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One of the biggest esports motor racing weekends so far is coming up as many of the world’s top series are holding events.

Formula 1, IndyCar and NASCAR’s series all continue this weekend, while Formula E and the World Rallycross Championship’s new competitions will begin.

First up this evening is the final round of the three-part Race for the World, set up by a group of F1 drivers and other racers to raise money for the World Health Organization’s Covid-19 Relief Fund. You can watch streams from several of the drivers via RaceFans’ Esports hub.

After that there are three more major events being held on Saturday and Sunday each. IndyCar has enlisted its biggest field yet for the latest round of its iRacing Challenge. A total of 33 drivers will take the green flag.

Formula 1 will also have the largest contingent of current drivers yet for its Virtual Grand Prix, as Carlos Sainz Jnr has been confirmed as they seventh drivers on the grid.

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DateSeriesOrganiserEventGameTrackFormatStart time (UK)Start time (US Eastern)Watch
17/04/2020Race for the WorldUnofficialRound threeF1 2019TBCTwo races18:0013:00 Twitch
18/04/2020Race at Home ChallengeFormula ETestrFactor 2TBCTwo races15:3010:30YouTube Facebook Twitch Also on Formula E’s website and Twitter account, and TV channels
18/04/2020IndyCar iRacing ChallengeIndyCarRandow Draw TrackiRacingMotegiQualifying, race19:3014:30 NBCSN (US), Sky Sports F1 (UK)
18/04/2020Not The GPVeloce EsportsVersusF1 2019TBCHead-to-head20:0015:00YouTube
19/04/2020Barcelona World RX Esports InvitationalWorld Rallycross ChampionshipCircuit de CatalunyaDirt Rally 2.0Circuit de CatalunyaHeats14:0009:00YouTube Facebook
19/04/2020eNASCAR iRacing Pro Invitational SeriesNASCARRichmond RacewayiRacingRichmond RacewayQualifying, race18:0013:00 Fox, FS1, Fox Sports app (US)
19/04/2020Virtual Grand PrixF1ChinaF1 2019Shanghai International CircuitQualifying, 50%-distance race18:0013:00YouTube Facebook Twitch

Donate to Race for the World and the World Health Organization’s Covid-19 Relief Fund here:

Find updated details of all the major esports races over the coming weeks in RaceFans’ esports calendar:

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    1. Missed the Team Redline race on your list …

    2. I don’t know if it is available outside the US but the official IndyCar youtube channel has a livestream scheduled for their iRace at Motegi.

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