Hyper-soft tyre, Circuit de Catalunya, 2018

Monaco will be first race for new hyper-soft tyre

2018 F1 season

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Pirelli’s new hyper-soft tyre will be used for the first time at the Monaco Grand Prix in May.

Formula One’s official tyre supplier confirmed last week the softest compound in its range had been chosen for the Canadian Grand Prix. While the Monaco Grand Prix takes place sooner, the tyre selection for the race is announced later.

Tyres, Circuit de Catalunya, 2018
New seven-tyre range won’t confuse fans, Pirelli insists
“We have two weeks’ time to confirm the allocation for Monaco,” said Pirelli sporting director Mario Isola, “but it is clear and it is no surprise that we are planning to use the hyper-soft in Monaco.”

“The first race where we see the hyper-soft is not Montreal but it is Monaco just because Montreal is an overseas event so we had to select the compounds 15 weeks in advance, Monaco is a European events, it’s nine weeks in advance.”

Isola confirmed the teams had encountered some graining with Pirelli’s new tyres during the test which he believes is related to the new surface at the Circuit de Catalunya.

“Graining is new compared to last year,” he said, “last year we didn’t have any graining.”

“But I feel that the new Tarmac is generating a bit of graining because it is smooth and he have some sliding especially on the front left which is generating this graining. We have to confirm we have this kind of effect when we come back in May with higher temperatures.”

Some teams also found their tyres were blistering during runs, which Isola said was “not a surprise considering the level of energy that the new cars are putting on the tyres.”

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9 comments on “Monaco will be first race for new hyper-soft tyre”

  1. Good indicators from Pirelli so far.

    They don’t know why their tyres grain, which means it might occur at other tracks, especially if they have a smooth surface, at least it is their “feeling”. We can wait until May, no worries Isola, mighty good job.

    And they know their tyres blister because of energy the cars put into them (don’t say Sherlock). Image if they had to make tyres specifically to Formula 1, with tyre tests and all , of course they wouldn’t have this kind of problems and compounds that make them look ridiculous…wait…what?

  2. Hopefully, the hyper-soft will be chosen for Singapore, Sochi, and YMC as well.

  3. So finally, we might see some variety in pit strategies (2 stops vs. 1 stop)

  4. Just wait for the Mega Super Hyper Very Extra Soft. They are Black walled and last only two corners…


    How many combinations are now possible for a Grand Prix? I am concerned Fans will struggle to understand the advantages. He was on pink but changed to dark green or both cars had blues on but the lead car went back to the slightly more pale yellows and they gained 8 seconds per lap. Problem is the adjectives to describe the colors and their relative performance is all confusing, especially to those of us who are color blind as l am.

    1. ‘At each race the teams have access to three specifications (or compounds) of these dry-weather tyres.’

  5. “New seven-tyre range won’t confuse fans, Pirelli insists”

    Ha ha!

    It would less confusing if they had named the soft range of tires:
    Softer than Softest

    Not perfect, but better than what we’ve got.

    As it is I’m still trying to research word definitions every time “Ultra” and “Hyper” tires are mentioned.

    ultra – going beyond others or beyond due limit – extreme

    hyper – over, above, beyond, exceedingly, to excess

    Well, that certainly clears it up.

    Can’t wait to hear the F1 talking heads explaining this every single race ad infinitum…

    1. Oh, and by the way, the official Pirelli website page for the Pirelli F1 tire range still shows the tire range from 2017, not 2018. Maybe they’re confused.

  6. “Softer than Softest”

    Or rather Softestest.

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