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Silverstone to decide fate of British Grand Prix at end of April

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A decision on whether this year’s British Grand Prix will go ahead will be made by the end of the month, the race promoters have announced.

The race is due to take place on July 19th. However the viability of the race has been cast in doubt due to the global pandemic.

A statement issued by the promoter on Wednesday said: “Silverstone and Formula 1 remain in close dialogue regarding the ongoing situation and are assessing the feasibility of holding the British Grand Prix on 17th – 19th July.

“We fully appreciate that other UK sporting events in July have taken decisions regarding their events, but it is important to highlight that their logistics and sporting arrangements differ from Silverstone’s and, therefore, our timeline gives us until the end of April to make a final decision. The safety of our fans, colleagues and the F1 community will be our priority and we will continue to engage with the appropriate authorities.”

Britain’s F1 round is one of only two which have been held every year since the world championship began in 1950. The Italian Grand Prix, due to be held on September 6th this year, is the other.

Silverstone has previously stated that if this year’s F1 race is cancelled or postponed all ticket holders will be given the option to receive full refunds.

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5 comments on “Silverstone to decide fate of British Grand Prix at end of April”

  1. Its cancelled just a formality to review.

    1. Peter Waters (@)
      1st April 2020, 21:05

      They should just write off the whole season! The Americas races will not go ahead so that only leaves Bahrain.

      1. @petegeo we do not know if covid-19 will definitely be under control by then, but by virtue of being around 7 months later on this year, even though the odds are potentially against it, I would not completely rule out the possibility that they might be able to stage the events in the Americas (although it’s unlikely it will be business as normal).

  2. With Wimbledon cancelled, I’m pretty sure the decision has been made for them.

  3. There will be no “Business as usual” this year, it’s way past time F1 accepted this.

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