Three spaces left on F2 grid as Aitken, Matsushita and Samaia take seats

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Campos has confirmed Jack Aitken will return to the team this year alongside newcomer Guilherme Samaia.

Aitken won three times for the team last year on his way to fifth place in the championship.

Samaia, previously a champion in Brazilian Formula Three, is making the step up from Euroformula Open, where he raced in 2018 and did half a season last year with Teo Martin. He is the eighth driver confirmed on the F2 grid so far who has not previously raced a full season in the category.

MP have also finalised their driver line-up for 2020, announcing Nobuharu Matsushita alongside Felipe Drugovich.

The news leaves just three vacant places on the 22-car F2 grid for 2020. Williams test driver Roy Nissany is believed to be in line for one of those seats, at Trident.

2020 Formula 2 grid

DAMSSean Gelael
DAMSDan Ticktum
VirtuosiCallum Ilott
VirtuosiGuanyu Zhou
ARTMarcus Armstrong
ARTChristian Lundgaard
CarlinYuki Tsunoda
CamposJack Aitken
CamposGuilherme Samaia
CharouzLouis Deletraz
CharouzPedro Piquet
MP MotorsportFelipe Drugovich
MP MotorsportNobuharu Matsushita
HWAGiuliano Alesi
HWAArtem Markelov
PremaMick Schumacher
PremaRobert Shwartzman
HitechNikita Mazepin
HitechLuca Ghiotto

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    8 comments on “Three spaces left on F2 grid as Aitken, Matsushita and Samaia take seats”

    1. Rashmil Rajagopalan
      17th February 2020, 12:47

      Jehan Daruvala to Carlin maybe? Or he is yet to recover from his knee surgery, which would be a shame.

      1. I was expecting to see Camara back at Carlin after the bad season in DAMS, at many weekends he was slower than he was one year before at Carlin. And he’s still young at 21 to walk away, but maybe a indycar deal is looking more interesting.

        It’s weird to not see Daruvala getting a seat also, he did as good as Armstrong last year, but besides Carlin seat, the other ones are underwhelming.

        1. Daruvala gets carlin.

    2. It’s surprising to see Samaia getting a seat in F2, he was nowhere competitive in Euroformula Open at the same year Drugovich crushed with 14 wins out of 16 races.

      Aitken can grabe one or two wins, but I don’t expect him to be a title contender, more due to the team than his skills.

      1. Samaia must have some serious money. He’ll be pretty comfortably last I’d think.

    3. This article has been updated as MP have now announced Matsushita.

    4. It’d be a crying shame if Daruvala ends up without an F2 seat.

    5. I don’t see Mahaveer Raghunathan’s name anywhere. Surely this is some cruel, cruel prank you’re playing on us, Keith? I can’t believe such a dizzying talent won’t be on the grid in 2020.

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