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No more McLaren F1 runs planned for Alonso

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McLaren are not planning to give Fernando Alonso any further outings in their Formula 1 car, the team has confirmed.

McLaren team principal Andreas Seidl confirmed in response to a question from RaceFans the two-times world champion is unlikely to be seen in their F1 car again this year, leaving race drivers Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz Jnr to continue development of the MCL34.

“We have no plan to put Fernando back in a Formula 1 car at McLaren,” said Seidl. “We are very happy with Lando and Carlos, they’re doing a great job, and they are the future for us. That is also my focus.”

Alonso drove the team’s MCL34 in the test which followed the Bahrain Grand Prix. He participated in the team’s unsuccessful Indianapolis 500 bid, failing to qualify. Following his victory in the Le Mans 24 Hours for Toyota last week he does not have any further races confirmed at present with McLaren or any other team.

“He’s still a member of McLaren, an ambassador for McLaren,” Seidl added. “I think it’s still in discussion what happens in the future with potential other racing projects and we’ll see.”

Alonso joined McLaren in 2015 and stepped down the team when he left F1 at the end of last season. He recently told Spanish media he would consider returning to F1 if he was offered a car in which he could compete for the world championship.

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10 comments on “No more McLaren F1 runs planned for Alonso”

  1. It might be always planned to be brought out this race, but the timing does make me smile somewhat ironically.

  2. Looks like Seidl stamping his authority from the start. Good decision.

  3. I have been wondering for the past few races where the McLaren would be now if Alonso had stayed in F1.

    I admire and like the guy, but perhaps the new blood of Norris and Sainz along with the engine switch (vocalising hate on your engine supplier can never be good) is what the team has needed to make this step up?

    1. I believe all that money they spent on Alonso is being put to better use

    2. Archit (@architjain07)
      22nd June 2019, 21:36

      Just a thought, wasn’t it Alonso who persuaded McLaren to switch to Honda! I agree he does have divisive capabilities but credit should be given where due. With same engine McLaren might be languishing behind Toro Rosso today. McLaren owes this much to Alonso to give him a season of full competitiveness at the front of the grid given he spent 4 years dragging that dog of a car for the team. Azerbaijan 2018 being the performance of his life.

      1. Archit (@architjain07)
        22nd June 2019, 21:37

        Edit: switch to Renault***

      2. @architjain07

        Just a thought, wasn’t it Alonso who persuaded McLaren to switch to Honda

        Yes, it wasn’t, lol.
        That decision was made quite a while before Alonso even thought about McLaren at all. It was announced in May 2013, to be precise.

    3. it took them 4 years to get it right, and there were signs with alonso last season too. mclaren are just being mclaren here. the jerks that they are!

  4. Mclaren are the biggest pieces of junks F1 has! the guy literally kept you in some sorts of headlines when you were nothing and even sacrificed his indy bid thanks to you and this is how you repay him. after screwing him in 2007 you ruined his career completely mclaren. keep lando and sainz, you are not getting on the podium ever again! jerks!

  5. So much waisted time. Join IndyCar full time.

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