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Haas to try new brake supplier again

2017 British Grand Prix

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Haas will try using Carbone Industrie brakes again at this weekend’s British Grand Prix following an unsuccessful experiment with them in Russia.

The team has been trying to get to the bottom of persisting braking problems which have affected Romain Grosjean in particular.

“We have a plan to fit the cars with Carbon Industrie brakes on Friday – both cars in FP1 and, hopefully, FP2 – to see if it all works on our second attempt,” confirmed team principal Guenther Steiner.

“If it all works, we will use them over the weekend, but we can only commit to that after we’ve had one practice.”

Haas experimented with Carbone Industrie brakes in practice at Sochi but discovered they were overheating. They reverted to Brembo hardware for that race and subsequent rounds.

Steiner confirmed the team has made changes to its car to improve brake cooling. “The aerodynamics team did a lot of CFD work and then we had to modify the brake discs according to what we found using CFD,” he said.

Grosjean, who gave the team their best result of the season so far on Sunday, predicted the 2017 cars will be considerably faster around Silverstone, which is one of the fastest circuits on the calendar.

“I think it’s going to be one of the most exciting tracks of the year to drive,” he said. “With the new cars, we’re really going to have a lot of downforce, a lot of g-forces through the high-speed corners – which were already really good with the previous cars. Now we’re going to get to another level and I’m looking forward to discovering that.”

2017 British Grand Prix

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  • 13 comments on “Haas to try new brake supplier again”

      1. Pretty sure Romain would prefer that to brake discs !

    1. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
      11th July 2017, 13:50

      If the many suppliers give a bad result, it’s not a Haas construction problem then?

      1. I suspect it’s a Grosjean driving style problem. Hamilton is known for his braking, and he went through some issues a few years back. Maybe Grosjean is similar.

    2. Umar A (@umartajuddin)
      11th July 2017, 15:34

      @keithcollantine can you provide any insight into why its so hard for Haas to resolve their brake problems? Are they doing something different to the other teams? Would love to know more about why it wont go away.

      1. Marian Gri (@)
        11th July 2017, 17:10

        Maybe Dallara expects more money from HAAS…

        1. Racerdude7730
          11th July 2017, 21:46

          What’s that supposed to even mean?

          1. Marian Gri (@)
            12th July 2017, 6:01

            Just some thought… As far as I know, Dallara designed the Haas chassis in 2016 and 2017, maybe they’ll like to get extra money for updates over the course of a season.

    3. Brakes are a balancing act. You need to cool them ofcourse, but cool to much and the drop below the working temperature, as a result no more braking. They have to keep the temps stable, not to hot, not to cold. So it is a part of the aero design, brake duct design, brake disc design. Also it is a setup thing, finetuned to the drivers style.

      But stil, i wonder why they can’t just fit Ferrari brakes.

      1. And that’s just the mechanical/friction brakes. Toss in brake by wire (BBW) on the rear axle and how aggressively/gently that is tuned and triggered, and its a whole new level of complexity to deal with.

    4. My mom allways motorbrakes through the curves – so just one gear down and let it roll on neutral through – and then ad some speeder out of the curve..should solve the problem – could I write directly to GRO some where?????

      (This is how I feel when everybody write their stupid comments about how the brake issue should be solved – the real experts are on it, believe me…)

    5. Haas are unstoppable.

      Someone needs to put the brakes on Haas.

      Haas corners like a runaway train.

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