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Pictures: Japanese Super Formula test goes ahead at Fuji in spite of pandemic

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While most major motorsport has ceased worldwide due to the global pandemic, Japan’s Super Formula championship pressed ahead with its pre-season test on Wednesday.

The championship’s 20 competitors ran at the former Formula 1 venue Fuji Speedway.

Although the two-day test went ahead, the first two rounds of the series have already been cancelled due to the pandemic, including the Fuji event which was scheduled to take place on April 19th. The season is currently slated to begin at Autopolis on May 17th.

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Pictures: Fuji Super Formula test

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7 comments on “Pictures: Japanese Super Formula test goes ahead at Fuji in spite of pandemic”

  1. Should be okay if they keep 1.5 meters apart from each other and use hand sanitizer etc ;)

    1. @mobiusclean It’s my understanding from friends I have over there that Japan hasn’t introduced the sort of social distancing many Western country’s have & that there has been no official guidelines to stay a certain distance away or anything.

      While the West has put the focus on social distancing & locking down to stop the spread, Asia has focused on mass testing of those who show symptoms, Isolating those who test positive & tracking there movement to test those they may have been close to. It’s been a more targeted approach which seems to have been more effective at limiting the outbreak than what has been done in the West.

      The other difference of course is that it’s fairly common to in Asia to wear face mask’s, Wash hands regularly etc.. anyway which has likely also helped.

  2. I presume all the non-Japanese drivers have already been in Japan for the last few weeks?

    1. Yes.
      On a cruise ship.
      @eurobrun ;)

      1. @phylyp :)
        Now i’ve just got an image of them doing Mario Kart style races around an abandoned cruise ship

  3. Japan has demonstrated that they have the discipline to safely coordinate an event like this.

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