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No change in Zanardi’s condition after third night in hospital

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The hospital treating Alex Zanardi has reported no change in his condition following his third night in the intensive care unit.

The 53-year-old underwent surgery for head and facial injuries on Friday after he was involved in an incident during a handbike event.

The Santa Maria alle Scotte near Siena said Zanardi’s condition remains “stable” but his prognosis is “confidential”.

“The third night of ICU stay passed without variations,” said the hospital. “The clinical conditions therefore remain unchanged in the cardio-respiratory and metabolic parameters while the neurological picture remains serious.

“The patient is sedated, intubated and mechanically ventilated and the prognosis is confidential. The multi-disciplinary team that has him under treatment will evaluate in the coming days any diagnostic [or] therapeutic actions to be taken.”

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3 comments on “No change in Zanardi’s condition after third night in hospital”

  1. No news can be considered good news right now.

    Hope for the best for Alex!

  2. I guess now the wait is on to decide when they feel they can safely take Zanardi out of induced coma.

    Stay in there Alex!

  3. Cristiano Ferreira
    23rd June 2020, 1:24

    I hope he can still retain the full movements of his remaining limbs. He has lost too much in his life already.

    Stay strong Alex.

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