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Vettel: Don’t drop German GP for “silly money reasons”

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In the round-up: Sebastian Vettel urges Formula 1 to keep the German Grand Prix on the calendar.

What they say

The Hockenheimring doesn’t have a place on the 2020 F1 calendar yet and Vettel is concerned he might not have a home race next year:

Obviously it’s great to have a race in your home country. It would be a shame if we missed the race that has been so many years in the calendar and so much history here. I think it would be a shame to lose the race just for some silly money reasons.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Social media

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Comment of the day

A hot Friday followed by two days of storms? @Geemac foresees the weekend ahead:

So it’ll go something like this for Mercedes:

Friday: Mercedes are fifth and sixth in first and second practice, Toto Wolff says: “We are really struggling with the high temperatures. we just haven’t got a complete solution for the issues that first came to light in Austria yet. We just have to limit the damage over the weekend.”

Saturday: Mercedes qualify first and second and cooler temperatures: “We truly weren’t expecting this great result, we improved the car overnight and Valtteri and Lewis put in great performances today.”

Sunday: Mercedes cruise to a dominant one-two in even cooler temperatures: “This was a miraculous turnaround and is a true testament to the hard work put in by all the people in our team”.

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16 comments on “Vettel: Don’t drop German GP for “silly money reasons””

  1. Another action packed weekend in store, lots to look forward to, racing point, williams and the weather. Should be a decent layout for these cars, though as ever f1 fans must be ready for that crushing disappointment that is incoming whatever it will be.

  2. Is E sports in China what Symonds was referring to as Liberty working to start a feeder series in China?

    I have this recurring nightmare that motor racing will cease completely and be handed over to gamers. Imagine how great F1 would be if they didn’t have to deal with those pesky teams and drivers.

    1. Who would watch it?

      1. Kids would watch it because they have the game which is more exciting and personal than the real thing. Then their kids will watch it because they will have only seen their parents play the game. The world is turning virtual whether we like it or not.

        1. Doubt it, what do their ratings look like now?

  3. Hey Vettel, I’m sure the Hockenheimring accepts donations, especially since you messed up their wall last year.

    1. Maybe if he became an ambassador, started some kind of crowd/fan funding, with him topping the result up, and talking to potential sponsors, that could help indeed @megatron

      1. Could someone remind me how much Vettel is paid by Ferrari each year.

        1. Do you want that in “German GPs” or “silly money”?

      2. Maybe he could charge people to throw pies in his face, or get him into the dunk tank. It would fit his clown driving persona.

  4. Re Max’s Tweet: I’m glad Max has the sense not to get a tattoo. Also, is this a hint that Daniel will be changing teams in the summer break?

    1. @drycrust – why does it matter if Daniel has a tattoo? It’s his body, he can do what he wants. Many elite athletes have tattoos. The majority of Daniel’s are covered when he’s working.

      As for Max, there’s plenty of time left to get a tattoo.

  5. COTD excellent but forgot to add the post race interviews. LA explains how close the racing with Vettel was despite the 100 second time gap. You have to be a pro racer to understand that intense pressure apparently and he fully expects V to be even closer next race. Toto tells us he told the team not to get complacent because Ferrari are still a real threat, plus he heard some guy in the bier Garten talking about shipping upgraded titanium hex bolts to Italy. So next race we could be in for a real surge in Ferrari pace. He tells he can’t sleep at night worrying about those new bolts.

  6. roberto giacometti
    26th July 2019, 6:07

    This IS Formula 1 after all – EVERYTHING happens for silly money reasons !!

  7. So loads of races have been scrapped of the calender because of silly money reasons, but now the German GP should stay on the calender. Because of what? If nobody shows up to watch it, it is probably not good enough, is it?

  8. “‘You’ve got to get past her,’ he told his boy, ‘because you can’t get beaten by a GIRL.’”
    – LOL.

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