Sainz and other McLaren team members cleared after Coronavirus tests

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Carlos Sainz Jnr has self-isolated as a precaution after returning to his home in Spain following the Australian Grand Prix weekend, where one of his McLaren colleagues tested positive for the Coronavirus.

Meanwhile the first results of tests on other McLaren team members who have stayed in Australia revealed they do not have the virus.

In a social media post on Tuesday, Sainz described himself as being in “quarantine” in Australia and Spain. A quarantine typically involves restrictions on movement, but a McLaren spokesperson confirmed to RaceFans Sainz was in voluntarily self-isolation due to the positive diagnosis within the team, and he was clear to fly.

“[I’m] enjoying the quarantine since one of our team members tested positive for Coronavirus,” said Sainz in a video. “Back on Thursday in Australia we had to put ourselves in individual strict quarantine. It’s been a busy few days trying to organise my life since then.

“Obviously I’m a bit bored. I guess everyone who’s doing this quarantine is a bit bored. But at the same time I’m trying to do some sport, I’m trying to keep myself busy and do the kind of things that I would never do because of so much travelling.”

Half of the 14 McLaren team members who have been isolated in Melbourne after coming into contact with the original case have been tested for Coronavirus. Those who have received their results so far have all tested negative for it. The remaining team members are understood to be largely symptom-free.

“I just wanted to send that message to all the mechanics, people that stayed there in Australia, sending them some good vibes, sending them a lot of positivity and sending them a big hug,” said Sainz. “I’m sure we’re all going to leave this quarantine as soon as possible and as soon as we’re done, we will get back to business.

“As soon as this virus is over we will go back racing. I cannot wait, to be honest. I miss racing, I miss travelling around the world with my team them. But in the end this is something that will pass, something that we need to get over as soon as possible. And for that, better stay home, better stay in quarantine, better [not] do much and keep ourselves busy.”

Update: Sainz has confirmed he has tested negative for Coronavirus.

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  1. But at the same time I’m trying to do some sport

    I’m stuck in Spain as well; no outdoor sports allowed :(
    But they kept the tobacco selling points open. Weird country.

    1. Cristiano Ferreira
      17th March 2020, 20:02

      Guess its time for MissionSmokeNow

  2. Bored? He should join Lando on the Sim racing!

  3. So he resides in his native Spain at present. I thought he still resided in London, but apparently, he re-located in Madrid at some point. I already got first hints at Sochi Autodrom but didn’t really buy it at the time due to some uncertainty over the validity of that info.

    1. @jerejj I think he has a few places around the world, also for taxes and Brexit it is better to live in europe.

  4. Any news if Kimi and Vettel have themselves tested? Read somewhere they flew through Dubai and in India most of new cases have originated from people who were in Dubai(and few more are in quarantine from other Mid-East countries).

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