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Magnussen handed grid penalty for holding up Perez

2017 United States Grand Prix

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Kevin Magnussen has been given a grid penalty for the United States Grand Prix for holding up Sergio Perez during qualifying.

The Haas team and driver took responsibility for the incident and apologised to Perez. Haas said they had incorrectly told Magnussen that Perez was not on a timed lap and therefore did not need to be let past.

After speaking to both drivers and considering television and CCTV footage of the incident as well as team radio messages, the stewards gave Magnussen a three-place penalty.

“The driver of car 20 admitted he had impeded car 11 and the team admitted it had inadvertently incorrectly advised the driver that Perez was on an out-lap,” the stewards noted. “The driver and team apologised to the driver of car 11 for the error.”

Magnussen was also given a penalty point on his licence for impeding Perez. It’s the eighth penalty point he’s been given in the current 12-month period which is more than any driver besides Daniil Kvyat, who has 10.

This is the second penalty for impeding the stewards have issued this year from a total of five investigations. Lance Stroll remains under investigation for impeding Romain Grosjean.

Perez acknowledged Magnussen “didn’t do it on purpose” but added “often him or Haas have been getting the information wrong so I think it’s something they have to improve at.” He pointed out the incident meant he had to use an extra set of ultra-soft tyres in Q1, leaving him with one fewer set for Q3.

2017 United States Grand Prix

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    8 comments on “Magnussen handed grid penalty for holding up Perez”

    1. This was fairly inconsequential though, in the scheme of things.

      1. +Aquataz
        Easy for you to say….

    2. Waiting to hear if Stroll will be penalized for his nonsense…

    3. “Come on, get that Haas out of the way!”

      1. I’m a bit disappointed Checo didn’t say “Alonso was right… Hulkenburg WAS right!”

    4. I don’t understand how can it be so difficult for the teams to give correct information regarding whether a driver behind is on a flying lap or an out lap.

    5. Feel sorry for MAG who was totally let down by his own team!
      Telling him PER was on a outlap and not a qualify – and worst part didn’t check his car after his spinn in fp2 so he was driving with a loose floor all qualify. Even the saubers was faster!
      Gene have to address this to Steiner – Haas will have to do better! Their pace haven’t been good all fp’s this weekend so there is a lot to work with if they want to keep in front of Mclaren and Renault – but think its too late now… still sorry for MAG but nice to hear there is no bs about blame – sorry for PER too!

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