Renault RS16: First pictures revealed

2016 F1 season

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The Renault RS16 has appeared in testing at the Circuit de Catalunya. The car is closely based on the design the team used last year, when it was Lotus, with alterations at the rear to accommodate a Renault power unit instead of a Mercedes.

This has resulted in “major changes are at the back of the chassis” according to technical director Nick Chester, “particularly how we have laid out the cooling system”.

Although much of the rest of the car is evolutionary, Renault already plans to introduce a substantial upgrade for at the next test.

“We have a comprehensive development plan over season,” said Chester. “Our aero programme is ongoing and we’ll be trying to bring bodywork updates to put even more downforce on the car.”

“In parallel we also have a suspension programme to bring mechanical updates, with sizeable upgrades scheduled for the first test after Barcelona. Other than that we aim to have a normal winter testing programme, putting the mileage on the car and parts and building confidence in all systems.”

Renault is using an interim testing livery on the car.

Renault RS16 pictures

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7 comments on “Renault RS16: First pictures revealed”

  1. The black with subtle yellow doesnt really look striking. Looks like they wanted to hide the car on tarmac?

    1. “Renault is using an interim testing livery on the car.”

      1. Splash some yellow on the sidepods and this would be a looker.

  2. Interestingly Renault and Red Bull both have different wastegate pipe configuration.

  3. Its interesting how the rear suspension is connected much further forward than i’ve ever seen. Scarbs posted a pic of it on Autosport but without comment. Does anyone know why they would do that and what are the advantages/drawbacks?

  4. The nose looks very Mercedes. I don’t remember if it looked like that at the end of last year.

  5. it should have more of yellow…80%

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