2016 pre-season testing day four in pictures

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Pictures from day four of 2016 pre-season testing at the Circuit de Catalunya.

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8 comments on “2016 pre-season testing day four in pictures”

  1. In the first batch of the day we’ve got Mercedes’ new nose and S-duct, another shot of the huge amounts of rake on the Red Bull and a great picture of Magnussen’s Renault glinting in the morning light. More to come…

    1. How the heck can Mercedes’ front wing stay attached? We’ve seen wings fail on their own already, with such a small part of the wing connected to the nose I’m surprised the downforce doesn’t tear it apart!

      1. @fixy – You see those two bolts there? My guess would be that the wing itself has along the span in the pylon region some sort of spar or reinforced region. With those two bolts conecting the wing, via that region, to the pylons, the momentum and forces are better balanced. I may be completely off, though.

        1. That should be chord and stringer instead of span and spar, respectively!

      2. Sorry to ask something that might be obvious for many, but what and where is the S-duct? Is that hole above the number in the Mercs?

        1. “What it does is take air flow from the underside of the nose via an S-shaped duct to bring it out on the top of the chassis. In simple terms, it speeds and cleans up airflow and gives more downforce.” Yes the exit of the S-duct is just above the drivers number! The S-duct is not a new thing, it has been around for a few years and already used by teams such as the Toro Rosso and Force India. Most teams use it

  2. That’s a great photo showing Red Bull’s aggressive rake. Such a shame that wing size wasn’t reduced in place for more underbody downforce for 2017.

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