am i one of the few who was actually happy with how the tyres turned out to be in Canada?The number of pit stops isn’t what makes a race!Besides we still saw people shopping twice and Vettel stopping as early as lap 8!People want them durable but when it happens they want them softer…Go figure!I really feel for Pirelli this time!In my opinion what made the race relatively boring was the lack of a fight to and between the Mercs…The conservation radio calls could have perhaps been edited out better but didn’t really bother me as these cars are afterall edgy twitchy-optimised prototypes,not a 500€ go-kart to trash like it’s no one’s business; also it’s the teams themselves who under-fueled the cars,not the FIA or Bernie

    1. I agree with you on the tyres and pit stop strategies.

      It’s just a desperate situation in general that whatever happens results don’t change. Mercedes are gonna win all the races. No one is fast enough to even push them beyond reliability limits as they’ve mostly sorted out last year’s technical issues.

    2. While I didn’t get to see Canada I agree wholeheartedly with you about the tyres and pit stops, as far as I am concerned less is more. I do not understand how people who call themselves fans can be calling for more artificial gimmicks to prevent the fastest car/driver combination winning. While I would applaud a non Mercedes win I would only enjoy it if it was the result of on track action not pit stop strategy and tyre nursing.
      I imagine both Bernie and Arriverbene lobbied Pirelli for this change, winning Monza, a power circuit, was always the most important result of the season for Enzo and nothing has changed in that regard, Bernie meanwhile always wants a close battle for the championship or any chance (triple points etc) of an upset, for him it is the holy grail and he can’t see beyond it.

  5. Could have got away with S and SS in Hungary…

    1. Will be a disaster if it is ridiculously hot there when the race happens. @satchelcharge

  6. Also agree with @bezza695, S and Hard at Silverstone would have been interesting.

  7. Interesting….likely to be warm and softer tyres to help a potential Ferrari win?

    As a Ferrari fan I have no issue with it but someone is bound to mention it…whooops I just have.

  8. Someone made a good point in a previous comment section, nowadays we never see a gap between the compounds: I remember the hard and soft, for example, in the 2012 season, maybe at Valencia?

    Anyway, maybe this has contributed to the lack of racing?

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