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Russell would “bet my parents’ house” 2020 Williams will be ready on time

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George Russell insists he has full confidence Williams will have their new car ready for the 2020 F1 season in time.

The team missed the start of pre-season testing this year as it was late to finish work on its first FW42 chassis. But Russell is sure the team won’t suffer a repeat next season.

“I am 100 percent sure we won’t have the same mistakes again next year as we’ve had this year,” said Russell. “I can bet my house that we will have a car for day one of winter testing next year.”

Asked about his living arrangements Russell jokingly added: “I don’t actually have a house but I’d bet my parents’ house on it!”

The rookie driver expects the progress the team has made since that difficult start to continue in the upcoming off-season.

“I’m sure and I’m very confident we will be more competitive next year,” he said. “We’re on a very good trajectory at the moment. Obviously it’s always easier to improve when you’re starting off at a lower level. But the signs are good at the moment that we’re on a good way.”

Williams have had the slowest car at almost every race so far this season. However Russell says that has allowed them to be more aggressive with their approach to setting the car up.

“This year has given us a really good opportunity to explore a bit more with set-up: [try] some more extreme set-up items, how we prepare the tyres, this, that and the other.

“If you are fighting in the midfield, you’d probably be reluctant to try something drastic because each weekend could be a possibility for that. Whereas for us we know regardless where we’ll be and that gives us an opportunity to gain the learning on the set things like that and build or create the best car mechanically from what’s there.”

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2020 F1 season

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19 comments on “Russell would “bet my parents’ house” 2020 Williams will be ready on time”

  1. But would you make that bet with Hammond and May?

  2. Please, don’t do that to your parents. They were so good to you…..

    1. What do you mean? Look who he’s driving for!!!!! ;)

      1. I know, the team that’s won more WCC’s than any other except Ferrari… :)

        1. That won more WCC titles than they have WCC points…

  3. Isn’t their house distrained by the bank?

  4. I’ll take that bet George, I could do with a new house.

    Seriously, with one of the bigger sponsors obviously trying to pull out of their commitments now Kubica is leaving, and Williams making a loss and retiring cars because they still don’t have spares? They’d be lucky to even get to 2020 at this rate.

    Mercedes better pick up Russell for 2021, they’d be utterly stupid not to.

    1. Unfortunately for Russell he can’t be directly compared to Kubica this season because of cars discrepancies. Mercedes is already looking at Lando. Let’s hope he is not going to go to the bottom with this sinking ship called Williams.

  5. Claire Williams
    4th October 2019, 9:25

    George “my parents will be homeless soon” Russel

  6. It’s just the 2019 car without any sponsors on it.

  7. Dutchguy (@justarandomdutchguy)
    4th October 2019, 10:34

    I am sure Mr. and Mrs. Russell will be very glad to be homeless

  8. He may be better driving the house to be honest.

    I’ll get my coat . . . . .

  9. Now, this explains why RK had to retaire the car to conserve the parts. Silly us we thought it was for next races, not for next year car……

  10. Only a Williams driver would say this on their terrible salary. Still living with mummy and daddy as an F1 driver. Tragic!

    1. Marc marquez still lives with his parents. He and alex gave a pretty heart warming interview to BT.
      Mom Dad, I bet the chateau. Don’t worry williams is driving this years merc in 2020.

  11. Spoiled kid betting with other peoples wealth.


  12. ok that must mean they have three houses then.

  13. Damn, a shame to see a mother and father soon to be homeless, they had a talented son too!

  14. I hope they’re cozy with the letting agents then…

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