Rally champion Ogier tests Red Bull F1 car

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Four-times World Rally champion Sebastien Ogier has tested a Formula One car for the first time.

The 33-year-old, who has held the WRC title since 2013, drove a Red Bull RB7 from the 2011 season. The test took place at the Red Bull Ring, home of the Austrian Grand Prix.

Ogier is on course for a fifth WRC title
“As a kid I was watching Ayrton [Senna], he was my idol, and of course I was dreaming one day to try this kind of car,” said Ogier.

“For a racing driver to have fun you need to be fast and a Formula One car is the fastest car you can drive, so of course every racing driver wants to feel that one day,” he added.

Ogier, who is sponsored by Red Bull, won his championships with Volkswagen. However the manufacturer’s abrupt departure from the series at the end of last year saw Ogier move to M-Sport. He currently leads the stands by 11 points from Thierry Neuville having won two rallies so far.

Sebastian Vettel used the RB7 to win the 2011 drivers’ crown. The car took a total of 12 grand prix victories and secured the team’s second constructors’ championship title.

Pictures: Sebastian Ogier’s Red Bull F1 car test

Video: Sebastian Ogier’s Red Bull F1 car test

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15 comments on “Rally champion Ogier tests Red Bull F1 car”

  1. Ogier to replace Palmer at Renault by Sunday.

    You read it here first

    1. Ogier’s like the Romain Grosjean of WRC, expect he’s talented.

      1. Anger issues?

    2. Ogier to Toro Rosso next season?

      1. @zimkazimka Extremely unlikely.

    3. According to Bild, Kubica’s will replace Palmer if his test is successful.

  2. Seriously, I would love to see him compete, I think he has more talent than half the current grid.
    In a few races, I think, Ogier could understand the car in its entirety, it would be fabulous to see.
    I think Ogier’s talent behind the wheel is superior in many ways, to any driver today.
    …I would love to see it.

    1. Except for the fact that Neuville has been the quickest driver this season, followed by Tanak, Ogier’s teammate.

      1. No no no, the fact is that Ogier is currently leading the world championship, Neuville is currently in second place, Ogirer has four world championships, Neuville nothing, Tanaka nothing.
        I feel it, but I think your appreciation is not correct.
        Ogier clearly could have a place in F1, without a doubt.

      2. Ogier has actually been very average this season when it comes to pure pace. His biggest strength is that he doesn’t make big mistakes, and while that won him 4 titles in Wolkswagen, I really hope the fastest driver (Neuville) wins the title this year.

        1. @diceman, not to mention that the VW rally team probably has more resources at its disposal than the rest of the field combined, to the point where they agreed to bring in development freezes in the past to prevent them destroying the series altogether by becoming too dominant.

          Yes, he has taken four titles now, but those four titles have come in an era where his opponents in the WRC are fairly weak, in much the same way that some of the titles that Loeb took in the latter part of his career were also against a rather weakened field.

  3. Would have prefered the RB6. What a car. Had it been reliable, it would have been a truly dominant car. One of the best cars Adrian Newey ever designed, and one of the most stunning in my opinion.

  4. Estaban de los Casas
    20th July 2017, 3:07

    Go look at a Brabham BT52

    1. That was Gordon Murray…
      Newby was in CART at that time

  5. No snarky comment about Kvyat or Sainz?


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