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Unwell Magnussen to have medical check before final practice

2017 Mexican Grand Prix

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Kevin Magnussen will under a check by the medical delegate to assess his condition before final practice, the FIA has confirmed.

The Haas driver has been given permission not to take part in today’s driver briefing.

“The stewards, have received a request from Haas F1 Team to excuse the driver of car 20, Kevin Magnussen from the driver’s briefing today due to an ongoing medical condition,” the FIA announced.

“The stewards give permission for the driver to be excused from the briefing and understand that the FIA medical delegate will assess the condition of the driver in advance of P3 tomorrow.”

A Haas spokesperson said Magnussen was “simply under the weather” and will “get some rest at hotel to be ready for tomorrow”.

Magnussen drove in both of today’s practice sessions at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez. Antonio Giovinazzi drove Romain Grosjean’s car in first practice.

The team also received a €1,000 fine after Magnussen was found to have broke the speed limit during the second session.

Team principal Guenther Steiner said it had been a “tough” day’s running for the team.

2017 Mexican Grand Prix

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  • 15 comments on “Unwell Magnussen to have medical check before final practice”

    1. Montezuma’s revenge

    2. I saw the headline for the radio highlights saying ” get a spare suit “, I saw this headline, and my mind did a 2+2 to arrive at 5 😶

    3. Unfortunately this is not uncommon in Mexico. The water is not drinkable there (they can’t seperate the sewage from the drinking water) and the vegetables are not cleaned, so eating salads is a bad idea there. And Mexican food in Mexico City is either hot, napalm on a plate or nuclear energy masquerading as food.

      1. either hot, napalm on a plate or nuclear energy masquerading as food.


        Maybe they could try burning this instead of oil!

        1. They would probably get 200 extra hp.

      2. Yes cause all the F1 teams are out just picking up whatever supplies they can find locally? Next time be a little less uninformed and pretentious before you type, you’ll look much less stupid.

        1. I didn’t say all the F1 teams did that. Maybe just the Haas chef does that. In some countries team chefs buy some of their food locally. Who knows what happened to Magnussen; I am just half-joking here.

    4. Hope he get well soon..
      MAG is delivering what you actually wants to see – overtakes, action and fight for every position – like VES does it on a higher level… Think its great for the sport with these daring types who are looking for the gap all the time or defends with all they got..look at the last lap with VES last race – that was the end we all have been waiting for (and this time not ruined by ALO thinking he was god). It was GREAT sport! And the whining established drivers just have to learn that they can’t get a certifikat saying that the position belongs to them – only penaltys will save them – once in a while…
      So please get well for the race!!

    5. Hulkenberg was right…

      The guy doesn’t wash his hands.

    6. Magnussen was found to have broke the speed limit

      broken the speed limit?

      1. Hopefully its in the pit – maybe a yellow flag…but agree sounds like nonsens..

      2. He had to go to the loo, that’s why

    7. Why is the picture used in the article of Gioinazzi? :p

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